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  1. It seems, Geminae Dragons are the hardest match. So sad, actually. We haven't a lot of two-headed dragons, and lost the opportunity to find a perfect match from a single head pool.
  2. So sad Geminae Dragons are two-headed! But As a native speaker (russian) I like Vremya Drakes. Vremya means Time in Russian, so Time Drakes. As Green as the Time Stone.
  4. Well, the event stuff still doesn't work for me. Space or enter are useless. oO
  5. My snowcannons don't fire properly? Because I see no damage when I try to attack someone else's fort!
  6. Thank you! I am putting a magic lucky spell in you as well.
  7. I can't - still - believe I won! I used to be out of any luck!
  8. *quickly saves adults' sprites just in case it changed to dark version*
  9. Odeen, thank you for your work! but what a mistery behind a blue hatchie?
  10. Maybe, the lighter hatchie is the artist' version and only Odeen will have it?
  11. @Ae0nian: you're welcome! I hope we'll see the light version again. Okay, now they're all with gender. And no dismorphism. Okaaay. Waiting-waiting, ladies and gentlemen!
  12. I love the light sprite more ._.
  13. Oh. I now understood I choose a wrong dragon.
  14. Well, I didn't get anything... It is sad, of course. But Congrats to the winners.
  15. Got it! Sending you a Pm!
  16. No e-mail Eh... So, all I can now is waiting and congratulating the winners!
  17. I used the Coat Bleach potion before thinking about it... I think, I can't undo it, right? Or it there's a candy or a potion to change a cat's base color not randomly?
  18. I don't like it. I also use 'find' on a whole page. Now I have to lose time.