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  1. "Expanding" bullets (hollowpoint rounds) are the ONLY ammunition you should use in your gun if you keep it for home defense. Anything else over-penetrates and leaves others in your home or neighborhood in danger. Expanding rounds not only cause more damage (which is why police use them), they are also almost guaranteed to stop INSIDE the body of the individual being shot, or INSIDE of the first thing it hits, rather than piercing a wall and going through to hit someone in the next room (which I'm sure has happened before). Quite simply, any attempt to take hollowpoint rounds away will just ser
  2. No, it really doesn't. You phone TBI, you give a name and a SSN, and they check for criminal record. Takes about 15 minutes. I know, I've bought It's not just a state level check. Just because the national government DOES what it likes doesn't mean it CAN or SHOULD do what it likes. Did you read the article? A gun jam is fixable. The shooter successfully shot one person, and was stopped short by the officer. Read the WHOLE article. The fact that the officer was carrying saved many people's lives. It would have been a similar situation if it had been a concealed carri
  3. Any federally licensed dealer in my state is required to run a background check through the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) before they can sell anyone a rifle, shotgun, or handgun. Pretty much anyone who sells at a gun show runs a background check as well, licensed or not. But I'm not sure if that's required. The only loophole is private party purchases. No check is required. If you have a violent misdemeanor or felony on your record, you can't purchase a handgun from any sort of licensed dealer, be it a pawn shop, gun store, gun show, walmart, etc. I imagine those who have felony con
  4. Lookie here, a gun saved lives. Bet this doesn't get much media coverage. Off-duty deputy stops theater shooting Before anyone says "oh that's a cop, they have more training," keep in mind that in the space of two days I can take a course and become a reserve officer in a local town, and be legally permitted to carry a handgun at 18. I have more training with my handgun than half of those reserve officers or deputies.
  5. There's a possibility he might have been hindered in obtaining certain kinds of guns, but I believe even with stricter gun control laws, there are enough guns available in the states to where gun violence like this would not stop. And as the school stabbing rampage in China the same day showed, people who want to cause harm will cause harm. I would rather have the means to stop them than to be disarmed.
  6. First, the 2nd Amendment. I have a right to bear arms that shall not be infringed. Second, state laws. States have already said that certain people are legally allowed to carry handguns. I just want that legal ability to carry to be extended into the places where clearly they would be the most needed in a time of crisis. Again, are you denying that one teacher with a handgun in that school COULD have saved lives? I, MYSELF would not be deciding anything about who is "responsible." That's up to state legislature.
  7. You said that arming every teacher wasn't practical. I agree. We're not trying to make every teacher in the nation carry a gun, we want the responsible ones to be ALLOWED to. I make far less than a teacher and I manage to afford guns. You may not be able to imagine it, but I guess you've never met a responsible gun owner who does exactly that.
  8. Coerced gun carry is not liberty. Being allowed to carry a gun if you are of legal age and have a permit is. No one needs to advertise the fact that they are packing, especially in a school, but the mere fact that teachers would be allowed to would be a step in the right direction in my estimation.
  9. It was a progressive event. It didn't happen instantaneously. There was time for it to be stopped. He did not merely step into a classroom and kill 20 people in a few seconds. So you aren't even willing to consider that a legally owned, legally carried handgun in that school could have saved lives? Yours is not the first state to do it. The states that have done it have not seen any increased incidence of gun-related violence. I will patiently wait for you to be proven wrong when there is no marked increase, much less a "ridiculous" increase. If I'm wrong, so be it.
  10. The constitution does not grant the national government the right to regulate the wearing of arms, therefore, under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, it falls to the states. Any federal regulations of firearms without passing a constitutional amendment giving the national gov't that power are expressly unconstitutional.
  11. It works in Israel. You can't "mow" an entire class of people down in "an instant" or anywhere close to that. Those who care enough to want to protect themselves and their students. Why would they not have been able to respond in time? Those who heard gunfire knew what was happening before the shooter reached them. If they had a gun accessible to them, they could have drawn it and been ready. You would have to void the 10th amendment to do anything of the sort. Of course, it's not like anyone cares that we have a constitution anymore anyways.
  12. Glad to know you think of me on the same level as someone who just killed twenty children. You are a shining example of tolerance. Good day.
