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  1. I truly and completely HATE this game. I've played over and over and over and cannot figure it out. I really wish you didn't need to win in order to get the badge. Guess I won't have the event badge this year.
  2. I think the new Heartstealing dragon is absolutely lovely and that heart shaped pose is very unique. The description however.....I admit to being a tad confused about other dragons getting long lost stolen goods and thinking the original owners responsible. I didn't know my dragons were that absent minded about their hoards being pilfered LOL
  3. Yup...same here. (But I love all 51 eggs!)
  4. Happy April Fool's Day! And thank you T.J. I love the new eggies!!
  5. Lovely eggs! Lovely flowers! Thank you TJ and spriters for another fun event
  6. Congrats to the winners! Not me obviously Can't wait to see the new dragons, and possibly get some offspring down the line...
  7. I had to go stalk your scroll just to find your Pillows after reading that! I've never asked for, begged for, whined for etc...any dragon. I have posted in gifting threads and been fortunate enough to be a giftee of offspring from some lovely dragons of some very wonderful people though! I would never bother a prize winner...I might go look at their dragon, but I would not ask. Now if that person has stated that they will be breeding and are taking names, that would be different.
  8. Pretty basic, but I like it and am trying not to change it I borrowed the trees idea from a couple people... My Gingerbread House
  9. These houses are outrageously good! The talent of you people is just amazing... Mine is very basic, but I am kinda happy with it in an "old fashiony" way My House
  10. Thank you TJ, mods, spriters for such lovely events! Too tired to finish my house right now but I've started, and its a lot of fun MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone who celebrates, and a very happy holiday season to everyone!
  11. Wow this lag is crazy bad! Usually with "normal" holiday lag I can't even access the forums either, tonight the forums are fine but the cave has apparently fogged itself
  12. I love this I had the same thing happen for a while with the same item!
  13. Thank you so much for this fun event! All the dragons look so cute dressed up, I can't decide which I like best. I wish some of them would STAY those colors! The Aliset adventure was fun and the story was amusing, and I am happily collecting treats still. Thanks to TJ and all the wonderful people who worked hard to make this such a success! Can't wait to see the Halloween eggs!
  14. Obviously I've missed something, since I am stuck at 32 items. But for the life of me I can't figure out where else to go. Been everywhere about 6 times
  15. Is it over? I haven't found any eggs in about 40 minutes... Only got 33/42 if it is done.
  16. I had to work all day and then forgot about the new dragons Oh well, maybe next year!
  17. Thanks for the update....I will have to collect quite a few eggs again LOL! The only thing I am depressed about is that I had FINALLY gotten a "leetle tree"...and now it's gone...*cries*
  18. Technically it crashed before 8 pm LOL. I still had 6 minutes to go, and was hoping to collect at least one of the two I still needed.
  19. This. I was SO hoping that the timer would be ever so slightly off and I'd manage my last two. LOL
  20. Lovely. 2 to go and now "database error". Sigh.
  21. 50/53....slim chance to make it if the random factor is on my side.
  22. No mail, didn't really expect it but was secretly rather hoping. I really liked my tree Anyway, congrats to all the winners!!
  23. Only 2 to go! But it has been loads of fun, and kept me entertained all day What wonderful, beautiful eggs....hope they DO stay on our scrolls so we can look at them.
  24. The baskets are quite lovely! As well as the eggs of course, but I love my green basket, thanks