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  1. Little Echo (EcKO) TggW (Mini Tigger) Audy the Frozen Autumn (Audy) Zlii (Zlii) Meow I'm a Green Cat (CME0) Swampy Pit (PIt0) SIR D is supposed to be a BOY (SIrD) Mega Two-Pack (m2PK) My Secret Code Name is Irio (irio) Glowing Spots on My Pajamas (vdpJ) UMYO (UMYO) Pink Knu (KnuW) Lucky Lau (Lau7) Oh a TOY (0TOY) I'm Fat But I'm NOT a Pig (pIGC) I love codes that sound like words.
  2. Barbie Girl. The very word 'barbie' and I get it stuck in my head.
  3. Some of my recent ones: I Like to Pop Bubbles Glowing Spots on My Pajamas(his code is vdpj) Reddy or Not Here I Come Oh a TOY( code is 0TOY) Doctor Shot DarthTater(too bad it gendered to be a girl )
  4. I dreamed I had to give bugs baths. And also something about a black letter that haunted me.
  5. I'm glad I don't read Harry Potter. Although I am reading Lord of the Rings...hopefully Ghollum(can't spell his name)won't haunt my dreams. Although I did have a dream that me and Aragorn were being chased by a huge bear.
  6. Last night I dreamed I was riding on a giant roll of cheese. I bet it's because someone randomly yelled "CHEESE!"last night.I'm surprised I didn't dream about the can of beans my friends found.
  7. LOL! I think I almost woke up my baby brother laughing.I had a dream about a ghost recently.There was a ghost(it looked like a white line)that haunted the elevators in a hospital and these people in the news were talking about it and filming the ghost because everyone could see it.
  8. Frozen Summer Hatchling:Frozen in the Summer Summer:It's Hot Outside Vine:Planty the Potted Dragon
  9. I dreamed someone said they were going to give me a silver egg and asked me what gender I wanted it to be.
  10. I dreamed I went to college with my brother and we had the same room(sort of,it's hard to explain,it was a room in a room or something like that).And then my friends and I went to a restaurant,but they forgot me beause I wasn't in the truck with them yet.So my friend's mom took me and I found a cat and took it with me.
  11. Last night I dreamed we got a goat and named it Deer because it looked like a deer.Then it gave birth to a human baby It tried to make a nest to lay an egg after we took it's baby away from it.And then after that,I went to the creek and there was lots of pretty blue icecicles around it.It was so pretty,so I went to get the camera to take a picture of it but it was gone when I came back.
  12. I had a recent dream,I don't know what I was doing,I must have been bored or something,but I said to myself,"This is just a dream!I can wake up whenever I want to!"And I didn't wake up,I was like,"Well that didn't work."So after that dream,I dreamed I was at my grandparent's house and it looked different.
  13. I dreamed I was in Narnia once,I was a talking skunk.Aslan told me to lead Peter,Susan,Edmund,and Lucy home.They went through some sort of magic box thing.I think it was messed up though because Edmund tried to go through it and he kept dissappearing and re-appearing.
  14. Me,Dory,and Nemo were in our pasture(I don't know why they were there).Dory and Nemo were like,swimming in the air or something,and I was FLYING!It was so awesome.While I was flying,Dory said to Nemo,"I wish I could fly."
  15. I had ANOTHER dream about dragoncave! I went to the adoption page and all the dragons were adults.Most of them were goldens,but I saw this strange water/platypus looking dragon.I clicked on it and this message pops up and says something like,'This Dragon does not exist'.So I go to the forum to see if there's new dragons or something,and while I'm waiting for that to pull up I open the other window on dragoncave and go to the adoption page again.I see a whole bunch of new dragons(all grownups,but most of them were just different colored squares,lol).I'm still waiting for the dragoncave forum to pull up,so I check on my balloon hatchling.It looks COMPLETELY different,it's bigger than normal grownup dragons,it's laying down,and it doen't look fat at all.I thought,"Since this one is different,I wonder what my other dragons look like".I was so excited to see what they looked like,but I woke up before I found out.I was disappointed.Then when I fell back asleep I had a weird dream that these two little boys went into this weird tower that led them to all the presidents that had been dead. Edit:I watched Phineas and Ferb last night,so that explains the platypus dragon and the two boys.
