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  1. 33 minutes ago, Classycal said:

    I'm not going to do it this time because I've gotten such fabulous gifts, and I can't even come close.  


    I'm happy with anything I get, and I name them and love them! It's more about having fun and passing on the love than the "rarity" of the gift. :D 

  2. This was my first year participating, and I absolutely loved it! Thank you to the mods, the donators, and everyone who participated who made this event what it is. I was floored by the generosity of my Santa, and I hope I made my giftee feel the same way. Good luck in the raffle all!

  3. I Want to Sign Up!
    Forum Name: Dracleia

    Scroll Name: Dracleia

    Group Name: Dracleia's Secret Santa 2019


    1. Neglected, 2nd gen Prize, 2nd gen Prizekin, 2nd gen Spriter's Alt, 2nd gen from female Holly, CB all word (funny or naughty) codes
    2. 3rd gen Spriter's Alt, 3rd gen Thuwed
    3. Yellow Dino
    4. 4th gen Spriter's Alt
    5. 2nd gen from Holidays
    6. I love non-inbred checkered lineages, especially with holidays or Spriter's Alts in them.

    Breeding abilities: I have tons I can breed from, CB metallics/coppers/trios in both genders, Spriter's Alt lines (3rd-5th gen, checker and stair), holiday checkers, all CB holiday dragons.

    Catching abilities: I can reliably catch anything except metals.

    Trading abilities: I can offers IOUs or trade for whatever I am not able to catch.

    Teleport abilities: I have more than enough Magis.