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  1. Well, if you'll show where I've shown prejudice against non-Christians and non-Americans that would be fantastic. Yes, I have religious beliefs, yes I think I'm right. If that's prejudice against anyone of a different faith, then I suppose I'm guilty, as would be everyone else of any sort of faith? Well now, "in-depth" is putting words in my mouth I said I do my own research to the point where I find evidence that I find satisfactory, yes. Being "misled by the slightest bit of false data"? I don't think so. Again, please show examples and that would be great. Also of where I "intentiona
  2. So disliking both parties and crafting my own views after personal research makes me appear that way? Good to know. Your condescension bores me. It appears you don't feel like typing out thoughts or reasons so you stick to sarcasm and snarky comments. You're so witty.
  3. I realize that. But considering I don't even agree with a lot of the falsehoods Romney spouts, I'm not sure how I can support him How would we go about making it "more" egalitarian? How many is "many"? It's cool! See, that video is one of the reasons I love Ron Paul. He's saying, look, I think abortion is wrong. I think it's a "violent act." Therefore, the STATES should be allowed to regulate it just like they regulate any other violent act. That regulation, as it stands, consists of the freedom to get an abortion. But if an individual state decided
  4. I wasn't saying that it was a good or bad thing. Just an example.
  5. So, government isn't working so we need more government? I put quotation marks around it because different people have very different ideas of what poverty means. Not that I was saying it isn't a real problem. But where not so long ago, owning one or more cars and a TV set was considered somewhat of a luxury, now even some people who are considered below the "poverty" line own those things. That is not to say that they don't have a quantifiable need, but just that relative to past cultural norms and most countries around the globe, even most of those who receive welfare in
  6. Missed this on my skim-through. YAY FOR BASE LIBERTARIANISM! Get the national government out of things like that it shouldn't be involved in universally. No silly legislation about tanning parlors. Drugs? Please. The war on drugs is the worst thing to happen since prohibition. The fact that people can get life sentences for growing what USED to be a common, naturally occurring plant boggles my mind. I may not wholeheartedly support the recreational use of drugs, but my gosh they shouldn't be illegal. The fact that the government can tell us what we can and can't put into our bodies should scar
  7. Do I really look like the kind of person that buys into campaign rhetoric? ;P I'm very fond of independent research. Even conservative leaning fact checkers are starting to realize that a lot of the stuff Romney spouts is utter garbage. Snarky commercials did not help me arrive at my political beliefs. I'm aware there are other taxes. What's your point? If you factor those in as well, the top income bracket is paying even MORE than others. I also fail to understand why people always point out a "large gap between the rich and the poor" as a bad thing. It's only a bad thi
  8. I didn't say they were identical, I said there were lots of similarities. The government engages in things that operate at a cost because there is a perceived benefit, EXACTLY the same as a business. We fund a military because it is understood that having a military is kind of a smart thing, you know, in case we ever need one. We have government- funded poor-excuse-for-education because we anticipate that educating the masses will result in a more productive society, similar to how a business will pay to train an employee because it is anticipated that the employee will end up being p
  9. Still working on a farm... now doing part-time landscaping... also still teaching ukulele lessons, lost my skype student and picked up another in-person.
  10. I'm sorry, tone doesn't convey well over the internet when I said I'm not as ignorant as I appear, it was entirely something I was saying, not that I was saying that's what you meant. I have a particular self-deprecating sense of humor that's hard to get used to I suppose. Apologies all over so, to sum up, I think income tax is stupid, I think GRADUATED income tax such that making more penalizes you is even more stupid, and I advocate alternative systems of taxation. And Donald Trump is a dick. That's about it... General knowledge of how an economy works and what's practical
  11. Did I SAY I wanted the government to do things without money? I'm an advocate of an entirely different form of tax. As I said, and I quote, I think INCOME tax is stupid. I'm not quite as ignorant as I appear to be, thanks. Actually, it generally does take quite a bit of intelligence to do those things... but I completely agree about him being a dick in general.
