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  1. Hahaha yes, 4 suggestions does mean that there's a lot of people out there who want it! I'm not sure what TJ means by that, but I want to be able to see the groups for my purposes, and general site navigation. Also be able to add and move dragons in and out of groups. Right now.... its terrible! Thank you for digging up the links! C4.
  2. Or... Somewhere. Maybe next to "Add to Group" could be "View Groups" or something. Or instead of "Add to Group", maybe it could link to a page where you could add and remove groups as well as jump to them. I'm trying to sort various lineage dragons, and its taking a lot longer than it should because I have no way to find the groups the dragon is in other than lots of scrolling. And I can't jump back to that group, I have to navigate to it first then find that particular group, which takes time. When you are trying to sort dozens of dragons, it adds up to a lot of time. I'm using groups as scroll sorting, because its the only reasonable option when you have more than 11,000 dragons. Cheers! C4.
  3. I got the badge, so I'm happy. I may run it again, though for now I'm just ToT. I love it when there's logic games. Not so much the movements. Snow Wars is still my abs favorite. Cheers! C4.
  4. I'm with Odeen. Actions have consequences, and this game has consequences for "mistreating" your pixel dragons. If you want to have all the sprites, you should have to make that choice and face the message. It is, after all, just a message about a set of pixels. Cheers! C4.
  5. Not only does it happen to me, but a few times I've accepted the not-what-I-wanted offer. Sometimes, someone offers something you didn't realize you wanted! Cheers! C4.
  6. Have: 4th gen Val 09 x Spring checker Want: unrelated bloodswap https://dragcave.net/teleport/712b8ba6eb2ab99f087351f576fc8565
  7. One of the key reasons people do create walls is because the AP time goes up. The time going up is caused by people not breeding. So one effective way to keep AP time down is for as many people as you can to breed 10 eggs to the AP every day. Or 20. But with no one breeding eggs... the AP will drift up in time. But for me, I still believe that walls are almost all symptom and the way to fix it is to fix the ratios themselves. Fix that, and people will breed a lot more, and there will be variety. Of course, tehn people will complain about not finding CBs in the AP, but you can never please everyone. Some people want everything handed to them on a gold plated platter (aka low time). Cheers! C4.
  8. I'm in the group of "Walls serve a purpose, and those wanted to get rid of the walls are actually killing the golden goose". So instead of trying to fix the AP walls, which are symptoms of other problems, how about the actual *problems* get fixed, so there is no reason to create the walls? Why do people create AP walls? 1. To reduce the AP time 2. To over-time shift the ratio of a breed so they can breed common x common lines 3. To be a pest (least common reason) So, to start with: 1. To reduce AP time The reason the AP time increases is because people are not breeding enough eggs to drive the time down, or they are not abandoning enough eggs from the Biomes to drop the time down. There's a couple of ways to fix this. My favorite: kick eggs that sit in the biomes for 5 minutes to the AP. If an egg is sitting in the Biomes for 5 minutes, then its not wanted at that time. So, toss it to the AP to gain value. This will: - Help the ratios of that breed by getting more into circulation - Help the Biomes move - Drop the AP time and decrease the desire for walls - Everyone benefits from a reduced AP time, faster biomes, and stabler ratios. 2. Affect breed ratios I know the reason I've collected a few walls, and bred walls more than once, was so I could used a much-wanted breed to build common x common bloodlines. Walls, if they number in the several hundred eggs, can shift the ratios just enough to make it possible to use that breed. The solution: Fix New Breed Syndrome - Increases people breeding to the AP by making it so they can do common x common lineages again - Removes the need / desire to mass-breed for ratio correction: they can breed what they want without having to spedn the time and effort to mass-breed 3. To be a pest Fix the above 2 problems, and this is reduced to a very small subset of the time. To be frank, its time intensive and troublesome to build AP walls. You have to first collect enough of a breed to build one, then you have to spend an hour or two (or more) breeding the wall. Lastly, if there "needs" to be a fix for a useful mechanic, then.... setting view limits is probably the least disruptive, but I would set that limit to "always shows 3 breeds". You might still get a wall of 3 breeds, but it will provide some variety without causing AP backups that cause far more problems than they solve. Cheers! C4.
