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My Scroll Squiby pets <3 2ahi8wh.jpg

I have a CB Female Silver Shimmer and am looking to do swaps for 2nd Gen Shimmers or Tinsels. Note me to discuss more details.


Looking for low gen Tinsel and now Shimmer eggs (pm to work out details) And, still allowing pick your parents breeding for holiday dragons & more. Message for more details ❤️

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    Wish List

    CB - I'm collecting 5 of each gender (per breed)

    * Zyumorph Dragon (Jungle): 2F - 2M
    * Zyumorph Dragon (Forest): 2F - 2M
    * Zyumorph Dragon (Desert): 2F - 1M
    * Zyumorph Dragon (Alpine): 2F - 1M
    * Aeon Wyvern: 3F - 1M
    * Lunar Herald: (Indigo) 3F - 2M
    * Lunar Herald: (Gold) 1F - 2M
    * Xenowyms: (Gaia) 2F - 3M
    * Xenowyms: (Mageia) 3F - 3M
    * Xenowyms: (Chronos) 3F - 5M
    * Xenowyms: (Thalassas) 3F - 4M
    * Xenowyms: (Astrapi) 2F - 2M
    * Gemshard Dragon: (blue) 1F
    * Gemshard Dragon: (red) 1M
    * Gemshard Dragon: (green) 1F
    * Aria Dragon: 1F

    I know it’s a long shot (CB list)… but a list is a list :’D

    * Copper Dragons: (Red) 3F - 3M
    * Copper Dragons: (Brown) 1F - 5M
    * Copper Dragons: (Green) 4F - 4M
    * Silver: 3F – 4M
    * Gold: 4F – 4M

    2nd gen’s I’m collecting

    * Geodes (green x stone) (green x green) (stone x stone)
    * Two Finned Blunas (skywing x water lineage)
    * Shallow Water (water x magi lineage)
    * Ultraviolet Dragon (spitfire x purple)
    * Undine Dragon (Undine x Undine) (yellow)
    * Hellhorse (Hellfire x Horse)
    * Storm-Rider Dragon (Coastal Waverunner x Electric)
    * Setsong (Sunsong x Sunset)
    * Rivensong (Sunsong x Sunrise)
    * Dusk Pygmy (Crimson Pygmy x Nilia Pygmy)
    * Black Marrow (including 2nd gen mates for em)
    * Tinsels (of any color, lineage and lowish gens :’D)
    - Looking for staircase and from lines I don't already have, but don't be afraid to offer if I already do <3
    * Shimmer-Scales (same description as for the Tinsels)

    I’m also willing to do trades for eggs or hatchies of anything I can catch or breed from my scroll, just send me a pm and we can start from there <3

    ~*IOU's Section*~

    Ghost - 2nd Gen Silver Shimmer x Blue Zyumorph

    Predat0rs - 2nd Gen Silver Shimmer x Aeon

    * IOU UPDATE (For bred dragons) -

    ~* Gifting/Breed Request IOU's*~
    (For those stubborn pairs/Upcoming holidays)

    ~*IOU's owed to myself*~

    None <3

    ~*Completed IOU's*~

    Earth Gurl
    - 2x 2nd Gen PB Stripe (see pm for exact gender details)
    - To be influenced & hatched - Sent <3

    - Red + Yellow Dino Hatchling - Both sent <3

    - 2nd gen female pygmy (pumpkin (m) x pygmy (f)) - Sent <3
    - 2nd gen pumkpin pygmy egg (dark myst (m) x pumpkin (f)) - Sent <3
    - 2 x CB Balloon Hatchlings - Sent <3

    - CB Female Ember Hatchling - Sent <3
    - 2 x CB Female Skywing Hatchlings - Sent <3
    - CB Nebula Hatchling (Male-non alt) - Sent <3
    - 2nd Gen PB Black Egg - Send <3

    - 2nd gen Pumpkin (Pumpkin (f) x Dark Myst (m)) - Sent <3

    - 2nd gen Pumpkin (Pumpkin (m) x Pygmy (f)) - Sent <3

    - 2nd Gen PB Green Stripe Egg - Sent <3

    - 4 x Mysfit Pygmy hatchlings

    - 12 x Glaucus Drakes hatchlings (gendered pairs)

    *~Misc List~* - (please do not offer me these in trades)

    Germelia (Melia)
    - 3rd gen PB Blue Stripe (Green Stripe Parents) - No replies to pm's

    - 2nd gen Silver (from Kaori (silver) x Kurozukin (black)) - No replies