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  1. Same! Between NaNoWriMo and a chest infection, I completely missed them! I'm kicking myself. I haven't missed a holiday drop in years. Sad. But I can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up! Halloween dragons are often my faves! ETA: Thank you to a kind trick or treater!
  2. Congrats! The Silver x Frostbite is gorgeous! If I ever get a CB Silver male I'm so doing that! After I do Silver x Guardian, Silver x Black, Silver x Royal Blue, Silver x... I just had similar luck with my Spring x Silver pair, though. It's such a delightful combo! If you're taking it further, do you think you might want to trade 3rd gens? Thanks, Bootsmann. I stumbled upon the combination quite by accident, but liked it a lot, though I did have some trouble with timing the Sunrises correctly. I know exactly what you mean about Magis, too, my Magi x Waterhorse lineage was sta
  3. Thanks! And I just bred this little baby! Ahhhh! It's taken so long! This is the first silver I've ever bred, and I've bred five golds (including two 2nd gens) in the time it's taken me to get this one little girl. So incredibly happy! Now I can give this fella a mate and move on to the many other combinations I need to try with my Silver.
  4. Finally! It's just a side-project but damn if it didn't take forever! Mighty pleased with the results.
  5. My internet sucks. I want a cold flame so bad! I can't wait for the hatchies.
  6. I would definitely recommend never starting a Neb lineage, but then again the results are so beautiful. If only they weren't evil and didn't always hatch the right colour for the wrong lineage. Ffff! I've been waiting so darn long for this stupid Magi. And I bred another pleasant surprise today so I can soon do this!
  7. Oh, that's LOVELY. If they like each other, is there any chance I could get an offspring? I love balloons and the SW alts. @Aulendil, I'm in agreement that Cavern Lurker x Seragamma is an impressive combination! Beautiful work! I'm working on Tan Ridge x Silver, too, but I have yet to get a 2nd gen Silver from my lone CB Silver lady. So I'm way, way behind you! Still, it's such a gorgeous lineage. Congrats. @hat17, I love that Water x Skywing lineage! It must've taken forever. EDIT: Before I forget, so I don't get myself into a mess next Halloween, can someone breed me a 2nd gen
  8. The first of my Halloween spoils is born! I'm still in love with this combination, too, even if it'll now take me an extra year to finish. I can't believe I had an entire year to get mates and I completely forgot! Now I have Tan Ridgewing x Shadow Walker to look forward to, even if it's going to be hell breeding mates. I've been absent lately, but wow, is it really autumn again? It seems it was just yesterday I was rushing trying to get last year's breeding done. Onward!
  9. By any chance has anyone here who's doing Male Marrow x Female Silver not bred their third gens? I know it's a longshot as I don't yet have a pair myself (stingy Silver) to trade with. I'm also getting pretty frantic looking for a 2nd gen Marrow from a Harvest mother. Thank you!
  10. How can you possibly get the alpine opals? They're completely impossible, and getting rarer by the minute. I'm so disheartened. Come on, opals. Surely there's one for me? ETA: Really loving the other hatchies, though! Beautiful!
  11. This is beautiful! Congratulations! I know I should have used placeholders while I was building it, but I don't keep hatchies on my scroll and renaming all those dragons at the end seemed like a bigger deal. I guess I'm paying for my choice now! At least that's three right eggs so far, it's a start?
  12. I knew I should have gone with a more generic naming scheme for the initial run with my new poetry lineage. Sigh. Wrong egg, wrong egg, refusal, wrong egg, right egg, right egg, right egg, refusal, wrong egg, no egg, wrong egg... it's going to be that type of lineage.
  13. I already got some donations, so I have all the Nilias I need now, but thank you! Trust them to appear to everyone else, guess I'm just a little unlucky.
  14. We can call off the search! I'm even more of an idiot. Guess what I found out I'd already bred at some point and forgotten about? This one. Phew, now to hope they like each other. Knock on wood. Has anyone seen Nilias lately? I've been looking and I never see them hanging around, but they must be there and I need them for this project. I see Dark Mysts every now and again, but Nilias are evading me. Why is it popular breeds seem to dry up as soon as I need them? It's a recurring theme. nooey, sorry to hear about your bad breeding luck. We can all commiserate.
  15. Hurrah! The first half! Now to get back to that tricky second half. EDIT: >_< Agh! Speaking of the above project, I was an idiot and accidentally abandoned this egg which I really need to get things moving. If anyone sees this egg in the AP in the next few days, I would be overwhelmed with gratitude should you return it. Breed anything on my scroll in return.
  16. Oh, of course! This lineage has three breeds, but it's not symmetrical in the first gen because I had all female fogs. The other project I'm working on isn't anywhere close to being done (still collecting CBs), but this is a rough draft of what it'll look like as mapped out in Numbers.
  17. It's totally possible to do a beautiful lineage with three breeds, I've experimented with this myself a bit, but the best thing to do is play around with patterns (I use Numbers or Microsoft Excel) until you find something you like. One thing that I've found is consistent, however, is that I think 3-breed patterns look best when they're longer than 5G. Both of my big 3-breed projects (one complete, one in progress) were/are 6G.
  18. I do Tsunami x Pink, but I have the opposite problem - a hard time finding CBs! Still, I think it's a good combo. Ae0nian, I'm free to help out.
  19. Named my Bloodscales Faust's Bargain and Pascal's Wager.
  20. This is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! What a beautiful gift with a beautiful lineage. I'm with nooey, Green Coppers.
  21. I think I really like Green Neb x Seragamma, but they didn't give me an egg to show off. I might try Vine x Seragamma next, I really dig the green combos. Blusang x Seragamma looks good too, though.
  22. My wife gifted me all her Coppers so I could have complete pairs, with the promise that I'd get her new ones after the end of the release, but I haven't even seen one, let alone made a catch attempt. I really wanted this to be different to other recent releases (especially with a dragon you already have to catch more of to get all the colours )... it's been a long time since I've managed to nab more than one or two CBs of new releases, always only during the initial drop, and most of the time they were gifts anyway. I think I'm going to be selfish and invest my energies in getting more Se
  23. I like this a lot. Started my own new release project with Terrae x Black Tea, but I don't know how far I'll take it. I definitely want to do something with the Seragammas.
  24. Probably my favourite of the May release dragons, the adults are beautiful! I love their descriptions, too, very evocative. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, it was vexing at times, but worth it.
  25. Trying to catch another set of these for my wife is a nightmare. I hope they get easier to find soon, ideally before her hatchies grow up so I can trade her and have a pair all born on the release day. I love the male adults so much, but I can't decide which colour I like best. Maybe green.