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My Scroll Squiby pets <3 2ahi8wh.jpgkawaiisora.png

*Back from Haitus* Catching up on things still looking for low gen Tinsel and now Shimmer eggs (pm to work out details) And, still allowing pick your parents breeding for holiday dragons & more. Message for more details <3

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    Wish List

    CB - I'm collecting 5 of each gender (per breed)

    * Zyumorph Dragon (Jungle): 3F - 2M
    * Zyumorph Dragon (Forest): 2F - 2M
    * Zyumorph Dragon (Desert): 2F - 3M
    * Zyumorph Dragon (Coast): 1F
    * Zyumorph Dragon (Alpine): 4F - 1M
    * Aeon Wyvern: 3F - 1M
    * Lunar Herald: (Indigo) 3F - 2M
    * Lunar Herald: (Bronze) 2F - 2M
    * Lunar Herald: (Gold) 1F - 2M
    * Xenowyms: (Pyros) 1M
    * Xenowyms: (Gaia) 4F - 4M
    * Xenowyms: (Mageia) 3F - 4M
    * Xenowyms: (Chronos) 3F - 5M
    * Xenowyms: (Thalassas) 3F - 4M
    * Xenowyms: (Astrapi) 2F - 4M
    * Gemshard Dragon: (blue) 3F
    * Gemshard Dragon: (red) 1M
    * Gemshard Dragon: (green) 3F
    * Aria Dragon: 4F
    * Spring (seasonal): 3F

    I know it’s a long shot (CB list)… but a list is a list :’D

    * Copper Dragons: (Red) 4F - 3M
    * Copper Dragons: (Brown) 1F - 5M
    * Copper Dragons: (Green) 5F - 4M
    * Silver: 4F – 5M
    * Gold: 4F – 5M

    2nd gen’s I’m collecting

    * Geodes (green x stone) (green x green) (stone x stone)
    * Two Finned Blunas (skywing x water lineage)
    * Shallow Water (water x magi lineage)
    * Ultraviolet Dragon (spitfire x purple)
    * Undine Dragon (Undine x Undine) (yellow)
    * Hellhorse (Hellfire x Horse)
    * Storm-Rider Dragon (Coastal Waverunner x Electric)
    * Setsong (Sunsong x Sunset)
    * Rivensong (Sunsong x Sunrise)
    * Dusk Pygmy (Crimson Pygmy x Nilia Pygmy)
    * Black Marrow (including 2nd gen mates for em)
    * Tinsels (of any color, lineage and lowish gens :’D)
    - Looking for spiral, staircase and from lines I don't already have, but don't be afraid to offer if I already do <3
    * Shimmer-Scales (same description as for the Tinsels)

    I’m also willing to do trades for eggs or hatchies of anything I can catch or breed from my scroll, just send me a pm and we can start from there <3

    ~*IOU's Section*~

    * IOU UPDATE (For bred dragons) -

    ~* Gifting/Breed Request IOU's*~
    (For those stubborn pairs/Upcoming holidays)

    ~*IOU's owed to myself*~

    None <3

    ~*Completed IOU's*~

    Earth Gurl
    - 2x 2nd Gen PB Stripe (see pm for exact gender details)
    - To be influenced & hatched - Sent <3

    - Red + Yellow Dino Hatchling - Both sent <3

    - 2nd gen female pygmy (pumpkin (m) x pygmy (f)) - Sent <3
    - 2nd gen pumkpin pygmy egg (dark myst (m) x pumpkin (f)) - Sent <3
    - 2 x CB Balloon Hatchlings - Sent <3

    - CB Female Ember Hatchling - Sent <3
    - 2 x CB Female Skywing Hatchlings - Sent <3
    - CB Nebula Hatchling (Male-non alt) - Sent <3
    - 2nd Gen PB Black Egg - Send <3

    - 2nd gen Pumpkin (Pumpkin (f) x Dark Myst (m)) - Sent <3

    - 2nd gen Pumpkin (Pumpkin (m) x Pygmy (f)) - Sent <3

    - 2nd Gen PB Green Stripe Egg - Sent <3

    - 4 x Mysfit Pygmy hatchlings

    - 12 x Glaucus Drakes hatchlings (gendered pairs)

    *~Misc List~* - (please do not offer me these in trades)

    Germelia (Melia)
    - 3rd gen PB Blue Stripe (Green Stripe Parents) - No replies to pm's

    - 2nd gen Silver (from Kaori (silver) x Kurozukin (black)) - No replies