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  1. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Dracleia Scroll Name: Dracleia Group Name: Dracleia's Secret Santa 2019 Wishlist: 1. Neglected, 2nd gen Prize, 2nd gen Prizekin, 2nd gen Spriter's Alt, 2nd gen from female Holly, CB all word (funny or naughty) codes 2. 3rd gen Spriter's Alt, 3rd gen Thuwed 3. Yellow Dino 4. 4th gen Spriter's Alt 5. 2nd gen from Holidays 6. I love non-inbred checkered lineages, especially with holidays or Spriter's Alts in them. Breeding abilities: I have tons I can breed from, CB metallics/coppers/trios in both genders, Spriter's Alt lines (3rd-5th gen, checker and stair), holiday checkers, all CB holiday dragons. Catching abilities: I can reliably catch anything except metals. Trading abilities: I can offers IOUs or trade for whatever I am not able to catch. Teleport abilities: I have more than enough Magis.
  2. Have: 2nd gen from Female Arcana x Male Mageia Want: 2nd gen from Male Arcana x Female Mageia Trade Link!
  3. Took a hiatus and come back to notifications of tons more broccoli, woot! Entered, and thank you Feesh.
  4. Thank you @purplehaze and anon for my beauties this week! <3
  5. I won the 3G Candelabra x Pacified Aegis, but I have yet to receive it.
  6. Entered, yay for broccoli, thanks Feesh!
  7. Thank you @Blake_Wolfe and @Sunrunner for my gorgeous gifts! And a big thank you to @Aqub for running this every week! ❤️
  8. Entered! I find these so much fun, and it gives me an excuse to go through my scroll and find the hidden gems to breed for everyone.
  9. Only two eggs to donate this time (all my others wanted to be picky this week), but it's two of my favorite lines that produced. 🤩
  10. First time entering for a broccoli, good luck to everyone!
  11. Have: 2nd gen from Silver Tinsel, currently at 4d 21h. Want: 2nd gen Spriter's Alt V-day baby from a non-holiday and non-prize mate. 2nd-3rd gen checker from SA Sweetlings (not black alt sweetlings) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! I will check on offers/PMs in the morning.
  12. Have: 3rd gen Aria/Pink x Sweetling checker x2 (Lineage) (Trade) / (Lineage) (Trade) 2nd gen Rosebud x Holly (Lineage) (Trade) Want Bloodswap for the Rosebud x Holly Spriter's Alt / Fun Checkers Surprise me! I have all CB Valentines at this point in time.
  13. Have: CB Val '09 Hatchling - Teleport CB Mutamore to breed (Lineage) - can breed to almost anything except CB prizes. Want: Spriter's Alt/Prize 3rd-4th gen checkers 2nd gen Soulstone x Script 2nd-3rd gen Rosebud/Radiant Angel x Ember 2nd gen Heartstealer x Chrono Xenowyrm 4th gen Arsani x Green Copper PM offers for breeding, or any questions!
  14. Have: 2nd gen Mutamore x Witchlight with a word code (Lineage) - Teleport Link 3rd gen Heartseeker x Black checker (Lineage) - Teleport Link 3rd gen Radiant Angel x Gold checker (Lineage) - Teleport Link Can Breed: CB Val '09 x1 CB Rosebud x1 CB Sweetling x1 CB Radiant Angel x2 CB Heartstealer x2 CB Mutamore x2 CB Soulstone x1 Anything on this list (I have not bred anything this year as of yet) I can breed with CB Gold/Silver/Holly - almost anything at this point Want: (items in bold are priority) 2nd gen Rosebud x Winter Magi 3rd gen Arsani x Black checker 3rd gen Rosebud x Almandine checker 3rd gen Rosebud x Ice checker 3rd gen Heartseeker x Ribbon Dancer checker 3rd/4th gen Spriter's Alt checker decendents 4th gen Val '09 x Black Marrow checker 4th/5th gen Heartseeker x Royal Crimson checkers PM me for breeding request trades or any questions!
  15. Have: 3rd gen Heartseeker x Black (Lineage) Can Breed: -CB- Val '09 x1 Sweetling x1 Rosebud x1 Radiant Angel x2 Heartseeker x2 Mutamore x2 Soulstone x2 CB Gold/Silver/Holly(males) for mates as well (spreadsheet in my profile for full list) Want: Desperately seeking 3rd gen Radiant Angel x Black 3rd gen Radiant Angel x Almandine 3rd gen Arsani x Black PM me and we can work something out!
  16. Have: Z-code 3rd Pacified Aegis x Bolt checker, with 2 other z codes in the line. (Teleport) Want: Looking for a 3rd gen Rosy-winged Solstice x Pillow as a mate for Him Any interesting lineages with spriter's alts, or checkers. New 2017 CB Christmas egg, as I missed them.
  17. Have: 4th gen Ribbon Dancer x Silver checker w/ both Spriter's Alts (Lineage) 3rd gen Ribbon Dancer x Spirit Walker w/ Spriter's Alt (Lineage) 2nd-4th gen Ribbon Dancer x Gold checkers 2nd-4th gen Mistletoe x White checkers 3rd gen Mistletoe x Sweetling checker 2nd-4th gen Wrapping Wing x Black checker Yulebuck x White and Black checkers Solstice x Sunsong Solstice x Guardian 3 CB Gold CBs of all Holiday Dragons 2 CB Holly eggs Want: Other Spriter's Alt lines 3rd gen Solstice x Pillow checker 3rd gen Holly x Rosebud checker
  18. First console game: Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, I still have my original orange gun of doom! First computer game: Chips Challenge First bought computer game: 7th Guest, Decent II or Creatures 1, all were around the same time. Man, now I feel old.
  19. After days of meticulously arranging shinies, meats, and other draws; after countless rejections by dissatisfied females, St Valentini (Sweetling) has attracted an admirer: a shadow walker! You leave the happy couple alone to enjoy each other’s company. Prettier than most others who stopped by his cave, so I'm satisfied.