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  1. I name all my dragons/frozen hatchlings as soon as I find myself sufficiently motivated, usually within the week. I have a fairly obvious naming scheme, haha.. King ______, Queen _______, Prince _________, Princess ________. Oh, and Ambassador ________ for my genderless. I usually go onto a baby names site and choose names that have significance to the dragon's breed, and paste an appropriate royal title in front of it. And they all //have// to have descriptions, right after I name them. ^.^
  2. I'm sorry for the double post but I'm going to buummp this up because I think it's an awesome project, and needs more views.
  3. I'll join as soon as I'm unlocked! I think the Evil Plan is brilliant, because no one can resist snatching a hatchie from the AP. Edit: I think I killed the thread.