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  1. Very pretty, I like their descriptions. Guess we now know what goes bump in the night.
  2. April Fool's! Does TJ honestly think anyone will fall for this? Dinos are the worst part of Dragon Cave.
  3. 10 minutes? 10 minutes? But now I can't spam arrow to the knee Valentine's! ... That's probably the point.
  4. Mine's terrible compared to all these fantastic wreaths, but here it is
  5. But I do see them as living things. That doesn't stop me from killing off the ones I don't like.
  6. I laughed, then I you were serious, and I laughed louder. Step 1. Get 5 random dragons Step 2. Kill them all Step 3. Revive until you get a Zombie
  7. I name nearly all of them, I have a few at the bottom of my scroll I just keep for BSAs that I don't name though.
  8. I don't really trade much, mostly just gift. But I have made one IOU recently, a Snow Angel egg for a staircase Silver Tinsel
  9. It doesn't matter, TJ's dragons can't die from being sick
  10. Locked with 2 Black Marrow eggs and 4 of the new eggs, I am satisfied. The new eggs look very pretty, whoever made them did a wonderful job and I'm eager to see what they grow into. Happy Halloween everybody!
  11. Finished it. Thank you to everyone who put the hard work into making this happen, it was wonderful and a nice way to relax after studying for my exam tomorrow. My advice to anyone stuck is to revisit all the dead ends and examine everything.
  12. Feathered, my favourite pairing is White x Snow Angel
  13. The last egg I got was Lyssie's pretty flower one. All the eggs were great and I'd like to thank the spriters and TJ for this event. I especially loved the Amaterasu egg by Bernouli, and Kila's squid was absolutely hilarious.
  14. "Religion makes people stupid" - Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)
  15. I've only found 24, but there aren't any more showing up.
  16. Actually, you got it the wrong way around; unless something is proven to be true it's most likely false. It's the affirmative statement that requires proofing, much like in a criminal case where, if the prosecution can't prove the defendant's guilt, they are assumed innocent rather than of the defendant can't prove their innocence, they are assumed to be guilty.
  17. I should have done something more creative with mine, aw well. Congrats to the winners and the honourable mentions.
  18. Woot 14 At least I got my Pumpkin baby
  19. I haven't seen one in half an hour... Kitty! WANT
  20. Is it just me, or is the site down?
  21. This is a Rickroll, do not click this link This link, however, is perfectly fine and will direct you to a very important news story
  22. C'mon mate, all the cool kids ride emus
  23. Ah, Singapore A fine city =P