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  1. Tried something different today - I brewed the tea by boiling it in the milk, right in the pot on the stove. Tasted rather nice, I'll have to try doing it that way with some other teas(like Nilgiri and Uva and Dooars, today I used Assam), too. It's also time for christmas teas now ...
  2. I've tried quite a few things since the last time I posted here. My favorite black tea so far is a Nilgiri First Flush, or more accurately, "Havukal" First Flush. As others have posted their sources of tea, I thought I'd post my main one, too: TeeGschwendner . I buy tea from some other sources, too, but they have three stores near here, so it's a rather easy way to buy tea for me. As for "trying all the (black) teas of the world", obviously that would be rather unrealistic if taken literally (and also, would only make sense to want to try for a professional, which I'm not). But I still want to try lots, black teas as well as more green and white ones and Oolongs, and flavored ones - basically lots of everything^^
  3. I've never had iced tea that was made from actual tea. Only some kind of instant drink that was made from a yellow granulate and referred to as icetea, which I did not like at all. Though, I suppose that should rather easily be remedied (Not having had real iced tea, that is - don't think anything could make me like the instant stuff ). Since I live in Europe, I haven't been to Teavana. Actually, I've never been inside a Starbucks either, but that's because I don't drink coffee, not because I'm in Europe^^
  4. According to wikipedia, it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Island_Tea Seems like it usually doesn't contain any kind of tea or even tisane, so I'd think it can't really be considered a tea ...
  5. Putting a teabag in warm water = hospital tea, probably because the staff there is somehow afraid hot water might lead to injuries. Have to admit, it never occured to me that anyone would try making his/her tea like that at home ... If someone didn't know any tea other than hospital tea, it wouldn't surprise me to hear them say tea was vile.
  6. @lightbird: yes, black tea is made with boiling water, but with other teas it can vary a lot. With green teas, the recommended temperature can range from 60 to 90 degrees, for white teas it tends to be 80 to 90 and for Oolongs it can be anywhere from 80 degrees to boiling, since some Oolongs are almost black, some almost green and most are somewhere inbetween. @TalonCat: to make it stronger, I would suggest simply using more tea(you can also try letting it draw longer, but that has a chance of resulting in overdrawn tea rather then stronger tea, the two are not the same). However, since it is Oolong, it might also be that the one you have now is more green or more black than the one you had before. To fix that, you could try to mix it with some black or green tea.
  7. Right, I didn't say anything about how I make my tea, I only mentioned some of the kinds that I've tried and liked. Almost all of my true teas are loose teas, though I also have teabags of several herbal teas/tisanes. I used to try making tea from teabags, but never really succeeded in making it taste right, so I gave up on (true) tea from teabags. The Assam is a simple broken tea from a drugstore and doesn't have specific instructions, so I just go with the "one spoon per cup" rule for that, with other teas I check the instructions for the amount and temperature. Either way I let it draw 3 minutes if it's black tea and 2 if it isn't, then remove the tea leaves. You all remind me there are still loads of things I haven't tried yet, besides the many different kinds of tea I haven't had yet, I also have yet to try adding lemon or using cream instead of milk. I also think that many people who say they don't like tea probably just haven't figured out how to make it right. Or they had overdrawn tea and were told it was supposed to be like that, or maybe it was made with bad water. Water can make a huge difference in the taste of tea. I'm not sure if this goes for tisanes as well, I've only noticed it in true tea so far. Also, @Sparkeycat: I'm curious - with "put the milk in first", did you mean "boil the tea with milk", or "put the milk in the cup before the tea"?
  8. Branwen84


    Since there is currently some ongoing change in the GD, I asked SockPuppet Strangler before creating(or rather remaking) this thread, and she told me it should be fine to keep it here as long as there is some actual discussion going on in it. So, lets discuss about tea! Some things we could talk about: -What kinds of tea do you like? -How do you make them? -Where do you get your tea? We can also give each other recommendations on new things to try. And I think discussion about things related to tea, like what to eat along with it or what tools to use, should be fine too. So, to start off the discussion - after making this post, I'll go have lunch, and I'll probably have some Oolong with it. Otherwise, I am currently trying to get to know (black) tea from all the different areas of origin. Yesterday I had Assam with milk. I've also been trying, unsuccesfully so far, to find some Green Chai, for a while now. What about you?
