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  1. Just found this beauty <3 Influenced it so I can continue that line!
  2. Merry X-mas everybody! And such nice colloured eggies! <3
  3. Woow! Now that's some art! o.o I can't stop looking at it! It's so amazing, also I'm glad to see DC on FB now now I can stalk even better!
  4. I end all my dragons' names with 'van Brabant' doesn't matter if they are caveborn or not. If I got them from the AP I do however always check if the dragon already had a naming patern. If so, I put it in the name right before 'van Brabant' There is one line on my scroll that I named 'van Oranje' because I based the line on the red, white and blue colours of the Dutch flag. But they are the only dragons on my scroll with a different last name.
  5. Wow, your Fox Tale movie is so cute! Even though it's so short, I still got a little emotinal at the end :$ The story you tell is lovely! Keep up the good work!
  6. Yes, absolutely! Black dragons love the taste of cheese! You could also put one on your own sandwich of course! Why did my egg get sick??
  7. The dragon's code is secret and can not be found! How can I get a leetle tree?
  8. I'm confused now, can we add a letter to the word? Or not?
  9. Whoa! That's some seriously annoying test I scored 50.. And I was really trying my best But those colours all look alike!
  10. I scored 10.3321% Geekish Tendencies. I think it was mostly because of Harry Potter and my love for Trivial Persuit!
  11. Pepsi! Coca Cola tastes a bit soap-like, when you compare it with Pepsi..
  12. Defenitely sunny! I just came back from a 10 day vacation in Spain, and I miss the sunny weather so much! Instead I'm stuck with clouds and rain again, bleh!
  13. I just picked up this beauty I think it's really lovely!
  14. Wow, I totally missed the fact that I just obtained my Gold Trophy This is a good day!
  15. Today I finally summoned my second one! Yeey! I used my female Thunder, thinking ahh well, might a s well try.. nothing will happen anyway, but still I got to try.. And then, there it was!! I influenced it to be female so that I'll have a pair I'm so happy now!! I wish all the good luck to the people who haven't yet succeeded in summoning theirs. Keep trying, don't give up! The first one took me 2 years and 2 months to summon, and the second one took me another 13 months! But it was totally worth it!
  16. Omg! Yesssss!! I just summoned my 2nd GoN!!
  17. I like the Rosebuds best, their colours are really beautifull
  18. If it's a dragon I collect or need for my scroll, I don't care about the lineage. If I pick them up to gift them to others however I always try to find ones with clean and short lineages. I don't mind the inbreds being on my scroll, but I try not to breed them with any none inbred dragons.
  19. I've never seen a single leetle tree. And I keep missing all the CB golds I see. And I haven't seen any CB blusangs or tri-horns yet, while I'm really looking for them.. And I can't seem to summon my second GoN.