  16. Last night I dreamed my dog Goldie got sprayed by a skunk.Then it started running around in circles and I think it was trying to spray itself.I was like,"What's wrong with this skunk,it's sprayed ten times and it hasn't run out yet?"Then it walked towards me,so I stood very still and it just waddled right pass me. After that dream,I had another dream that I was in a store and was buying a toy skunk to add to my collection.I was really disappointed when I woke up.
  17. I finally had a dream about dragoncave last night! I dreamed whenever people clicked on the dragons,they would move.
  18. Something similar to that happened to me in real life. Anyways,I dreamed I had to jump over this piece of wire,and when I did,I got a unicorn! But then something turned us all into different animals and I got to be a skunk.Then we had to go up this mountain or something.I was having fun,but my mom woke me up.And it was summer vacation!
  19. I dreamed I was eating what was left biscuit dough in the bowl and it tasted bad.The next day,that happened. And also,I dreamed I was a baby pony and I belonged to this kid,we were best friends,but then the kid's father sold me to a rodeo.It was sad. Except that I was a pony,I like being animals in my dreams.
  20. Lol,I just remembered another dream I had. I was in the house by myself,and I see a snake come in the house,so I get this whip and chase the snake around the house trying to kill it.It tried to chase me,so I whipped it and it said,"OW!"and that made it mad so I got on the couch and it just appeared on the couch with me and RIGHT before it bit my leg, I woke up. I also dreamed my house was haunted so we had to move away. Our house is pretty small,so I don't think it could be haunted.But I dunno.
  21. I hate it when I can't run away from things chasing me in my dreams! Especially the snakes in my snake dreams(those are my only nightmares because I'm really scared of snakes). I dreamed I was with the homeschool group and we were outside and this snake bites my leg,so I'm taken home to my parents so they can take me to the hospital.Their taking like,I dunno,hours to get ready to leave and I'm thinking,"I'm gonna die if they don't hurry up!" Also I dreamed this small short looking snake turned into a puppy.
  22. I have this game called Spooky Castle and you have to kill all the zombies,super zombies,mummies,spiders,skeletons ect. with hammers.Well,I dreamed there was a level after what I thought was the last level.So I go in to the new room and get 2 hammers and a cherry bomb.I couldn't find any pants(pants make you throw hammers faster).So I go down a hall (hall #1)and there's one room on the left (room #2)and another hall on the right(hall #2).There's a rock blocking hall #2 and this chicken is guarding it,so I hammer the chicken and the rock.I go down hall #2 and see dead chickens standing along the walls,but when I passed them they came to life.I run away from them and come into the room down hall #2 and there's a super zombie in there,so I get out of there throwing hammers and the rock that I thought I had gotten rid of was blocking room #2 and I accidently hit it with a hammer and this monster that looks like a barn comes ot chasing me.I run into the room that I origionally came in AND THOSE CHICKENS TURN INTO ZOMBIE NINJAS!So they're kicking at me and everything,plus the super zombie and the barn thing was trying to get me AND I was almost dead(no food packs to heal me) so I thought,"Well,I'm dead anyway,so I'll just start this level all over."And then the dream ended. Also,one time I dreamed I was in an elevator and at the top room it started falling and when it hit the bottom I ran the heck out of there.Yeah,I didn't wake up.
  23. You can share your DC Dreams here: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/166741-dreaming-of-dragoncave I've had lots of weird dreams,I can't remember all of them right now,(will post them later when I remember)but here's the one that I remember most. Me,my dad,and my brother were in the garden (I don't know why)and then this tree beside it turned into a giant snake thing.It chased us to the house,and when I got on the porch my mom comes running out of the house with one of my brother's fake light sabers like the ones on Star Wars and tells me to go in the house.I'm in there for about 5 seconds and then my family comes in the house and say it's gone.