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  1. I totally forgot the event, oh no... =/ That's a first for me.
  2. Sending to users above me. Still missing these here, I'd love to get any card but "basic" =) Scroll name: cyy Missing flowers:
  3. Sending to users above me. Still missing these here, I'd love to get any card but "basic" =) Scroll name: cyy Missing flowers:
  4. Sending flowers to the users above me, I'd like to receive anything on this list with anything besides "basic" cards really =) Thank you in advance! Scroll name: cyy Missing flowers:
  5. I think this is the first time that I'm here for the release, wow.
  6. Ah, I own 4 CB Sunsongs and managed to breed 3 of them successfully. I'm now at - 1 Sunsong x Sunset - 2 Sunsong x Sunrise - 3 Nilia x Crimson
  7. Hm, just a few hours after the release I already saw other eggs mixing in... and now that I returned... well. I hoped for more dragons for the 11th Birthday. :\ How can I ever finish my 2 pairs of CB dragons per colour if they are that rare?
  8. Wow, these sure are hard to catch. :/ I usually have no problem getting new eggs after a few 5-minute-drops and 1 or 2 hourly drops. These however? 1x green, 1x red so far. =_=
  9. Thanks for the timeline - there are currently no eggs, in which biome do they drop?
  10. caya

    2016-07-10 - July Release

    Yay Managed to get 4 CBs and 3 hybrids, lucky me. I only had 4 chances for breeding, but no refusals at all.
  11. Exactly what I'm thinking. I'm struggling enough with getting a full CB Zombie set already... even though I've been here since 2008. Urgh!
  12. caya

    2016-04-01 - April Release

    ... the only fansite I didn't check yesterday. *cries*
  13. Wait a bit until you try again... now everything is new and EVERYBODY tries to catch them. Many accounts will soon be locked. I did that when I had a very bad connection as well, I recently upgraded a lot but still wait a few hours. ^^
  14. I wanted to finish every ingame-day yesterday, but decided against it. I like the general badge much more than the present or coal, so even if I wanted to play it, I stopped and just read about what happened in the final days. That whole game was amazing. Thank you all for bringing it to life.
  15. The week starts with a hot 32° - why can't it be that hot when its the weekend? D:
  16. Thank you, that is really helpful. ♥ My leetle egg arrived today. ^w^ Gonna influence him male, but don't know with which dragon I should breed him yet.
  17. Thanks so much! Of course yesterday there weren't any news when I checked. And then I slept, now late to the party DX
  18. Whenever I've been online to catch the new eggs, I've seen more people in Alpine. Maybe that's why they get snatched faster and seem rarer.
  19. Is there a list somewhere with all eggs and their description? Like, what kind of egg it is?
  20. This. *lol* I hope it'll be so bad that we change it back to midnight... ; Which is actually 6 AM where I live. I already got my eggs even when it was a bit hard for my old computer and internet speed. Whenever I missed the release and tried to catch them later that day (for example around 1 PM EST), it was a total failure.
  21. "Roses are Red - Violets are blue - Who solves the crime? - It is Scooby Doo."
  22. Goodness, so many flowers... does anybody have a list of all the types/colours?!
  23. /signed Exactly the reason why I froze each of one of my CB sprites each holiday. ^^; I wanted to see the hatchling sprite forever, not just in the wiki or on banners. To be honest, it'd be perfectly fine for me to get all those limitations with only being able to unfreeze once and only after a year. I only want to have one chance and I can live with almost everything if I get it. If we get a failing option then it would practically be useless. I only have one CB holiday hatchie that I froze, so if it fails... well... It'd only be "useful" for normal dragons, which can easily obtained again, but not for my situation or if somebody has a special lineage.
  24. I'm sad. Utterly sad. I always sacrificed one dragon and freezed it so that I could enjoy the hatchling stage. So now I have a frozen CB of older Holiday dragons. Greeeeeat. Now I just wish I wouldn't have done that the past years, because the only thing I can get is another 2nd gen adult ._.; Otherwise the update is great... at least from now on (haha) I can keep two CB adults and create nice lineages.