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  1. They are my 'comfort films' - I watch them when I'm ill or upset or something. Have to say I watch Howl's more than Spirited Away, don't know why! I think the love between Sophie and Howl gets to me
  2. I don't get why people are coming in here and sh*tting all over the dream worlds they made in this film. You do know a good film doesn't just have to be about what it looks like? In my opinion a good film is something you can completely enjoy just as much on some sh*tty little black-n-white box television as you can on the big cinema screen, because no matter what screen you watch it on, the plot, dialogue and acting are unchanged. That is my idea of a good film. If you need something that offers a lot of visual stimulation in order to be entertaining then that's fine, but don't go blasti
  3. I really don't think it's legit to compare it to Avatar, they are both completely different genres. That's like comparing Percy Jackson to Sherlock Holmes. Some people actually like films that provide thought-provoking entertainment, rather than settling for computer-generated eye candy.
  4. Best ****ing movie for a long time. Seriously outstanding.... definitely going to see it again when I have more money.
  5. ....so no one has an Akita? Has anyone had one in the past?
  6. In my last dream it snowed really heavily during the night and I was convinced my feet would fall off from the cold. I wanted to put lots of socks on, but none of them matched so I didn't put them on Then the doorbell rang and I woke up.
  7. Haha yeah, they were quirky, and lived good lives! My family moved house too often so we sent them to live with my Grandma not long after we got them. A massive garden to play in and plenty of rabbits to hunt. They caught and ate rabbits an awful lot, and if you were very special they would leave a live bunny in your room for you. Hamish died a pretty horrid death actually, he got trapped under a fence for a few very hot days, and he got lots of maggots in his back-end where he couldn't go to the toilet properly. Jasper died of old age at around 17-18 roughly six years after Hamish died.
  8. Wow, sorry to hear your last cat died of cancer When I was very little me and my sister were allowed to get kittens from a rescue centre - Jasper and Hamish (died a while ago now). They were the only cats I've ever known to enjoy soggy cornflakes
  9. lol Does anyone have fussy eaters? The cats who come to my new house will only eat fishy cat food! They also like the actual fishfood for my goldies, which is comprised mainly of fish derivatives.
  10. Does anyone here have an Akita? Either Japanese or American kind?
  11. To anyone who is really familiar with Spyro 2 - I'm stuck!! I've completed everything so far as I can tell. In all the levels in all the worlds the Guidebook thing says I have 100% on everything, yet there is one orb I haven't obtained and I think I'm short by about 400 gems??
  12. I really like dogs, but I don't think I'd ever want one as a pet. I'd rather keep a cat, they are a little more independent. Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind when I'm older and have settled into a proper house.
  13. Why do you keep making all these really random polls.....
  14. So it's not just about colours? In which case, I think I probably have this, lol.
  15. Seriously, no one answered my question. Is this literally just the mind assigning colours to certain things like names or music?
  16. What the are you chatting about. Anyway, I have my old PS1 on the go at my new house, with Spyro 1 and Spyro 2!! I completed Spyro 1 plenty of times during my childhood, but because I literally only own Sypro 2 for two days when I was about 9, I never got a chance to have a really good crack at it like I am now (almost 12 years later ) I just got to round up some treasure and orbs, defeat Ripto and then I'M DONE.
  17. Is it just colours? Having this thing means you give colours to stuff?
  18. There are two cats who visit me in my new house, but they obviously belong to someone else because they have collars. They like to jump in through the window and meow a lot and stare at my goldfish. They're very friendly, one is black and white who I call 'Bishop' and the other is ginger and white who I call 'Newt'. I don't know what their real names are though, they only have little tinkly bells on their collars, not name tags.
  19. This is the last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.
  20. Lol don't tell me you only watched the episodes when he was inside the asylum? Because he was only in there for two episodes if I remember right, maybe three.
  21. Aww for a second I thought this would have something to do with the Red Pyramid from Silent Hill
  22. Kill them with fire, and everything else associated with football.
  23. I generally hate reading stories that have children as the lead roles, apart from Harry Potter. I think the reason Harry Potter gets away with it is because I was a child when I first read the books, and grew up alongside Harry and the gang as the books were written and released. A lot of the love is down to nostalgia I think.... I don't really know what makes me love a book now. To be honest I hardly read anymore, but the very last very serious book obsession I had was Robert Crais's Joe Pike/Elvis Cole series. I don't know what made me love it so much. He writes crime thrillers. I think
  24. Aww I cracked out the PS2 today and had a spin on TR:Anniversary. Good times. Hang on.... TR:Anniversary... TRAnniversary.... Tranniversary..... I cannot escape this bizarre tranny fetish that's been following me around ever since someone let me watch Rocky Horror when I was 9