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Wish List: Please visit my Profile! unisprite.png Ani_LC.gif lineagebanner-small.gifTinselBanner2.gif SunsongLineageMinibanner.pngbreederOath.gifPoke the unicorn to see My Scroll! - Sprite created by decipher If you are interested in my Tuatha De Danann Lineage please PM me.

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    Writing, Reading, Cross-stitching, Everquest, Magistream

    Please DO NOT PM me requests to breed Metallics or Trios.

    My dragon pairings can be found here (list still being completed): http://dragon-trees.wikidot.com/breeder:jadeunicorn I will not switch mates, as I prefer Lifemates.

    DC Wish List (Updated 9/25/12):

    High Priority

    2 - CB Blacks
    2 - CB Blusangs
    1 - Holly (non-inbred)

    Mid Priority

    CB Purples
    2nd Gen PB Striped (2 Green, 1 Red, 2 Black, 1 White)

    Low Priority

    1 - Purple Dino (to freeze at Stage 1)
    2 - Blue Dino (to freeze)
    2 - Yellow Dino (to freeze)
    1 - Gold Tinsel (for freezing)
    CB Sunsongs
    CB Day/Night Glories