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lemonscroll2.gifAlways looking for CBs of all rarities ~*~ I accept and honour IOUs ~*~ I'm UK time ~*~ Need new blood? I will breed my dragons on request.

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    Kent, UK
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    I work full-time, live in England, and I like to think of myself as a friendly person. I have 3 cats (2 Siamese <3), live in a seaside village, watch too much anime, still like Warhammer (though I don't actively play anymore), love sci-fi, play WoW and Pokemon, and am slightly on the eccentric side.

    For the record, I access DC from my PC, my phone, and my tablet.


    I'm a compulsive AP browser - I love finding amazing little eggies. Found my first shimmer there.

    I was away from DC for a few years, and when I came back all my dragons had lost their names. Slowly renaming them all... I'm fussy about names though so it may take a while. I usually name CBs or personal lineages after songs, and others by inspiration from their parents/lineage theme.

    I collect Metals, Royal Blues (*Love* Royal Blue x Silver lines), Royal Crimsons, Black Tea, BSA Breeds, but all CB dragons are more than welcome as they're always needed. I'm pickier with lineages - I don't like messy or inbred, but I ADORE even gens.

    I WILL TRADE TACTICALLY sometimes. For example, trading x for y because I know someone wants y for their z (which I really want ;)). This is nothing personal, but if you don't want me to do it then please send a PM when you offer a trade. Just for the record - I have no problem with people re-trading or gifting eggs/hatchies they get from me.