  12. Well, there's sort of been a negative social stereotype for awhile now... And as controversial as this topic is, I still fail to see why earning more money deserves a punishment in the form of increased taxes. As it stands right now, the top income bracket pays around what, 30%? A little more? I don't see why that is. And I certainly don't see why that should be increased. As it stands, they're already paying comparatively more and also the majority overall. In my oh-so-ignorant head, a flat tax seems both fair and practical. But I digress, because I think income tax is stupid anyway! Baha!
  13. Yes, I feel the same disdain for almost every politician. The exception being Congressman Paul, who happens to have been saying the same (correct) things for decades now to no avail. I can recall several other presidents who dealt with a party opposition in congress. So Obama is not in a unique situation. Although considering I'm of a different political persuasion than you, I don't quite think congress opposing the President's ideals is a bad thing. His version of "up and running" is not something I like. I would say Obama APPEARS to care about everyone, an exclusion bein
  14. I find both candidates to be morally reprehensible and evidence of how terrible a state our government is in if this is the best we have to offer.
  15. I'm one sixteenth Cherokee twice removed on my father's side, and I dress up in Indian outfits and light fires at Cub Scout day camps. Do I get to stay? Back on the main topic... MAN our presidential candidates suck.
  16. Phil plays teh ukulele and can't afford real strap, so uses shoestring.
  17. I should've snapped a picture the last time I was in walmart, but in case you still don't believe us, here's the online ad for it. AR15Z IN MY WALMARTZ!? So yes, you can most definitely buy a semi-automatic rifle that is sometimes mistakenly called an "assault rifle" at your friendly neighborhood Walmart. But don't. Because buying a gun from walmart is a pain in the ass. There's mounds of paperwork, more than from a typical firearms dealer. You can't just walk in with some cash and walk out with a gun. In Canada you can have a semi-automatic SKS with a 10 round magazine
  18. Ooh, ooh! I didn't even mention my favorite part of my life. My mock trial team has been undefeated at district for the past 2 years, and we've placed 4th at state twice. I've also been on the "A" team and leadership team for the past year. I've also been told I dress well. And smell nice.
  19. I liked Ron Paul in every way possible. I hold to mostly libertarian political ideals, and I rather like the idea of having a president whose personal convictions did not play into his policy making. Example, he personally holds pro-life views, but he believes it is the right of each state to determine their own stance regarding abortion, not the place of the national government. It is, in my opinion, the best and most constitutional way of handling it and any other issue. If I choose to vote, I would most likely write him in.
  20. No. I am not wasting my vote. I would vote to take a stand on issues I believe in. I would vote for a third party because I cannot support either candidate from the 2 major parties for the presidency. I am free to exercise my right to vote however I choose, and that is certainly not a waste. It is a representation of my opinion, and if my casting it for the candidate I agree with most is a "waste," then I suppose I'm a waste of space and oxygen by existing and having an opinion that differs from the popular norm. Apologies about that.
  21. I believe homosexuality is sinful. I believe homosexuals should have the right to marry. Yay for halfway agreeing.
  22. Pretty much this. Good in theory, not so much good for me in practicality. Handing our already wayward government more power doesn't seem like a good thing to me. I would care less if it was instituted on a state by state basis based on state government approval, but being coerced into it by the national government is a bit scary. "People can't afford health insurance. I know! Let's force them to buy health insurance!"
  23. As I said, I'm no Greek scholar. But I have run across many scholars who feel as I do. I don't believe interpreting it as receiving baptism in the place of the dead for the purposes of their salvation lines up with the rest of scripture's teachings about salvation. Repent AND be baptized. That passage does not necessitate that the holy spirit comes upon a person because of baptism. Notice that whenever baptism takes place in scripture, it is post-repentance. Whoever ACCEPTED the message was baptized. The idea of baptism for the dead flies in the face of the Biblical timeline o
  24. I'm certainly no Greek scholar, but from one commentator: "The issue here is the word, "baptizontai" -- "they are baptized." It is the present, passive, indicative, 3rd person, plural. In other words, it is THEY ARE BEING BAPTIZED or, THEY ARE BAPTIZED." Makes sense to me. If you want to present a counter-position based on scripture I'd be happy with that.