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  1. Its been forever since I've been on GPX+. Yay new layout!
  2. The longest I've managed to last was 18-20 days before I either starved(even with 10 farm plots and tons of berry bushes) or got killed by hell-hounds after the 6th day. I took a break from the game for a month or two and came back completely overwhelmed from all the new updates. It's a fun game once I get down into it. Never got to winter yet.
  3. Polish, German, Canadian, Native American(Cherokee on my mother's side), French and probably a mix of other Europeans ethnicitys.
  4. Lol. Wait until the Enderman comes out. I'll never be playing on anything but peaceful ever when that comes out lol. Also Mr. Face from Amnesia: the Dark Descent.
  5. Creeper be Creepin' I swear, that thing scared the crap out of me. D:
  6. About a month or two ago I had a dream about spiders and stuff. What had happened was I was sleeping, but I had woken up because I felt something funny on my leg. I looked down, and saw a huge ass spider crawling up my leg! I freaked out, fully awake(or so I thought) and jumped out of bed and pulled the sheets off it so I could fan it out(just in case). The spider was gone, so I went into the kitchen to get some juice, came back to bed and went to sleep. Thing is, I think I had a dream within a dream because when I woke up I didn't feel as though I had woken up in the night, but I hurt like Hell. I went to ask a buddy of mine the same day and we concluded that I may have sleep walked during the dream(it was very vivid after the spider scare). One time I had a dream about eating pie. Total 'WTF did I just dream' moment when I woke up the next day.
  7. Multiplayer servers quite nearly crash my computer more then once. Love the new additions in the last update. <3 plants. If only there was a new boss to summon, say, a giant Antilion Queen or an Empress Harpy. Would be cool.
  8. From what I heard with the wolves was that we killed them off to near extinction and they are just now making a comeback. Good thing too because, like humans, the deer population had sky rocketed because the wolves were their main predators, and now that they're back they can put the population in check. With us humans, who knows what's going to keep us in check and when. Or if it'll be too late. We have increased intelligence, have the technology to fend off plagues, we can extend the life of our elderly with organ transplants, and we can farm and grow our food. Can other animals do those things(I know some insects can with the farming and stuff) to keep their species going? No, they're under our hand and we have the power to say, "Kill all the tigers, kill all the fish, cut down all the trees, kill the wolves. etc." when we could try an stabilize the earth by reproducing less, or just letting the next natural disaster wipe most of us out. Think about it: A lion doesn't have the advance intelligence we have, it's hungry and it doesn't know that it can live without food for weeks. It will attack to me, or you, to live. We know we can live without food for weeks and can be dependent on only water for that period of time. How would you expect to live if there was no food around for miles and if there was, you didn't know where? You would have to make do until you can find something to eat. Be resourceful, you don't have to eat an animal to get your nourishment, we are omnivores, there is an abundance of plants you could eat that can sustain you until your next meal.
  9. If you think about it, sometimes we humans kill animals just for their skin and fur, how is that to help us to live, other then to make money off the stuff (or if you like using them for blankets, to keep warm)? We may be animals, but does that mean we should wipe a species out because we're hungry and we happen to like eating that animal in particular? I'm not saying that everyone in the world should drop dead, I'm just saying use moderation. And what's natural about one species being on the top of the food chain, without something else to keep the population down? There is nothing to keep the human populace in check. We've dominated over all matters of life, and we're only hurting ourselves in the process. There are too many people in the world, and one day the earth is not going to be able to support us. More people will go hungry and die out. Earth's resources are finite. There is a limit to everything and once those limits are reached then people will be regretting ever having our species get out of control. You have the right to live as much as anyone else does, but what do the other animals have to say about it? Nothing. We can't communicate with them to ask them how they feel about these matters. We just kill them for no reason other then for food(which we could get from plants mind you) and money.
  10. I don't like people but I will donate to children foundations. They're our next generation, a generation that can do good, or do worse then now. I just happen to lean more towards animals because there's just too many of us in the world. 6 billion people in counting. If some sort of huge natural disaster were to hit and cut that number in half, there would still be too many people in the world. You don't see 6 billion tigers roaming the earth because we killed most of them off- an I highly doubt that there ever was/will be 6 billion tigers in the world to begin with-, almost to near extinction. There are hundreds, if not thousands of animals on the endangered species list and most are there because of us humans and not moderating how we hunted them. Way back in the early 1900s rivers were full of salmon, millions of salmon, so many you could reach into the waters and pluck one out. We colonist came, took the Natives land, and over fished them. It's been harder to catch salmon now because of how massive the wipe was. Yes, we made hatcheries, but the fish coming and going in those are weaker then the last because they were pampered. Most die in passing the dams. We're killing more animals then people are born in an hour. I want the animals to live more then humans, because they're by far more interesting and likable then people are. In my opinion.