  9. 1. isn't a problem. There are multiple methods (including the store, now) to get many of those really rare rares. And Zombies are much easier once each year, then have an increased chance every 31st. 2. Major, major problem. For the common x common, my preferred method of correction would be to use a BSA (similar to the Pinks) that reduces the odds of producing the breed you don't want. Or one that bumps up the odds of getting the one you do want. 3. Also a problem, but I think people are missing how the mechanic actually works. TJ's on record as saying that he doesn't "set" a flood time: the cave mechanics flood the site to equalize the ratios, or some such. I too would like to see new releases adjusted so they flood for at least 3 days but no more than 6: 3 days lets everyone get two full loads of incu-hatchables if they want. This, I feel, will go a long way toward helping problem 2. And @tjekan is correct: if TJ is using something like an PID loop.... then he's got it over-damped, so it takes a very long time to reach the steady state; I think something like the 2nd one: stable under-damped overshoot would work best. That'd create a fair bit of fluctuation right after a new breed was initially released: some times it'll be easier and others harder, until it stabalizes, but at least we wouldn't be taking 1 year to reach the steady state. Cheers! C4.
  10. Ok. I support no limits, increased limits, whatever. A few points: 1. If we run out of eggs, TJ can add more. He's done it time and time again. The Marrow release, comes to mind. Yes, that was back when we had 1 Cave with just 3 eggs for every player. He did his best to fix the problem. There's far more egg slots now. 2. Holiday Biome being stuck can easily be fixed by no limits. 3. Has anyone had an example of someone who was on on Halloween between the hours of 8am and 11:50pm on the 31st who did NOT get some eggs? I'm almost positive the answer is "no", because after the first few hours, its easy pickings. If I could manage it last year on a 3g connection, its not hard. 4. The "Spirit of the Holidays": I almost never breed my CB Christmas and Valentines dragons for anyone else, as I need what I've got for my own purposes. I freely offer breedings to *any* of my CB Halloweens to anyone who needs one. I see this sort of behavior over and over and over again. 2nd gen Halloweens are super easy to get. 2nd gen Christmas / VDays that were released the last year? really hard to get. Its simple: low supply (CB limits) + very high demand = very hard to get (and valuable). The (far more common) Halloweens? High supply + high demand = much easier to get. So! I've been on DC for 10.5 years. I've seen a lot of change. And I've seen almost all of them greeted with "the sky is falling!" comments. And for some (not-so-odd) reason, the sky never actually falls. The Marrows, when there really *weren't* enough eggs to go around, got all sorts of tinkering (including an extra line of eggs) that day. Teleport, that god-send, had people table-flipping from one end of the site to the other! Having the AP stop blocking the Cave was pretty awe-inspiring in its virulence. Prizes were a wild ride for quite a while! Golds, Golds, Golds.... that was one of those free-wheeling food-o-mattes that lives in legend. At the end of the day, any problems with something that led to unfairness is addressed by TJ. Unintended side effects are dealt with. Bugs are dealt with. People adapt to the change, far faster than they could imagine. The question everyone should be asking isn't "But the Newbies! But the Slow Connections!" (those come up every time), but rather, "Do we want it? Does it benefit the game play?" while we trust TJ to implement it fairly (while we give him ideas on how to do that). So. Do I want an increase / removal of limits? Yes. Why? Because I think it'll greatly benefit lineage building, it'll make the Holidays more loved (like Halloween), and help inspire far more giving and freebies than the current hoarding mentality that's formed due to restricted supply. Cheers! C4.
  11. Full support for making password verification simpler, and also for selecting the security you want. I use the CAPS because the password does no good to help stop auto-pilot actions. Cheers! C4.
  12. Support! Fuzz, this has happened the whole time. >.< I've had it happen more than once in years past. Cheers! C4.
  13. The number 1 problem with this idea is, if I wanted to kill an egg.... I wouldn't use a hatchery. In fact, when I'm doing Zombies and kill-bombing my own hatchies.... I don't use hatcheries. I use high view forums. And an API login won't change that one bit. So no, can't support this. It would create all kinds of problems for hatchery owners, it won't work against kill-bombing, and there's plenty of time to catch remove-bombing. Cheers! C4.
  14. Yes, it is, but then, almost every suggestion made to adjust the AP boils down to people wanting to cherry pick the AP for the good stuff and not have to deal with the stuff they don't like. The only one that isn't like that is having eggs abandoned multiple times loose time, and even that is super easy to abuse in other ways. Especially at Holiday time. So yea, can't support this latest one, either. Cheers! C4.
