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>anytime a dragon references a sibling or quite obviously continues a description from an adjacent dragon"Moderator Reject: This really doesn't make sense."I knew the description strict rules were bull's droppings on their own, but you're getting ridiculous.I still love that you let me get offensive crap past your radar as long as it "sounds" reasonable (ie: Generic boring description), but never allow any jokes or references.If you have a question or issue with description moderation, you should PM us. You'll get our attention much better that way and we can communicate to fix the issue.Keep in mind mods go through thousands of descrips. It is quite likely we do not see your linked descriptions together, so they can't obviously make sense. You do need to include enough information that the description makes sense on its own. However, if you PM a moderator what your rejected description is, we can either reread and see it does make sense and tell you to rebsubmit so we can approve rigt then or we can be more detailed about what you need to work on so it does make sense.Thanks! Please communicate directly with us in the future. I promise, we like to work things out with users. :3

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    games, anime and the internet! (and sex, because all the cool nerds are doing it!)<br><br>And going around saving the world during free time. (from myself)<br><br>Possible Join date:<br>Sep 01, 2008 checked scroll number 27676. closest to mine - "27665" - with an adult dragon alive from the time of joining.