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  1. I finally managed to catch a 2nd CB Gold from the cave. My first was caught 6 years ago.
  2. I took the gorgeous BBW, thank you so much! Hopefully I'll be able to produce some 4th EG Thuwed babies soon to gift back.
  3. No mail for me, either. Congrats to all the winners! I can't wait to see some of those trees.
  4. I have a fair few, and most of them are named after the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Here are a few of the other oddlings. Males: Sanguido, Undead Desire, Armand Dorkface Females: Sanguinas, Mahareta, Forsaken Faith, Unlamented Faith
  5. So far I have: Bad To The Bone Marrow Redoshusboh - Saurian for Bonecracker For the others, I went for birds of prey: Sagittariidae (Family name of the Secretarybird) Caracarinae (Caracara's subfamily classification) Striated Caracara Carunculated Caracara
  6. I had 3 kills left as of last night. Black hatchy turned to dust F Twin - turned to dust Red - Zombie! Yay! And I bred him last night before I killed him, so he has a little one floating around somewhere. That brings my total of 3 now, just missing female hatchy and ungendered hatchy. Hopefully next year I can complete the "set"
  7. Category: Dragons - Offspring Title of Record: Dragon with the most Children (multiple partners) Name of Submitant: Haukea Proof for Record: Progeny What has changed?: Number of offspring has increased to 66.
  8. Category: Dragon Records Tittle of Record: Dragon with the most Children (multiple partners) Name of Submitant: Lolanyx Proof for Record: Haukea currently has 63 children
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  10. I have room now. Let me know via PM if you're successful. ^.^
  11. Could I be added to the Gold x White and Silver x White lists, please? I'm also currently looking for 1 or 2 2nd gen white egg from gold/white pairings.