  15. If enough breeders were breeding to the AP to support that, then we wouldn't have nearly so many walls. As it is, its not uncommon to go through the AP, and see most of the eggs showing be all nice 2nd gens or checkers, and all from the same breeder. Limit that to 2 from that breeder, and you start to get some really weird behavior. Not to mention the fact that you'd not see most of the good eggs you *want* to see, anyway.... defeating the purpose of doing it. Unless you are only after CB eggs, in which case.... again... that would let you start to cherry pick them as the CBs would all be from the same "breeder", and once they've been driven to higher time than most of the breds (very likely to happen quite fast), they would generally always appear in the same area.... since you know what time the CB eggs in backlog are at. Which again, lets you cherry pick. So the problem with the "limit by breeder" is the same as the other ones: it either eliminates what you want, or lets you cherry pick the CBs. Cheers! C4.
  16. Pagination has been suggested time and again, and has been shot down again and again. When you can troll through the whole AP, people will do so and cherry pick the best stuff out of the backlog. And that's been the death of that idea, again and again. So, can't support. As for the ability to not see eggs from a certain breeder, that suffers the same thing: you can ignore the most common breeders, and by doing so cherry pick the AP backlog. So really can't support. Cheers! C4.
  17. I'm in the "not broken" group, but I'd be ok with a 6th line. Cheers! C4.
  18. Its rare for the AP time, even when there's a wall, to hit 3 days. After all, it'd have to drop 2 full days in time (while incu-hatchable and ER'able) to hit the not-influencable stage. Most walls will start to clear really fast at 4 days. Though successive walls can cause issues. For myself, I'll pick up an egg, influencable or not. I have no trouble freezing hatchies, and will ER an egg then toss it back so it hatches in the AP. So while you definitely have a point, I think there are (normally) enough AP hunters who do pick up not-influencables to keep it above 3 days. Cheers! C4.
  19. I support doing nothing to the programming of the AP. I feel that mass breeding does not cause any problems, does help, and that changing the way the AP works will alter the very nature of the AP. However, mass breeding has 2 primary causes: 1. The AP gets too high in time, so people mass breed to drive the AP down in time 2. People want to form a wall for some other reason. Now, in the case of 1, if the time in the AP is low, then they won't get formed. In the case of 2, if the time in the AP is low then the wall can be cleared pretty fast. In either case, the player-driven solution is to keep the time in the AP low. The time in the AP rises when there are more people wanting eggs from the AP than there are eggs bred. So the easy solution is to breed more eggs. If a few dozen people bred 10 eggs each to the AP every day, that should work to drive down the AP times and keep walls from sticking around much. Checkers are often much desired, too. So.... I'd support (and probably even participate in, some) a thread where people did just that: Organized to breed a dozen nice commons to the AP every day, with the specific goal of keeping the AP time down. Cheers! C4.
  20. Support. Given what we can do to thinking, feeling dragons (I still avoid killing unnecessarily, I hate that message!), I've never gotten the "moral" issue over the eggs. Cracking sequence would be really nice, too. Cheers! C4.
  21. Having DC change how eggs are presented changes the nature of the AP: it goes from a dumping ground where anything goes into something that is expected to be "nice". And with any such change, there are consequences. The first is the higher time in the AP.... which I don't think anyone actually wants. I remember back when TJ was experimenting with ways to deal with mass-breeding. That had to be what, 5 years ago? Years ago at least. It.... wasn't pretty. Actually, I think it was the "show 1 egg from a breeder" deal. I think there was another, too. It didn't end well. I also remember when the AP blocked the Biomes. I remember when there was only 1 Cave, and just 3 eggs. I also remember one new release that went wrong..... and we had the same 3 breeds of eggs in the Biomes for over a month. I remember the huge amount of screaming people did because of how Teleport would destroy the game (of course, it did nothing of the sort). Change can be good or bad, but all the consequences must be discussed first. And while I haven't read the whole thread..... the last few pages certainly seem to be one side saying "this is what happens if you change this", and the other ignoring those very real consequences. So, lets see "your side" discuss how to deal with the consequences, shall we? Lets start with the much higher time AP.... which means that there won't be much egg turnover. So you'll still be looking at the exact same eggs for hours at a time. How is this any different from the time during a wall? And it doesn't have the benefit of what happens when the wall clears: new, low time eggs that for a while turn over quite fast. CHeers! C4.