  9. My first rare was an Alt Black, "Precious Black Survivor", which I caught as an egg right before the Datamonster attack. My first Geode(selfbred) followed not much later. Unfortunately I can't link them right now - I'll probably add the links later.
  10. The lineage still exists, but needs new mods and helpers. The link is in my sig, or in case you can't see that, here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=62313
  11. A Purple(Lavender Sea), a White Dorkface(Ghanima Dorkface), a Red(Flaming Scaling), and a CB Mint(Mintwood).
  12. So I'm not the only one who dreamt a dream with something like a game interface. Except yours wasn't interactive ... (Or was it?)
  13. My real name is a CB female Winter with one son, my scrollname was used for an Old Pink(also CB) with five children, and my forumname doesn't exist. The first four letters of my username, used as a code, lead to a male regular Vine. There also is a Dorkface with my scrollname as its middle name on Tiritions scroll
  14. I had the most weird dream ever this morning. I don't remember all of it, but the last part started with a moving image of a a barroom or something, in which some peple had just been killed by a bomb, overlaid by something like a greyish game interface. That game interface thingy wanted me to guess what was going on, and decide to something by "clicking" on some part of the image. There was someone moving around inside the room, but I couldn't tell if that someone was part of whatever group had set up the bomb, had just randomly survived the bomb and was looting stuff, or was unrelated to the group and had been sent in there to clean up. There also was someone just outside the door, but I couldn't tell if that someone had been sent to clean up the room(and had no clue about the bomb), belonged to the group that had set up the bomb, or belonged to the police or some agency and had been sent to investigate. By "clicking" on something, I would decide one action for one of them. After moving around my "cursor" around a bit and hovering over different possibilities(have person in the room flee through the window, have her search the bar, let her open the door, have the person outside knock on the door, and some others), I clicked on "knock on the door", the interface thingy went away, and everything became "live and in colour" - before I had seen things from above, now the perspective had lowered to eyelevel and was wildly moving around. Anyway, things went to fast to tell who was who, but there was a cleaning woman, and she got shot in the gut. Then the view left the room, and I saw some mafia guys(because apparently the mafia had set up the bomb) and a woman who was apparently also part of the mafia threaten another woman. I don't know for what reason, but they made her swallow a bullet - not as in shooting it down her throat, it was just in her mouth and somehow seemed to move on its own - and she told them they were being really stupid and didn't know what they were dealing with. She then removed some tape from around here eye - it was not like a blindfold, but wrapped around her eye, covering the eyelid but not the eye - and underneath her skin was green and scaly(though in the rest of her face, above her eyebrows and about half an inch below her eyes and from there downwards, her skin remained normal). Then a giant green snake uncoiled from around her midsection, which it seemed to be attached to, and she(the woman, not the snake) said "sorry" right before the snake swallowed the female mafia killer, though I'm not sure if she meant to say to the mafia woman she was sorry for killing her, or to say to the snake she was sorry the snake had to eat such nasty humans. And the last weird bit - right before I woke up, I could see that somewhere on the snake-womans body, it said "iarsma".
  15. Caught this on the AP. Anyone interested?
  16. didn't reply again For now I think I'll just breed the Magi with my other Magis(if I have room to breed it at all - I still lack about 50 dragons for scroll completion, there are bunch dragons who I've yet to breed at all, and when I do breed I usually can't find anybody who wants the offspring), but I may come back to you on that offer. I also caught this in the AP - didn't see it in the Lost in Trade, and the breeder doesn't seem to have forum account, so I think I'm keeping that too.
  17. Ah, so you meant you would like a purebred Magi? In that case, I guess a full sibling to her should work?
  18. Like I said, I don't have any metallics, so I can't breed you a Magi x Gold. I could breed you a purebred Magi, but I don't think that's what you're looking for ...
  19. sorry for not replying here earlier... so, basically, there's no one here who breeds Magi x Gold (since your friend is on holiday)? because although I do agree that the lineage is pretty, I don't have any metallics, let alone CB ones, so I wouldn't be able to continue the Magi x Gold lineage. I could breed it with my other Magis, that would be pure Magi/Gold (except for Petrified Laggy Opera Predictor, they're all CB or purebred), but not Magi x Gold.
  20. Hi, I just picked this egg up from the AP. It's pure Magi x Gold, does anyone here breed that?