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ezif7l.jpg<--ScrollDragon WL: Holly, Gold/silver Tinsels, Golden Wyvern, CB Turpentine (all short lineage)

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    Central Time (haha, I'm not telling my location)
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    I'm very good at breeding short gen mod mayhem eggs! If you want one, PM me and I'll catch or breed one for you. I can only do PM though, sorry.

    If I am gifting to you, please do respond within at least 24 hours (unless you have a good excuse for needing more time, I totally understand and can wait as long as you tell me). There have been people who never got back with me about an egg/hatchie that they were going to receive, after I messaged them--please don't be one of those people. Also--if I am gifting to you, please make room in your box so I can get in touch with you. I don't mind waiting if you are scroll locked or have other trades/'receivings' that were planned b4 ours. Just please tell me if you'd like to cancel or do it another time. It is rude to keep a breeder/gifter waiting forever, not knowing what to do with your egg. Thank you. ;)