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  1. Whoo new release. Got two of each, my other slots are filled with eggs I just cannot give up. Hoping I can still see some new eggs in the cave tomorrow. 😃
  2. I was hoping we wouldn't get a new release for this month after the big birthday release, but oh well. Was egg locked, but had a few common eggs in there which I just yeeted. Happy with my four CBs and one hybrid so far, the other breedings were unsuccessful.
  3. For all you pink Sapph hunters, do you see any CBs amongst the eggs? I've missed most pink Sapphs, only kept two for freezing and tossed all other 2Gs back into the AP for others as all I am missing are CB parents. I haven't seen a single CB yet, but this might just be due to timezone differences.
  4. Ah shame all my new peach Florets only bred 1 old purple, 2 new peach and 1 refusal. Well next time...
  5. Wow that purple Floret is awesome. Can't wait to try breeding for those alts once my Florets are able to breed again
  6. It will always be at the mercy of others - grabbing CB sapphires, waiting a few hours and then abandoning them. Even the EQ Cantors can be controlled by the scroll user, but this is, hm... =/
  7. I've been hunting for pink sapphires for a few hours now - saw 4 total and got none of them. Getting my CB sets will be nearly impossible...
  8. Thanks for the spreadsheet - btw, it's Nilia not Nilla ^^
  9. The bottom one is new. The old copper egg has some beige/brownish part on the left side or top right.
  10. Nice, got a new Copper as well from Verdigris x Thunder. Good call Fyrena! And thanks Spiteful_Crow ^^
  11. Does anybody have a new Electric yet? Does Stun on the Hatchling change it to an Alt or can Stun be used on Electric eggs?
  12. tfw when the account name you want is used on a dead scroll (registered in 2011, not a single dragon on there). big F But hooray thanks for the changes TJ 😃
  13. I didn't play DC for the last two years and just came back a few weeks ago. To be able to grab older eggs again... best update ever, thank you TJ =)
  14. I totally forgot the event, oh no... =/ That's a first for me.
  15. Sending to users above me. Still missing these here, I'd love to get any card but "basic" =) Scroll name: cyy Missing flowers:
  16. Sending to users above me. Still missing these here, I'd love to get any card but "basic" =) Scroll name: cyy Missing flowers:
  17. Sending flowers to the users above me, I'd like to receive anything on this list with anything besides "basic" cards really =) Thank you in advance! Scroll name: cyy Missing flowers:
  18. I think this is the first time that I'm here for the release, wow.
  19. Ah, I own 4 CB Sunsongs and managed to breed 3 of them successfully. I'm now at - 1 Sunsong x Sunset - 2 Sunsong x Sunrise - 3 Nilia x Crimson
  20. Hm, just a few hours after the release I already saw other eggs mixing in... and now that I returned... well. I hoped for more dragons for the 11th Birthday. :\ How can I ever finish my 2 pairs of CB dragons per colour if they are that rare?
  21. Wow, these sure are hard to catch. :/ I usually have no problem getting new eggs after a few 5-minute-drops and 1 or 2 hourly drops. These however? 1x green, 1x red so far. =_=
  22. Thanks for the timeline - there are currently no eggs, in which biome do they drop?
  23. Yay Managed to get 4 CBs and 3 hybrids, lucky me. I only had 4 chances for breeding, but no refusals at all.
  24. Exactly what I'm thinking. I'm struggling enough with getting a full CB Zombie set already... even though I've been here since 2008. Urgh!