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  1. last year it was 0/5 zombie tries, this year was a succes ^^ since I already had an adult zombie from 2 years ago, I only killed some frozen hatcies. on gendered hathie and an ungendered hatchie returned as zombies ^^ now I have all 3 different stages let us hope that the halloween hunt next saturday is gonna be as succesful as this one ^^
  2. this is probably the biggest april joke ... but I would like to sneak around :3 so if anybody can give a little invitation ^^
  3. the adult looks amazing and I love the description ;p a wonderfull new valentine dragon ^^
  4. ppff, I don't look at my eggs for 2 days and suddenly we have a new release it is always like that ... hope that massive pile of eggs is gonna move soon ... I want to catchs my eggs. *trows away other eggs that are blocking*
  5. aha, have the chicken ^^ now I have all 40
  6. I went back to the basement for the chicken, but it says it's closed ... then how do I get that chicken?
  7. oke, just need that chicken .... were are you chicken ...???
  8. how many items are there? I have 39 for the moment ;p
  9. damn, why do I always miss the trees anyway, just bred a clutch of marrow eggs ^^ 3 are dropped in the cave ;p happy catching
  10. could have know it. I don't look for a few days and new eggs are dropped ... grr, now I need to search them
  11. awesome updated ^^ but will there be a forum to look for trades? would be handful ;p
  12. Teleport!! ow yess, finaly
  13. I only need the brightly coloured one ^^
  14. alé, already 3 eggs only the bright and the dark one need to be mine ^^
  15. mini eggs I just got the green one with the swirls and the heavier blue one ... twice damn. need to kick on out to catch 4
  16. great ... I come online ... no dragcave ... so what do we think then? yeah, new event I hope the downtime is going to quit soon ... it's really not very helpful when you need to collect a group of eggs ...
  17. offcourse no mail for me. I always lose at these things ... like my mom said, born for the bad luck
  18. Ik got 2 of the new dragons, a Yulebuck and my Snow Angel hatched I hope to catch the Holly dragon, but I haven't seen him yet in the AB cave guess I will not have him this year
  19. they are amazing and the discription is nice to ;p
  20. grow babys grow _o- 2 of my 3 egg are hatched, now the 3th one. my other one should hatch over a few hours. But I think I'm gonna need a boost, it goes soooooo slow. is is normal that DA is so slow again
  21. oky ...hathies ... grow up ... NOW!!!! Mine are growing very slow. I think I need more hatcheries
  22. My results of the hunt - 3 new eggs - 1 pumpkin - 1 adult zomby I'm pretty happy with it I never managed to take special eggs before ^^ Wish luck to the others. and damn, those dragons grow fast I think we will see the adult stage tomorrow ^^
  23. look at those hatclings what the hell are they LOL