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  1. Both the mod mayhem eggs and this drop's eggs are dropping, and there are only about 300 users online... And I still can't catch anything! Stupid slow computer.
  2. Aaaah I didn't even get time to SEE any in the cave, I just finished homework and was JUST allowed on the computer. /raeg *decides to sit at the cave and abuse F5 instead*
  3. Wat. Gone already. I'm never gonna catch up. orz I don't even have Bright Breasted Wyverns, Sunsongs, or Hellfires, and now with these being just released, it's going to be near impossible to catch them, even if they're common. /dramallama
  4. Butbutbut I haven't even caught all the dragons from the Mod Mayhem release. D:
  5. Umbreon97

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    fffff Teleport?! I was just speculating about it being implemented today, after just barely nabbing a Nebula egg someone was gifting me. I hope it is, I would be bouncing in excitement!
  6. Umbreon97

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Oh no, really?! And I just got a Nebula egg and am 1 egg away from being locked. If more are released this is going to be absolute chaos. (OR MAYHEM, YESSSS) orz
  7. Umbreon97

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Oh they're commons? Good... Wait, with the vast variety of species of dragons, and the way people will still be ravenously lunging for these eggs for the next few weeks, will they really be what we can call common?
  8. Umbreon97

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Oh no. Not NOW. AAAAAAAH I'm locked...oh gosh these look beautiful.
  9. Post to see my forum number... Bahahaha! I am a MASTER. Mmmyess... Wish there was a way to tell when we joined the SITE. I think I joined the forum a few months after I joined the site.
  10. Please no. :| I hate battle systems in any kind of site like this at all...the only game it fits is POKEMON. And last time I checked, dragons aren't pokeymen. It doesn't even fit Neopets, I never even bother with "level" and "hit points" and all that stupidity. This game is good as is, in some ways it was better a long time ago.
  11. Ahaaaa yes I know. That was when it was a much smaller community. Dark times indeed. |D
  12. I searched pretty well, forgive me if there's been a topic like this before. But I was just remembering yesterday, how Dragcave was back then before it got new sprites and such. How much can you remember about DC when you joined that is different now? I remember joining when the '07 Christmas Dragons were being dropped, and I wasn't able to catch one, but all my other friends had...oh how I wanted one. I thought they were beautiful. Still do. <3 I also remember all the old sprites...I have to wonder if I still have them saved.. The old sprites were the reason I didn't want a White back then. Papers had genders (mine still does...he's male, bottom of my scroll). You were able to breed metallics together (I bred my Silver and Gold and got a Silver). It was also a time when you didn't have to compete with 500 different people for an egg, and when it was likely that you actually WOULD see a CB metallic in your lifetime. In fact, they were dropped quite often, as I remember. I also remember that back then, Dinos were Yoshis. And my friends considered Pinks and Purples rare and wonderful because they were the only dragons who could be female, next to the Silver. Kinda makes me wish there was a way to view DC in the old way, with the old sprites and everything. I wish so much the old DC was back, even if there were some problems with it. What about Dragcave now is different from how it was back then when you joined? Edit: Ah! I do have them saved! http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj188/U...nbannergood.png Though the bottom ones never existed, I just thought they were awesome. And I found a picture of the long gone Nursery, too. :'3 http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj188/U...agonnursery.png
  13. Maybe with every level increase your inbox size would increase? That way newbies who don't post at all don't take up a lot of space with huge, empty inboxes?
  14. Uggh, YES, please. I get a lot of PM's, as I participate in trading a lot, and it's amazing how fast my inbox fills up. And I want to save all the PM's I get.
  15. Gold (Shimmerscale), Chicken (Shiningbeak), Paper (Papierus), and Split (Hydromeda). Yup, really rare eggs. I consider them sort of like the four elders of the clan, and they're best friends, as they remember the days when all the sprites were COMPLETELY different. x3