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  1. Well, that article is giving hypothetical worst-case scenarios in the event that the states were given back constitutional rights. The fantastic thing is that things of that nature would never happen or last. The state governments are more accessible to the people than the federal government, so the opinions of the people would have a HUGE sway on policies. Can you really imagine many states outlawing sodomy again? Can you imagine many people remaining in a state that did so?
  2. I still believe that whether you realize it or not, you religious beliefs affect how you view social issues, which will affect how you cast your vote. There's plenty of argument to be waged about the original intent of the Establishment clause. Ron Paul is personally pro-life, but supports state's rights to decide regulations on abortion. He advocates overturning Roe v. Wade because the national government has no constitutional right to regulate such things. He's against universal healthcare because he thinks the federal government should basically be gone. Get ri
  3. Your religious beliefs affect your entire worldview, your worldview affects your political leanings in some way. There is no compartmentalization.
  4. Early application deadline at the end of the month... trying to get everything together. I hope financial aid comes through for me, because I'm going to have a tough time paying for this. SAT scores are coming back soon as well... Hopefully those will be acceptable...
  5. My point exactly! you're perfectly justified in doing so.
  6. If you have religious beliefs, it WILL affect your voting choices, whether you admit it or not. In response to last night's debate... LOL I just hate these guys more and more the more they talk! To quote a good friend of mine, "I missed the debate last night, but I hear constitutional government lost." Or another... "It really doesn't matter who won. We lost."
  7. I strongly disagree with the way most people go about anti-abortion protests. I've seen some pretty disgusting displays of moral superiority and arrogance. They don't void the pro-life position any more than disgusting, hateful, arrogant pro-choicers void yours. I'm having difficulty constructing a coherent reply to the rest that doesn't sound arrogant, so I'm going to sleep on this rather than stick my foot in my mouth. I don't know that replying will do any good anyways, you all know what I believe.
  8. Hey guys, I think she gets the point. You don't like the video, it's offensive. She's gone. You're all saying the same thing... Dogpiling on her isn't going to convince her of your position. I've looked at facts. People have told me these facts. You've told me these facts, Shiny has told me these facts. I've been berated and ridiculed for my position. But I'm not changing it. I'm unabashedly, openly, completely pro-life because I believe it is morally wrong to terminate human life. Yes, it's a firm, closed minded, unchanging position. Oh well, shucks, looks like people can hav
  9. Oh, I don't have that problem... the taboo problem I mean. I post political statuses on facebook constantly, and I'm almost always engaged in some sort of (civil) discussion. When I venture off teh interwebz, I have fun discussing politics elsewhere too. I really don't mind having civil debates with people. I'd like to think I can argue decently well because of my years of formal debate and mock trial and such, but I genuinely enjoy it when someone can out-argue me. It gives me an excuse to get better Well, if you don't know who Ron Paul is by now, you must not be looking very hard wh
  10. Well, I'm getting close to the point where I'm either going to have to tell her how I feel or I'm going to go nuts. I'm fairly certain the feeling isn't mutual, but there have been little things that have made me wonder if I'm being too pessimistic. So now my issue is timing, and the fact that I'm moving away next fall, so even if she does care about me, the prospect of an LDR might sort of be a repulsion.
  11. Good point. I get tired of taking myself seriously sometimes, so it's more entertaining to poke fun at my hyper conservative friends. Making well-reasoned arguments gets annoying after awhile so I guess it's trolling then!
  12. Instead of actually participating in the perpetual Facebook political discussions, I've taken to just commenting with "You're all statists. You're on the same side, you just don't know it yet." And then I watch the sparks fly. Is it considered trolling if I really believe what I'm saying?
  13. Wait wait... RYAN was the one with the cocky attitude? O.o I hate both candidates, but Biden's arrogance, sneering, chuckling, and personal attacks were getting on my nerves.
  14. Yeahh, and the Rastas I know don't get upset about things like that either. They aren't the kind for angry protests... if they were, they'd have a lot of stuff to protest. Let's talk about that! What about all the Rasta stuff that's been appropriated into American culture? You can't walk into a store without seeing a Rasta lion or "Rasta" colors around everywhere. Is that bad?
  15. I'm going to go out on a limb and say even if Johnson was allowed into debates, he wouldn't have a huge chance of getting elected. Not only could they pull a Ron Paul and only let him talk for 30 seconds, I think most Americans are too set in the two party system to seriously consider voting for a third party. It will take longer than a couple months to change their minds, unfortunately. **still harboring unrealistic hopes of Ron Paul 2012**
  16. Well, hey, whatever floats your boat... if Jediism can be a religion...
  17. Definitely! I prefer Phil. While I realize that the Confederacy has connections to slavery, I think it's honestly ridiculous to condemn a people and a culture for one issue, when the flag represents more than that and the war was not primarily about that. Beyond that, there was huge amounts of hypocrisy and racism in the North. It's not as if anywhere north of the M/D line was a happy go lucky place for people of color to reside pre-civil war or post. Some northern states even had laws prohibiting black immigration. The slaves that were owned in the north pre-abolition laws were treat
  18. I don't know that there's really much to be done with it at this point. If he's just decided to be a *bag, you may just have to let it go. I had a girl that I was chasing after for awhile, we went out once, I picked her up, met her mom and everything. It was going well, and then one day she just stopped talking to me. No texts, calls, nothing. I still don't know what happened. Sounds sort of like that. Doesn't sound like you really did anything, he's just gone on for whatever reason. Best thing to do, in my opinion, would be to try not to pursue him too much, and if he decides he wants to talk
  19. As the resident forum fundamentalist, a backwards Bible thumper... I love hugs. Not sure who peed in his cheerios, but that guy sure wasn't basing that off any scripture I can find feel free to brighten my day anytime, I won't preach hellfire at ya because of it.
  20. Right, so we have fundamental disagreements that result in us having a rift in this department that is unable to be crossed Ah, okay, sorry! Oh, that was in reference to people who believe in "Christianity" but don't like what those passages of scripture have to say about punishment being eternal, so they have to reject them. Since you don't accept scripture as authoritative, it's not a problem for you. It's inconsequential to your worldview.
  21. Poor comparison really. A better comparison is a judge dispensing a penalty for breaking a law. God is the ultimate judge. He created the world and everything in it. Basically the founding assumption is God is good, I am not, and He is worthy of my worship. No. God's perfect will is different from His sovereign will. In His sovereign will, He leaves the depraved to their sinful choices and the consequences of their action. His perfect will is that none should perish, all should come to Him, and for people to be perfectly amicable and generous and everything else that could solve th
  22. False. It's a symbol of state's rights and a celebration of heritage. The Confederacy did not exist for oppression. You can get offended all you want, it doesn't change the fact that several of my ancestors fought and died for that flag, I respect state's rights, and it's representative of my heritage. It's a symbol of a culture, not of oppression. There's plenty else about it.
  23. 1. Not wrath, justice. 2. Not envy, righteous jealousy, as He is deserving of our full devotion. 3. God ordains everything in His sovereignty for the purposes of His will, so rather than being slothful, He is at work in everything. 4. It is not pride, it is what He deserves. If God is truly all perfect, sovereign, the creator of all things, He is deserving of all worship. 5. God requires no sustenance, so human greed preventing people from eating on earth does not imply gluttony on His part. 6. Tithes and offerings are not necessary for the approval of God. It's all