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  1. Thanks for checking! I'll just have to be bored at work for a little while. 😂
  2. The Ostlea site seems to be down this morning. 😢
  3. frustrating yes, but i'm enjoying the puzzle.... except that I have to be at work (for a 14 hour shift) in like 6 hours and my brain is not gonna shut up now... ugh. going to bed i suppose.
  4. I have to wonder how much fun Corteo and TJ are having watching us puzzle over the mechanics.....
  5. Until proven otherwise I think my theory is that it's which bsa is used that matters... incubate gets green. precog gets blue.... maybe stun to get purple?
  6. Has anyone had any which were NOT incubated that hatched green?
  7. so maybe it's tied to WHICH BSAs were used rather than the number? interesting theory...
  8. Second of my two that I unfogged hatched green just now. Checked my action log, both were incubated, neither were influenced... both grabbed the 29th both hatched 1700-1800 views. both hatched green.
  9. Just hatched another green. was grabbed on the 29th, incubated. 1700 views at hatch.
  10. @warriorjames - here ^^ is the link Fiona Posted to her beauty back a couple of pages ago. It's incredible, as is Odeen's Alt. The primary sprite is just as breathtaking, IMO. Thank you, TJ and event spriters, for the event, and @Odeen & @Fiona for the absolutely lovely dragons! This is my favorite yet.
  11. Love these Halloween Sprites!! Thanks TJ and all involved- Great event. Very happy with my haul this year.
  12. Edit : Ack- Sock beat me to it. Ryuuka- here are the first few: Red Circles are 'mines' that cannot be clicked. Green X is safe - click these
  13. I'm in and would love reminders please!
  14. This. LOVE these dragons! Fabulous Job Odeen!
  15. I'll play this year. They will be at the end of my scroll with HC PD and the number in their name
  16. Still very much under construction - but mostly posting to ask people to attack me some, so I can level up quicker and build better! http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/nightmelody
  17. This last weekend I was breeding my CB silver with a CB Rosebud for a trade, and neglected to check to make sure i wasn't locked before I did it. Got the silver egg I needed, but it autokicked to the AP. 10 min later, I went to teleport the hatchie that is the other half of that deal and I made the link and sent the PM.. without the link in it. it was a *headdesk* moment, for sure.
  18. I'm in. Two eggs to start with, will be 3 by the end of the night. We'll see how far I can get. edit: yes, I know eggs don't count.
  19. Wow. These two are absolutely stunning. I am completely in love with both types. Thanks TJ and Spriters! Fantastic Job!
  20. Seven, That's pretty unusual as well. can I ask what food they recommend/feed? Purely for my own curiosity. If you would rather discuss it off list, please feel free to PM me.
  21. Have an Opalescent egg up for grabs! Blue. Lineage Here PM me for the link if you want it.
  22. Hi guys. My name is Kat, and I am a board eligible Veterinary Technician. I am NOT a Veterinarian, and I cannot Diagnose, but I have a very large amount of knowledge about many species of animals and specifically quite a bit of medical knowledge. Once I pass my board in about 90 days, I will be the veterinary equivalent of an RN for humans. Actually- In a tank situation, I would be worried about the other fish getting sick, especially if it actually is white spot disease. I would keep an eye on them and consult a veterinarian who sees exotics if you see any signs of disease in the other tank inhabitants. I am sure your veterinarian checked things pretty well, but be sure they checked the urine as well, weight loss despite a healthy appetite is also one of the cardinal signs of feline diabetes mellitus, though I agree that Hyperthyroidism would be my first concern. I highly doubt that a vet would have missed cancer of the mouth. Cats are obligate carnivores, so definitely make sure you are feeding a high quality food with a high protein content. Typically birds do not just fall off of a perch for no reason. One major thing to remember(that has been mentioned, but I will reiterate anyway because I really think that this is the case with this bird) with birds is that the vast majority of our pet birds are prey species. This means that if they were in the wild, showing any sign of weakness or sickness means that they will quickly become someone's lunch. Because of this basic instinct of survival, they will hide all signs of illness until they are so sick that they cannot continue to do so. There are any number of things that could have happened to cause sickness. A few questions so that I can get a better idea of what may have happened. Where in the house was the cage situated? Near the kitchen? Near any windows or doors or in the path of a draft? Are/were there other birds in the house? if so, what kinds, and how close were they housed? Are/were any of them showing any signs of illness? Often the first signs of illness in a bird include the 'fluffing' of feathers, sleeping a lot, listlessness, and/or a dull appearance to their eyes. If they were housed near the kitchen, do you use teflon coated cooking pans? If they were housed near a bathroom, do you have a new(ish) hair dryer that may have a teflon heating coil? Were there any bare metal places on the cage or rust spots she/he might have chewed on? Were all toys in good shape? What types of toys were offered? Was any human food offered? Specifically, was anything that could have contained onions or avocado ever offered to the bird? Did the bird have any access to houseplants? Hope I am able to help a bit at least.