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    The best laid schemes of Mice an' Men can go astray


IOU friendly 2nd gen Spriter Alt: will trade for 40 specific CB Common hatchies. Willing to trade 2nd gen spriter alt common baby for CB Zyumorph hatchies!General note: I will not trade Mutamores from my alts on Valentines day, as there does not exist anything on DC that I want enough to convince me to part with the one I get to keep. nEk9HF7.png Cyradis4.png

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    Wish list:

    2nd gen Blusang from female Gold Shimmer
    2nd gen Pillow from male Bronze Shimmer

    Pretty lineages. I'm finding I'm a real liking for pretty lineages.
    Low gen Tinsels: gold, silver, and bronze.
    Low gen Shimmers: gold, silver, and bronze.
    Golds and Silvers checker patterns or other patterns

    I am often willing to breed my commons for others, if they wish.



    Other Holiday checkers I'm in need of:
    4th gen perfect checker Yulebuck x BBW, not related to this:
    3rd gen perfect checker female Cavern Lurker x Green Copper, not related to this:


    Prize Lists:
    Sunburst Melody

    Starburst Huntress
    1. RecycledHeart (checker) (inactive)
    2. Other (checker) (inactive)

    Celestial Grace

    Quantum Probability

    Holly List:
    Pyrotechnic Holly
    1. Holly egg: jerzeeshadow