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  1. Police officer training is minimal. I could become a reserve officer and legally carry a firearm at the age of 18 in a very short time with training of a lower level than that which I have already sought out on my own.
  2. I never said it wasn't a high-stress job. Just that I don't believe a high-stress job = crazed shooter. And you act like they don't already have access to firearms... There's a sign that tells them not to carry, sure.
  3. Ah, okay. I gotcha thanks for clarifying! In which case, I would still have to disagree I don't think there's evidence to support that fear.
  4. The teachers would be people who carry...
  5. No, but it does mean they have no objective reason to make something illegal beyond personal feelings, the will of the masses, or pure pragmatism.
  6. I'm an absolutist. Social constructs are meaningless, there's an objective standard of right and wrong.
  7. Well, that's what... That ^ sounded like. It's the same sort of reasoning people used when certain states were debating allowing concealed carry. "It'll be a bloodbath! Fender benders and parking space disputes will turn into murder scenes!" But it didn't really happen that way... Oh I'm sure there's SOME murders that have happened at the hands of a permit holder. But from what I've seen from the news media, they're VERY quick to tell you if someone who killed someone else was legally carrying (Zimmerman), and that doesn't happen often. But the fact is, people who have bother
  8. "Arming" teachers is what Israel did. And even though it worked, I just advocate permit holders being ALLOWED to carry in a concealed manner if they so choose. There's no evidence to support the idea that permitted carriers snap and go on shooting sprees. It just doesn't happen.
  9. And at a school 5 minutes away from my house, a shooting was stopped by an armed presence. No one claims that having armed guards or letting permit holders carry would necessarily prevent every attack, only that we would rather have the chance of stopping an attack in the time it takes the police to respond. And while I don't put false flag terrorism past our government, I don't think Sandy Hook was that. I find it silly, personally.
  10. While I do believe there are legitimate reasons to own a gun with a high capacity magazine (multiple assailants, boar hunting, etc.), again I'll say that rights have nothing to do with "need."
  11. It could potentially minimize injuries in certain situations, while increasing them in others. The average number of shots used to incapacitate an attacker is 8. Obviously not all of those are hits. You'll miss a lot. If you're carrying for self defense and you've got a 10 round magazine, you better hope there's only one attacker. I believe that any benefits such measures would have would be outweighed by the negative consequences. I could be wrong. But that's my position. It's not about the fact that it won't solve everything, it's about the fact that a. I don't believe it will
  12. Actually, under the last magazine cap limit, it is my understanding that it only applied to new production. It wasn't illegal to purchase 30 round mags from a private party, it was illegal to manufacture them. As for it affecting mass shooting incidents, Columbine happened with 10 round mags. /Pet Peeve
  13. I fully expect the magazine capacity limit to pass. I also expect it to be largely ineffective at keeping high-cap mags off the streets. It'll mostly just increase the cost of what's already out there.
  14. Most estimates place it over 250,000. Some say 2.5 million, some say around 100,000, so in reality, it's probably somewhere in between. If you want to browse some stories, check out this blog. Yes, it's NRA run, but they pull the stories from local news organizations, so you can check them out for their authenticity if you so desire. The Armed Citizen
  15. Untrue. Self-defense with firearms happens FAR more often than homicides with firearms. I'm sure I'm missing a response to one of my posts way back there, so if anyone had a burning question they had aimed at me, feel free to ask it again.
  16. Again, it has to do with the prescribed penalty. Death vs. Uncleanness. I understand your hesitancy, though. The role of the OT law in the life of a Christian is probably the foremost interpretive difficulty we have to deal with. I'll see if I can't find a transcribed lecture or article on the subject from someone who can explain it better than I to send to you. If you want to understand exactly my position on this, I ascribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith. Chapter 19 provides the points on God's Law. It's not an argument for or a defense of the beliefs, but simply a statement of
  17. I mean, if you take it as permission to physically discipline your child, I would assume it means that physical discipline won't be overly harmful to the child. If it's metaphorical and doesn't permit physical punishment, I would take it to mean that if you "strike him with the rod," discipline will cause him to avoid death. But again, this is without original language.
  18. Covenant theology is the concept that the Old Covenant was fulfilled and expounded upon by the person and work of Christ. The ceremonial aspects of the Old Covenant were fulfilled in Christ, and as such we are not bound by them any longer under the New Covenant. However, the moral laws in the OT are just as binding as they ever were. Thus, the typical Reformed understanding of the relation between Old and New Testament is that there is more than one type of law to be found in the OT. There's ceremonial precepts that the people under the covenant had to follow, there's judicial instructions for
  19. No, because I don't think that's what it would be like. As it is, there are no safety requirements to purchase a firearm. If someone wants to learn how to use it properly, it's a personal responsibility issue. So that half of it (gun ownership) is like it is now. Let someone of legal independent age purchase a firearm with no required training. As it stands, most people don't leave it there. Most people do not simply purchase a firearm and never learn to use it or safely handle it. The number of gun owners who seek out further training with their firearm FAR outweighs the number of irresponsib
  20. But that only applies if abortion really ISN'T a moral issue. And that's where the argument is. If abortion really is a moral wrong, I have just as much of a right to take a stand against it as I do to stand against rape, or murder. If it's not, then you'd be right, I wouldn't have much of a say about it.
  21. I'm not trying to browbeat you into submission or anything like that. There's just a lot of things about Mormonism that bother me, things that no one has been able to explain to me to satisfaction. The lack of archaeological evidence is the biggest concern for me. I have faith regarding spiritual, supernatural occurrences recorded in scripture. But when I read a record of battles the scale of the ones recorded in the BoM, I would expect there to be plentiful evidence. But I don't see it. To preserve Reformed Christian orthodoxy, yes. They're exclusive. Biblically, death cam
  22. Clearly it depends on the type of ammo. I can't afford zombie, so I've got Russian surplus FMJ. My .40 or .45 is going to do a lot more damage to any intruder than my AK will So there's a best-case hypothetical and a worst-case hypothetical. Still a better chance if she had taken proper precautions. Sure it COULD be limited in production and purchase. But that doesn't change the fact that the SKS with a fixed 10 round box magazine is one of the most widely available rifles in both North America and Canada. They're everywhere! I don't believe anyone shou
  23. I have read it. If I recall correctly, didn't the Hebrew immigrants to the Americas cross the Pacific in some sort of metal submersible pushed by the hand of God? The description sounded remarkably like a submarine that would have been around about the time Joseph Smith "translated" the plates. Also, I've been told that it is official church history that Smith translated the plates indirectly by use of seer's stones, and dictated the results. Isn't it recorded that the plates were often not even in the same room with him? Why is it that there are recorded battles where millions die
  24. Oh COME ON. That's plain ludicrous. Who CARES if she had two pills on her she didn't have a prescription for? My word. What good is jailing a pregnant woman going to do? How is that going to "solve the drug problem"? I just... wow. I'm still of the opinion that simple possession and use of recreational drugs should not be illegal. I don't support use, I think it's a poor idea (and according to my convictions, immoral), but our current drug war is unproductive and harmful.
  25. Not a problem just know that it bothers Christians as much as it bothers you when people use that passage to justify the slave trade