  22. I haven't been active recently, so don't know if walls have gotten worse or not. However, I have had proof, again and again, that walls do help. They don't help an extreme amount, unless that person re-breeds the wall every week. If you re-breed every week, well..... *that* quickly has a more noticeable effect. As for idea 1 (eggs loose time every time they are abandoned by a new person), that I think would be a very good idea regardless of mass-breeding. There are often eggs bred that.... to be frank.... Are not wanted. So getting them to low time so they can be picked up faster is all to the good. I have no support for the other 2 suggestions. And dude. The AP is the *trash bin*. When we hunt the AP, we are effectively dumpster diving. Just as I often toss extra Gold and Silver eggs to the AP.... I should also be able to dump genuine trash there, and anything else I want to. That's the joy of the AP: You never know what you are going to get.... And its what other people have left for you. I feel that the game should not in any way control what others throw away. And if that means that one person clogs up the dumpster for a few days? Well... Its the trash bin. If you want something nicer? Try the Trade Market or the Cave. And if the only way you play is out of the AP? Well, part of how the AP functions is that the player base has chosen what to put there. I'll close out by saying that I don't find, and never have found, walls to be a problem. If you want to hunt the AP, and find a wall... Grab some eggs, ER them, and toss the hatchies back. Do that 5 an hour and it clears out super fast. And if the AP isn't at an incu-hatchable stage? Then come back tomorrow and it will be. Cheers! C4.
  23. RNG is NOT random, its a computer algorithm and computers do not do random. RNG's are an equation that simulates random... which means its not truly random unless it has a truly random external factor involved (random.org uses outside weather). In fact, many RNG's are known to either "clump" or "band" winners, meaning that statistically, there are some people who are more likely to win than others, because the RNG is NOT truly random. Given that, and given that the point of the raffle was to spread out prizes, I'd boost the odds for scrolls that have not won a prize. So give a person with 0 prizes 4 tickets, and those with 1 or more 1 ticket. That weighs it heavily in favor of the first prize, but once you have one, you are on a level playing field with all the other multi-winners. That way, everyone still has a chance to win every raffle, but it increases the odds of those who have not had any at all getting one. Cheers! C4.
  24. Its because of the time loss and player efforts to clear the wall. An egg bred at the start of the wall is going to be the least desirable because it has the highest time. I haven't seen the AP over 6 days in a very long time, I don't remember the last time it was over 5d 12h. So a wall that lasts 12 hrs (if the AP started at 5d 12h) has incu-hatchable (and so pretty easily cleared) eggs at the end of it. The other factor is the players. Most players won't put much effort into clearing a wall the first hour or two or even 3. By the 4th or 5th hour, you are seeing organized large scale efforts among many players to clear those eggs, which greatly speeds up the time to clear the wall. Lastly, how fast a wall clears is going to depend on just what else is going on at that time. At this point, just after the Holiday craze? I'm guessing there's a lot of empty scrolls, as people wait on Valentines. But if you mass bred around or after May 21st, when the birthday release was..... Few would have had scroll space or spent any mind on the AP due to the 4 dragon release. So, the wall would take lots longer to clear. As for evil or genius, why does it have to be one or the other? Evil genius works for me! Cheers! C4.
  25. Blacks, Mints, and a few others provide strong evidence of that happening. Waaaaay back when, Blacks were massivly mass-bred for alts, and went..... well. THey were worth more than CB Gold, which were themselves extremely rare. Then over time, the ratios corrected and now they are merely commonish. With the Mints, when Abs started to mass breed them, they formed massive walls that lasted forever and were super super common. After a year or three, that changed and now they are less common. Balloons. Back before Thu started her massive Balloon collection they were major blockers. Then, as her collection expanded, they became at best common-ish to less-common. It was noticeable. The various collector competitions which focus on one breed also see shifts over the course of the year. But the best way to see how the ratios are affected by mass breeding? Bribe @Firefury Amahira to breed once a month for the next 12 months, and see if percent of eggs produced per month changes from the start (January) to the end (December). That of course would mean that 12,000 Blacktips would be added to the ratios. I think you'd find that after about 2 or 3 months, the number of eggs produced will be noticeably down. There is no data like hard data. Why not get some? Also, anyone with a massive army can do this, too. Just save the stats from your Log (which saves auto-abandoned eggs now. :D) Cheers! C4.