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  1. Read it all. But I just want to comment on that particular part. Regardless of the voting, enhanced abilities, enhanced breeding and such, it would indeed be best to allow ascended to breed. Not because of preference, but because of backlash If we don't then the people saying lineages are ruined will have an actual reason to claim as such when the last heir to a lineage decides to ascend as well.
  2. Not to mention the latter polls have been respecting their choice in some way. The current poll has both a option where the users who want the ascended to not let the rest be marginalized (No; they should say the same for those that don't want them.) and a option for people who don't want ascended and don't feel like their input is relevant (I don't care. Either is fine.). Still, Dragon Trainer has a point on something: That those people are voting anyways and weighing the poll just slightly towards a side. Some people who don't want ascended might be voting the no benefits / no abilities answers so they wouldn't be treated unfairly. To be honest, their votes count as well on this subject. I don't see why those people's opinions would be ignored or considered "out of the interest group". But, as Kage Sora made point above, I don't see why would someone feel there's an injustice happening when not taking advantage of the benefits would be their own choice. Getting Ascended dragons and would be a privilege, and you choose to have it or not. Just because you didn't get the benefit because you chose to not to take the privilege, doesn't not make the situation unfair towards you. Everyone is responsible for their own actions' consequences, and if the idea of ascension is just THAT disgusting, then consider the underlying bonus as a reward for making a little sacrifice. But we can't really count those votes, can we?
  3. Incidentally, the poll on giving the ascended benefits has 15 answers in favor, 15 against and 5 that like it either ways. Plus 3 ones that would even downgrade the ascended's abilities under that of a regular dragon's. I don't see any fundamental difference between the two Yes and No answers, and we're still a long way from an acceptable amount of votes, specially between the No answers, but it's interesting to point out that, from initial voting, we're basically with a draw. I guess everyone just has strong feelings towards either ways.
  4. I too am against limiting the ascended dragons specially if more ascended versions kept getting added to the site, even though I know TJ wouldn't let the limit be lower than the total ascended breeds. Why would we even limit the ascended? To prevent people from taking advantage of the ascension effects on dragons, such as heightened egg number per breed? We haven't even decided if there would be such a bonus, and I don't see anything "unfair" going towards players with lots of ascended dragons without those. Isn't it more "unfair" to say that people should only ascend the most important dragons based on a whim? And that's the problem with where I'm standing on this step of the issue. I do agree with the idea that ascended dragons are dragons in their "prime", and thus, making them have a bonus is somewhat logical. Yet, I don't think it's quite right to give people the chance to form an army of ascended just for these bonuses. Oh yes, it would happen. If it depended on me, I'd just allow any number of dragons to ascend, but not give them anything special for it. The pretty sprite is already itself a huge reward, and that was the whole point of the stage in first place, was it not? Well, that is, except if the special bonus ended up itself having a limit. For example, a certain breed, when ascended would be able to use an ability like Summon's, but there would only be one of those new dragons allowed per scroll.
  5. It still blocks less than the main cave, right? Oh wait... there's less people unblocking as well...
  6. Guess where people have been hunting... ALso, given we have a bunch of 3 egg lines now, drops will be gone MUCH faster.
  7. I'd expect them to be jungle dragons...
  8. *shrug* hunt them for zombie fodder / badge getting / starting your own widespread aquatic lineage? Since getting a buttload of dragons actually has a reason to now, and having a bunch of eggs and hatchlings won't be the issue it was before, the question is "why not?" Of course... the issue will always be there.
  9. HPLY FREAKING DANG!!! Whata time to come back! *even got a cheese dragon*
  10. There's an illogical thread? That seems logical actually. eh... I guess the forum really is doomed to always have the same old threads for all eternity... ah well, who bothers?
  11. well, someone else did it long before you too... http://dragcave.net/view/n/Badly%20Named%20Dragon Anways. I will make this thread interactive, like it or not! Next user to have the member number finishing in 0 or who has the same number in a row at least once gets to name my white stripes dragon. and it better be a badly fitting name.
  12. I dared mself make this thread interactive! http://dragcave.net/view/n/Badly%20Named%20Dragons
  13. Someone just started out Hey, that was the original tune. It was nothing more than a looping less than 10 seconds jingle to a "Use and drop" feature of the game that you could only find in only place of the world map. Chocobos weren't really part of the game back then, just some extra to help explore the map. Chocobos just got a bit too famous from there on and the developing team was made to make them more common and entretaining from there. they got more colorsm more pickable spots and more stuff other than riding to them.
  14. well, when I see such a description, I tell them that they should follow the link above the text entry when writting descriptions, because they're failing at too many rules that need to be followed. Of course, this doesn't null the suggestion nor makes it a bad idea.
  15. oh sorry, my bad. Can't speak up to VIII's storyline. VIII and IX are the two ones I haven't played. Oh, and XI, but that one's a different case. Yeah, Square has been doing quite a weird job with sequels. I have yet to make a judgement of "The after years", because I can't find a way to play it yet though. And square needs to stay away from Gamefaqs and /v/ too. There's been this talk about Final Fantasy VII-2 lately . Before we know it, we'll have Ghost Aeris as playable character in a fanservice filled game.
  16. : / Hey, if she liked the story.... The one thing really throwing me off any of the game's non-battle features for good was the commspherd grid. the comm-spheres... The FREAKING COMMSPHERES THAT NEVER END!!! Never!!! Seriously, NEVER!!! EVER!!! You'd WANT to be done with them, don't you? Well, though luck! Its over an hour, and we aren't finished yet! My problem is that they aren't even attempting to be funny! Seriously, just avoid seeing all of this, else your brain will die If it wasn't already... after noticing that, I just decided 100% wasn't worth it... Not even just letting the game's story roll out on its own without looking. In this case, I had to be looking to know when each communication was over, and some communications were just some kids playing hide and seek. Thanks Square-Enix, we definetely need to see Johanna finding Thomas in a game of Hide and Seek so that Tidus and Yuna can reunite in a recycled scene. That's pretty justified if it's for true love.
  17. Correction, he DID take over the world! Speaking of which, where's me picture and me site? ah HA! *stomps* Edit: Speaking of which, I came here to say one thing. Yes, one very special new: DISSIDIA WAS RELEASED TODAY!!! BUTTON MASHERS DELIGHT!!!
  18. The paperclip is Still there? Awesome! Not in the cool way, but in the "Awe" way. I knew it was somewhat of a controversial one, wether it was good enough or not amongst the users to get into the site, but to stay there this long... Edit: also, TJ is very Evilolz. He put the pixel for sale, but he demands the absorduble amount of micro cash we'd asked him to ask for. Anyone aiming to buy it?
  19. I only like putting really badly named ones in here, so there: Link
  20. I have it, and now he doesn't appeal to me anymore.
  21. You're calling it Astherite based off Ecco the dolphin... Or you'll call it Deoxys based off the DNA pokemon... ... What? I came up with those ones ages ago when I first saw the little strand!
  22. I've been thinking the same myself for a while.