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  1. Tried 5 times, got 1 adult! But I'm happy about which one it was. It's a CB male and I made sure to breed it a few times so I can get future dragons with zombies in the lineage.
  2. I got mine all right after the other by going to different biomes instead of pressing F5. Since they're dropping in all of them, loading a new biome seemed more reliable than refreshing, easier to tell when the new page had loaded instead of accidentally re-clicking an egg that someon else already picked up! Good luck to everyone! It is possible!
  3. I can't believe I got locked that fast! Has anyone had any zombie successes? I tried twice but both failed. Now I'm nervous to try reviving the others.
  4. For the game: 1. I avoid inbreeding my dragons, and eggs picked up from the AP that are inbred, try and either bite or hatch, freeze and release them. 2. I try not to needlessly breed an egg only to drop it, especially if the AP is full. Sometimes I like breeding and dropping nice lineage eggs, but most of the time if I breed it's because I want an egg. 3. If an egg is bred and has a certain lineage or named parents, I'll try and continue lineages, name after parents, the kind of thing I like seeing happen to eggs I've bred. All out of courtesy to other people playing. Other
  5. Just now, I spaz-clicked a sunrise/set egg. Afterward I hit the back button, and the egg that showed up in its place was an ice egg. I clicked it, and... "you are overburdened and decide not to take this egg!" If only I hadn't clicked the first one...
  6. More effective I think is to freeze hatchlings and then release them, since (I think) dragons in the wilderness don't count for ratios, and if they're frozen as hatchlings then they have no chance of breeding an egg in the wild. I'd rather see an egg get removed from circulation somehow, whether it's vamped or hatched and frozen or killed or quaked or anything else, than to see the same egg get picked up and dropped repeated times to the AP when the breeder doesn't want it and people who pick it up don't want it either. I know some people don't mind inbred eggs and appreciate them, all the s
  7. I have one silver that's like that. I didn't kill his parents, but noticed sometime along the line that either someone did or their scroll was burned, so he looks like a 2nd gen. I'm never sure what to call it when I make trade offers from offspring, would it be 3rd gen or not? Calling it 3rd gen outright sounds kind of like cheating, but I don't know if anyone would really care that the parents are tombstones. I might try and get another similar lineage to match as a mate but either way I don't think it's much of a big deal, I'd consider it whatever gen it appears to be even if there are
  8. Maybe it's just since I've been looking for them, but I haven't seen a lot of cb albinos or embers lately. They don't seem to have too much demand compared to others though so I dont think they'd ever be rare exactly.
  9. I'd go for that, definitely! I already pick up quite a few dragons that I "like" that not a lot of people seem to, albinos mostly, or grab AP eggs since I'm impatient. There's not much I'm really looking for at the moment so taking a few weeks to clear commons wouldn't be a problem for me.
  10. w4rg4zm

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    OH MAN... there's so much, this is going to take a lot to get used to! It looks great though!
  11. Partly for "completionist" - I try and get at least two of every dragon, eventually CB's as well, and probably also going to try for hatchlings - but also, I collect lots of the types I like, and go for lineage projects, fun naming schemes, a little of everything. How I raise eggs, is wait a day or 2 then put them in a few fansites - and viewbomb them after they hit 4 days. Also fun to try and organize incubating and numbers of eggs / hatchlings so I can pick up more as often as possible... although I'm not great at this, I've ended up locked completely with 9 hatchlings more than a few time
  12. I like the dark myst and crimson flare the best - but I also like the sea wyrms a lot more than I thought I would, they look great.
  13. I want one mostly for completion sake, and so I can breed them, to help spread them around. I also like the color combination of the silver and bronze ones especially - they look really metallic, moreso than the original silver and gold dragons. I was thinking the same thing about how vampires were once much more rare and now have spread to be fairly easy to get - I wonder if one of these days someone will make a tinsel listing thread for people willing to breed and people hoping to get once.
  14. I wonder if that means they'll breed with pumpkins too? That'd be cool.
  15. I've got none. But I think, as time goes more and more people will have them, after all for a while when metallic breeding gets really bad Silvi's lair stats show more tinsels than regular gold or silver, so eventually they should become easier to get. I'll be happy if I can get one eventually, although low gen would be very nice.
  16. I can't help but think now would have been a very good time for the new limits! Especially since catching these little guys seems fairly easy compared to some new releases.. maybe it's just me since my internet is fast, because they do go quick at the 5 minute drops, but I've been able to catch them thinking about which one to try and grab without just mad clicking.
  17. I got this one as a sort of gift, sort of trade - when I got it the mother was unnamed, but when I recently saw the name it was given I had to continue it, it's perfect.
  18. Just assume the father's name is Richard and the mother's a cat!
  19. Oh that must be it. Ahh well - thanks!
  20. Phew, I didn't lose anything. Is there a way we could get the time taken off that was added to eggs?
  21. Huh, judging from the graphs it looks like they're leveling off, even if not at the high level they once were. Maybe they'll start to slowly increase in numbers again now. I REALLY hope that some of the new features will get implemented, especially fertility and biomes, if breeding rates are going to stay at their current level and we're not seeing too many more CBs both of those could help a lot. I thought they were done and just needed testing, what's taking so long?
  22. I'm pretty sure I got my game boy first, and first games I got were Tetris (of course) and Wario Land. And then I got a SNES and first games were either Super Mario Bros 3 or Donkey Kong Country 2. And then the first one I got seriously good at was Ocarina of Time. I still love all of those games, haha.
  23. I just hope that this means more CB blacks may show up, at least... it's unfortunate things don't just stay stable, instead of going back and forth between the extremes of too much breeding vs. no breeding, too many CB's of a breed vs. virtual extinction.
  24. Actually I was planning on doing that myself. Same for all of the geneseed-named dragons. After I get one successfully bred for myself though, I could breed you one if you want.