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  1. Thank you so much for working on this Lastalda <3
  2. The object of the all-inclusive is to squeeze as many breeds as possible into a single even gen, so yes, that prize would be ineligible for an all-inclusive leeloo. You can definitely use it in a regular leeloo though! Also, congrats!
  3. That makes sense <3 I'll send over spare hatchies when I have them then
  4. Oh no! What happened? Please let me know what I can do to help you reestablish a breeding base. What do you miss the most? CB stuff? Particular checkers? Prizes? Alts? Unbreedables?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to anyone celebrating it! You are all wonderful <3
  6. Yeah, we used to swap 2nd gen golds because we needed the nebs more than golds. I haven't worked on mine in a while either, it got too frustrating.
  7. The silliest thing is trying to do a gold/nebula checker. I got more golds than I did correctly colored nebulas! Remember, Fi?
  8. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Viserya Vex Targaryen Gender: Female Parents: Alymon Vex Targaryen and Baelyra Vex Targaryen Generation: 5 Scroll name/link: airaani
  9. airaani


    I'm glad you guys like it! I've named her as well Now to figure out what to do for her mate... I'd like something with nebulas, but not pure nebula. Hmmm...
  10. Elemental generations count from the first elementally-named dragon regardless of intermediate generations - this applies when registering a new dragon, and listing the elemental generation of it. However, for all bred milestones, all bred dragons are from your own scroll and must be elements, therefore must be elementally named. I definitely thought it was implied but since it isn't stated anywhere explicitly maybe we'd better say it to make sure! I definitely want to make this as easy to understand as possible!
  11. It looks great! I really love having the rules up at the top, it really helps to streamline the milestones themselves. Side note: ARHGLBLGRHLB. I can not breed an undine to save my life. I'm being weird and I want an alt undine in my all-inclusive leeloo, but no matter what I mate them with I can't get undine eggs! At this rate I'll have to rearrange my whole plan to get a metal free to use. And then I'll get a 2nd gen metal egg, watch
  12. I think 'as diverse as possible' is in the spirit of the original wyvern milestone, so let's use that. ~~~ As far as the 'all breeds' milestone goes, I think holidays and GoNs should be left out. It's not that it's hard to get the holidays, but what if someone joined the lineage right now? They'd have to wait an entire year to be able to get that milestone, no matter how dedicated they are. While it's not a bad thing to have milestones that take time to achieve, they should take time because you're working on something complicated (i.e. leeloo), not because you're twiddling your thumbs until it's the right single week out of the year. Prizes can be included because it's quite easy to get them now. I for one am always willing to breed elemental prizes as long as the gen isn't a factor. Most of mine are nice lines anyway. My two cents.
  13. airaani


    In keeping with the blue and purple theme, I picked a nebula for a mate and got a little nhio! <3
  14. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Baelyra Vex Targaryen Gender: Female Parents: Jaehaera Vex Targaryen and Alysion Vex Targaryen Generation: 4 Scroll name/link: airaani The Prince and Princess wish to help! Name of Prince: Alymon Vex Targaryen Name of Princess: Baelyra Vex Targaryen Generation of both: 4 How you would like to be contacted: PM I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Vaegelle Vex Targaryen Gender: Female Parents: Aerimon Vex Targaryen and Maegerys Vex Targaryen Generation: 3 Scroll name/link: airaani
  15. After much deliberation, I think I will vote Yes in Life.
  16. Milestone gifted! GIFTER: Lastalda RECEIVER: airaani GIFT: CB nebula MILESTONE: 15 moonstones Thank you Lastalda! Also, I have been remiss in reporting, Fiona has also been sending me nebbies <3 Milestone gifted! GIFTER: Fiona RECEIVER: airaani GIFT: CB nebula MILESTONE: 15 neotropicals Milestone gifted! GIFTER: Fiona RECEIVER: airaani GIFT: CB nebula MILESTONE: 15 pumpkins
  17. Ehhh this is tough. I like them for Life, but with their seasonal thing, and their malignant force, I still feel like there should be a third thing. Abstaining until I can think this over a bit more.
  18. I'm gonna hold off on opening the vote until we see if there is any additional info from the creator, as often happens. Remember when voting that we like to see 3 different characteristics to fit into an elemental category! So far, I'm seeing 2 for life... they make life waste away around them, and they disappear entirely in winter and spring.
  19. Yeah :\ I mean it's not all bad, I did get 5 girls that I needed but man the fact it's two of the same ones who bucked influence last time... and I only get to try once a year... grr!
  20. This little brat. I know I influenced you female. Just had to be like your big BROTHER from 2 years ago and buck it, huh?! Edit: This one too omg. Also had a full sibling do the same thing 2 years ago. GAH. I'M NEVER GOING TO FINISH THIS LINEAGE.
  21. My sister says she will send one of hers when it is off cooldown She wants to stick with 2 pairs
  22. Bred this pb pumpkin then realized I already have a sibling. Anyone want? Just throw a dummy in so I know where it goes!
  23. airaani


    I think by making specific things pedigreed, it makes them seem more special, and so that's what people are more likely to want. Either way, I love my little nhio! I'm happy to breed it for others of course. Could I also be added to the list for an avatar?