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  1. Stairstep Golden Shimmer-scale Dragon, 10th gen, up for grabs! Enjoy, whomever got it!
  2. So I just happily bred all my halloween dragons to as many Dorkface and Thuweds as I had, then bred the rest to randoms in my cave. Hope people enjoy them!!
  3. Happy Holidays everyone!! Those eggs are BEAUTIFUL!!! I really want a BSA that lets us put eggs back together as "art"....
  4. welp, my snows and aegis have hatched... My Hollys will hatch in an hour-ish and again in 17-ish hours. I'm happy with my single CB Yulebuck, so I think I'm done hunting eggs
  5. Thank you both Vampyre and Fabula for the confirmation AoND seems safe. I would weep if I lost these eggies.
  6. So, I just placed my roughly 2 day old eggs into AoND, and now i'm watching my scroll like a hawk.. So far, the numbers are good...
  7. Well, that Incognito tip was useful. Got my second CB holly. I'm happy
  8. it's also almost 2 am EST, and IIRC, TJ's based on the US East Coast.
  9. Dang, I didn't realize there was someone(s) purposefully being jerks and viewbombing the hatcheries. Thanks to seeing the recent posts, I've fogged all my eggies, because I'll be fluffed if I lose these eggs. I missed the last 2 years of Holiday dragons because I was sick, so I got 2 of each, plus managed to snag a very very lucky and precious egg.
  10. Trying to snag just 1 CB Holly is like pulling teeth... I keep missing.... Edit: And as I check the XX:10 drop, I actually manage to snag one!!!
  11. I too got the upside down mint egg. This is interesting.
  12. because I don't always check the site or the forum, popping into the Cave today was a bit of a surprise! I LIKE IT.
  13. Stupid thing for this holiday: Not keeping one of my Holly eggies to trade for a different lineaged Holly.
  14. Awesome! I can't wait to see what else comes up!
  15. Yay! Happy Birthday DC! Now, if only I could actually summon a GoN.....
  16. My forum name is the name of one of my favorite book characters. I've had people randomly PM upon seeing my name and squeeing that other people have read those books. My RL name is Latin for "Beloved", and I am named for one great-grandmother on my father's side, I believe... And I think they took her middle name.
  17. Oh, they look like they're going be beautiful!!!
  18. after breeding my own Valentine's babies and adding them to the AP, I realized that I missed last year's Valentine's eggs... So I farmed the AP. Took about 10 minutes, but I caught a pair. Not only did I catch a pair, I caught CLUTCH-MATES!
  19. Oh dear. I just realized... I don't have last years Valentine's..... Edit: Wow... Took some damned fast clicking, but I got two of last year's eggs! Edit #2: Holy @#%&! I managed to catch SIBLINGS!
  20. My (jewel) descendant didn't refuse her mate!!!
  21. Congrats again to the previous winners and the newly picked ones!
  22. OMG, that CB silver I caught last week was MY FIRST CB SILVER EVAR!!!!!