  13. You don't believe a site that lists many known, credible studies into the use of firearms in self defense in an unbiased list format? Even the ones that have the lowball statistic numbers? You don't believe a website that offers NEWS STORIES OF SELF DEFENSE, with links to the original news sites on it?There's nothing further to say if you can't even believe citations of stories that appeared in local newspapers
  14. You never hear it because they don't put it on the news. There are FAR more instances of self-defense than there are murders. There's a huge discrepancy between studies, but even the most conservative statistics (which are highly questionable) state over 100,000 legitimate uses of firearms in self defense every year in the US. The questionable ones on the other end of the spectrum say as much as 2.5 million. Reasonable estimates are somewhere around 400,000-800,000 crimes deterred per year with firearms. Read up on it. Don't expect anti-gun news media to happily report when someone defends the
  15. The Yakuza don't have to use firearms to do their illegal deeds. People rob convenience stores with knives. A man in China stabbed 20+ schoolchildren yesterday. Look at the statistics of how many people legitimately defend themselves with guns every day, every year.
  16. I was implying nothing about the danger of any of them. A lawn mower or a man of any color or a dog is just as safe/dangerous as my gun sitting in its holster. I was saying that you being "uncomfortable" around something doesn't mean it should be illegal. You THINK this is exactly what someone does when they carry a gun, and you are quite frankly wrong. Do not tell me I make up excuses to use violence please. My gun has never harmed anyone, and Lord willing it never will. I have never implied using a gun to kill except in cases as is necessary to preserve the life of the one bein
  17. Still. It's a state that issues permits at the discretion of officials (read: they hardly issue permits), and it has higher crime rates than my state, where anyone with a clean background can get a permit. Also, Maryland is surrounded by most of the strict gun-control states. It really just doesn't work, not with the volume of guns we have in America. There's too many ways to obtain them illegally for laws restricting the legal purchase of them to have an effect on crime. The Bible is very clear that MURDER is wrong, and killing should be avoided. But there are Biblical concessions for se
  18. Maryland has very strict gun control, by US standards. Interesting that their homicide rate is above average in the US, is it not?
  19. Some people are uncomfortable around black people. Some people are really nervous around lawn mowers. There are even people with a morbid fear of my pet dog. Your feelings about guns shouldn't affect my right to own and carry one. No one has a constitutional right to be comfortable all the time, but everyone has the constitutional right to carry a gun.
  20. And you have just as much of a right to not carry a gun as I do to carry one
  21. To the dozens of women a week who protect themselves from rapists with a concealed handgun, firearms are essential. To the 18 year old mother who protected her son from an armed intruder with a firearm, guns are essential. Etc.
  22. Remember that in my state (Tennessee), most anyone who is getting a handgun carry permit will have shot guns their entire life. The number of people who are truly inept at the use of a gun that are ACTUALLY getting a permit is likely very small.
  23. Gun ownership and gun carry are two completely different ballgames. There is no license required for gun ownership, at least, not on the federal level. Licenses are required for concealed carry in most states, and some states allow you to open carry without a license as long as you're above a certain age. Federal requirements for rifle purchase only state you must be 18 and not a convicted felon. States impose other standards, like you can't purchase a rifle if you have a violent misdemeanor. Also, some states allow you to OWN a rifle if you're under 18 with parental permission. The 18 an
  24. If we got rid of most of our "defense" budget, most unconstitutional federal agencies, especially the DEA, and basically got rid of everything except what the constitution says the national government can do, we would need increased taxes for sure, and I'd say there's a good chance we could lower taxes. I agree that tax loopholes need to be closed. No one making a ridiculous amount of money needs to pay LESS of his income, percentage wise, in tax than a poor person does. That's absolutely ridiculous. I just don't think that increased taxes are the only answer. We have the radical alternative o
  25. I completely understand. So you wouldn't say that alcohol itself is the source of the problems stemming from it, but rather the availability/commonness coupled with a lack of common sense and self-restraint? It seems to me that you and others I know are shining examples of why alcohol is perfectly reasonable in the hands of the right person. I can't help but wonder if we're just missing the mark somewhere on the whole "teaching people to drink responsibly" thing. Have you seen anything in particular in your work that you believe to be effective in training people how to NOT kill themselv