  11. Simply lovely. Amazing anatomy and style!
  12. 1. People in general. Most are so suffocating and hard to be around. But not all, some actually KNOW when they're not wanted and kindly leave me the hell alone. 2. People who don't get that someone doesn't want them around. You'd think after the tenth time someone's kicked you out of the house you'd get the point, but nooo, you have to go and be an idiot and go back. 3. People who don't wash. It's gross, and I don't want to sit down after I'm done kicking you out of the house to find your MUSK clinging to the furniture. Especially on my bed, which I kindly let you sit on, and you plop your happy ass there like it's made of titanium. 3.5 People who plot onto my bed like it's titanium. And you LAY on it with your FEET on my damn PILLOW. 4. People who provoke my cat after I try so hard to keep him AWAY from YOU. Seriously, he doesn't like you. Next time you do that, I'll happily LET him shred you to pieces, that way you won't come back anymore. 5. People who poke me after I tell them repeatedly not to. Really? It was funny the first few times, now it's just invading my privacy. I will make a fool of myself and get you for harassment 'cause I don't want you touching me. --- ^ || 1. involves friends, the others involve people who THINK they've made a friend of me when, in truth , I hate their guts. Except 4. because my cat hates everybody, they just feel the need to piss him off further.
  13. People prancing around saying that you shouldn't have kids because there's already enough people on the planet(or that they hate the human race and it should be destroyed) as there is. Yeah, well, them, if I want 20 kids(Hell no) I'll have me 20 god damn kids. I don't need no psychopath telling me when and when I can't reproduce or how many kids I can have. It's dumb. People who type confessions/dump/tell very personal things, to people over the phone/internet. It's heartless and upsetting, and that's what diaries are for people.
  14. Sorry to be rude, but why are you here if you hate the feature? --- I love the Forest(mainly because I love Mints an need about a dozen more to complete a huge project I'm making). Could never get to the Desert in time to catch anything and I'm scroll locked.
  15. My biology teacher brought in a pig fetus. I didn't notice it at first, but once almost everyone in class started making a fuss about it I looked over my shoulder, saw it, and basically screamed "What the HELL!" I felt bad for the poor unborn piglet. It was going to be used as material for the 'greater good' of science. Sickening. --- One of my biggest gross out moments has to be when I was sick with food poisoning, threw up all over the bathroom floor while doing my business. Not a lovely combo. What makes it worse is the fact that my mom says that my dad does the same thing: sit on the toilet doing our business trying to hold down our vomit, no trashcan to lean over just in case, and almost as soon as we're done, we upchuck.
  16. Eragon...what the where the directors thinking when they created that movie? "Oh hey, here's this really awesome book series that we can make a movie of! Let's destroy the plot so badly we'll probably never be trusted in making another movie ever! And enrage all the book fans!" Great job at the latter part you * bags. The Lightening Thief. Unlike Eragon, I had actually read (most) of the first book before the movie came out. Foolishly ignoring my brother's advice on never to watch it, I did. Boy was I pissed. At every mess up I would yell at the TV effectively making my parents pissed at ME. That's how horribly the director destroyed the plot. Afterwards I never picked up the book, that's how disgusted I was with the movie.
  17. PACMANnot

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    I love looking at the map. Neon..shiny...omfg..*explodes* Also egg limits FTW. It's much faster to finish large projects. *just locked myself* :3
  18. People who think it's ok to bet angry at someone for not getting what they want to drink(or anything really) when someone goes out and buys something else. They could have easily bought the drink themselves if they really wanted it that badly. People who think spending 2 dollars on a liter of soda is way too expensive.
  19. PACMANnot

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    Thanks TJ! Also using the Portal2 skin. For science of course. And the Biomes map looks soo cool with it *head explodes because of the awesomeness.*
  20. I bought it(had some spare debit card money)! It's fun, but when you're stuck in a Goblin War and the Eye of Chthulu keeps spawning himself because I haven't beaten him, it got frustrating.
  21. When somebody bites into a Popsicle and makes that horrible noise and their teeth are grinding into it. Just thinking about it raises goosebumps on my back. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me and I can't speak or move without sounding like a suffocating fish. My brother loves to piss me off doing that.
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    Rebecca Black

    But then if you listen hard enough you can actually make out the lyrics. That's one of the reasons why I didn't like the original was the lyrics. The other one is too slow to make out the lyrics and actually sounds sort of relaxing IMHO.