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    I know who you are and where you live. Everyone else does too
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magistream|unicritters|scroll|Wishlist: Red dino. I like vines as well. I'll take unwanted ones.Call me Sweepea or Snow. Do NOT call me Sweep. Or else.|Sweepea is:lurking. Poke if you need medragcavebadge.pngToT2010-1.png sweepea825.png

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    somewhere in the eastern time zone (GMT -5), under the bed, or both
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    ice skating, adoptables, warriors, plotting mass chaos, rolyplaying, tomatos, pie, tuna, masking tape (it's fun to play with!), doing things myself instead of waiting for it (points to descripition in sig), putting dude avys on another site in dresses (some of my best work!) shiny things...

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    unifaction ( sweepea825/082597)
    unicreatures (sweepea825)
    magistream (sweepea825)

    feel free to friend me on any one or number of the above sites

    please note: i am not on 24/7 and will important stuff ASAP
    you want one of those description things (like in my sig)? pm me and we'll set it up