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Note: My scroll name is verpetsizawsum, just like my username :)-Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn't have to do it - Stephen King-Nothing is true, everything is permitted - Assassin's Creed-So dark the con of man - Dan Brown-There will be darker games to play - Suzanne Collins-DO NOT REGRET YOUR SILENCE

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    Fav Book: Too many to name xD
    Fav Music Group: I like songs, not bands, but my fav song changes daily, hourly, and/or minutely
    Fav Movie: No. 1: Phantom of the Opera; No. 2: Pride and Prejudice
    Fav TV shows, in order: Supernatural, Whale Wars, Lie To Me, Border Wars, Ghost Hunters
    Fav Channel: History Channel
    First Dragon Species: Split :3 I thinks it was Ozziemandias xD