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  1. It's only happened 4 times in 200 years. Having it happen twice recently to the same party is what has peeked people's interests. I think one senator, Barbara Boxer, has introduced bills to do away with the EC the last three? elections. But they've never gotten ground.
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    There's also those hospitals that are religious IE Catholic and they are forbidden to offer contraception services much less be affiliated with an abortion provider. And that is a growing chunk of them. One thing that can be done with manipulating the health care system is that if it's done in such a way as private hospitals without church backing suffer and close, everyone's options become restricted by default.
  3. http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/11...results-sot.cnn This a pretty good statement from a commentator explaining why people are anxious about the election tonight. It's short, 2.5 minutes.
  4. I care if he's supported by the KKK. I lived in LA when David Duke was in office. My elementary school bus driver was white. She hit and killed our garbage man who was black. And bragged that she'd gotten herself a **. I do not want to see these people anywhere near power. And they just got it. Add to that, I'm getting older. My 401k and savings can't keep taking beatings from Republican presidents. Our markets are tanking right when the Baby Boomers are trying to retire. That's bad news for our seniors.
  5. BTW speaking of the FBI and Trumps "charity" Turns out the New York offices that leaked the bad info in an attempt to flip the election has an ex FBIer that spoke against the Clinton's for years. Who also happens to run the charity that Trump donated to. Apparently running a false investigation costs a few hundred K of your own money and a million of others. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016...fbi-fanboy.html
  6. Well a lot got posted from the last time I did. I won't rehash old news. /but /agree with pretty much everything Sock posted Trump also snuck out some of his policy positions just before the election and his cabinet. Surprise surprise, its composed of people like Newt Gingrich and Rince Preibus. A true outsider candidate indeed =p He also released his plan for highway funding. Basically, it's privatize the nations roads. Which means toll roads. Basically another tax on med and low income. Many states tried this years ago. It doesn't work. They lost money, bought the roads back at a lost and it was a cluster. Trumps plan to privatize roads The NC GOP also released a statement bragging about suppressing the black vote. It's pretty sad that as soon as the voting rights act got gutted that this happened. So much for racism being over. NC GOP brags about racist voter suppression
  7. This deserves a note. They were not in private, they were at work, walking from one part of the set to others with crew members. It was not a comment, it was a confession of acts corroborated by past lawsuits and witnesses at his workplaces. It is also, or should not be, a partisan issue. Sadly, it made me reflect on my life and instances of public harassment that I experienced or witnessed. In every situation, there was not one man, woman or child that stood up for the person being harassed. Not one. I can think of one man who stepped up to stop harassment, or at least told me a story about doing so. He was a good guy, so I believe him. Everyone else? Froze. Didn't want to get involved. Some even egged it on. And I think due to social media more of us have realized how normalized it is. At least Bill Clinton got punished for his idiocy. But for the same old reasons, we're supposed to be quiet and let Trump skate by with no ill effects for his. And ignore that condoning his behavior by rewarding him is going to hurt thousands of people across the US. Not doing that. Don't use women as an excuse to fear brown people while throwing us under the bus to a predator.
  8. Republican voter ID laws have managed to close 868 polling stations across the south. This is what worried me a year ago when they started pushing those and gerrymandering like mad. And especially after the fiasco in the Arizona primaries. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/this-chart/po...county-v-holder
  9. It's a shame more don't know, he's gotten some press but I think he's only on the ballot in 12 states. In a way, he's like Bernie. He started to push the main party back on track. He just got started a little late. But if he can take Utah that will be awesome and probably help give people more incentive to look at 3rd party candidates. As is, too many people don't vote.
  10. 6 actually. You forgot Evan McMullin who feasibly could have a shot at the white house if Trump and Hillary tie. And might be the first third party candidate to take a state in recent times. FiveThirtyEight did a write up on him. He's kind of a reformed? conservative candidate who feels the main party has gone over the edge. He was a missionary and a CIA agent. I'm sure he has some good stories, if they weren't classified. Here's the write-up. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-ev...the-presidency/
  11. In case anyone missed it. Video has surfaced of Trump bragging about using his celebnty status to grope and assault women. One of many stories. The language of which I can not post here. More importantly, what he bragged about, grabbing women by the genitals, matches the description of his assaults brought by prior sexual harassment complaints - Jill Harth and others. Probably in light of the video, a federal judge has moved to grant a hearing in a case being brought against him with witnesses where he is accused of raping a 13 year old at a party of a man known (and convicted) of passing around kids to rich men - Jeffrey Epstein. One of the few sources of info Right now, most of the media is not touching the rape charge. But the New York Times may do a large expose Sunday. I hope he goes down like Cosby.
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    Clya's Raffles~!

    Grats Socky! Glad Metal finally gave me an egg and Clya had a raffle for it!
  13. I've seen some good points raised about how surreal it is that Hillary gets called corrupt, in the face of everything that Donald as pulled. He's still sending out donation requests to foreign nationals (which is illegal) His campaign managers have direct ties to Russia (also under investigation) It's been found repeatedly that he lies about giving to charity, to the extent that he's been using his charity (that he doesn't donate to) to illegally pay off lawsuits against him for... stiffing charities. 3000+ CURRENT lawsuits, related to him stiffing people for bills and discrimination He literally CAN"T tell the truth. He sniffle through the entire debate. He claims he didn't. It's on video... Live... His bribes to officials in Florida, NY etc to stop investigations into his fake university scam It just goes on and on. Even the scandal from the debate about calling the Miss Universe Miss Piggy/Housekeeping, she mentions alongside it that he never paid her her contractual amount. Again and again, he doesn't hold up his side of the bargain. It's like people are saying, Hillary isn't perfect so I'll go with the guy that has an active and prolific history of screwing over anyone that's convenient. Never mind the whole Republican rollback of civil rights (early voting/gerrymandering), totally screwing the pooch on the economy (Kansas/Trickle Down), shuttering healthcare (privatize medicare), close the consumer protection bureau (who caught Wells Fargo) and plan to sell out National parks (heya pielines). Oh, and Donald's plan to confiscate guns from "those people"
  14. Nice little run of turns today
  15. IE, don't look at facts. I live in Texas. After the recession a lot of the illegals stopped coming over. That and Obama has been zealous at deporting them. "Since coming to office in 2009, Obama’s government has deported more than 2.5 million people—up 23% from the George W. Bush years. More shockingly, Obama is now on pace to deport more people than the sum of all 19 presidents who governed the United States from 1892-2000, according to government data." Socky mentioned the costs in terms of economy. Here, we've seen that in housing costs. There is a shortage of laborers (yes illegal day laborers) to build homes. The costs during the season have risen 3000$ a month in places and the time has increased by 4 months. As prices have risen, that means property taxes go up. My taxes went up $400 last year. Now some cities are looking at rollbacks on taxes due to how much it has skyrocketed. But others are trying to get rid of caps that keep the tax from going up more than 10% a year. Even when they have a lot of fixed income seniors. After all, if they get taxed out then the city gets the land to resell or develop at the higher rates. And yes, this is in a deep red area.
  16. As opposed to waving confederate flags about or dissolving NATO or praising Saddam, of course. The Northern soldiers (who never abandoned their country), the soldiers that fought both World Wars and those that took down Saddam mean so much less apparently. And today of course: German and French leaders after 9/11:"We declare our full support to the U.S. Today we are all Americans." GOP presidential candidate after terror attacks in France and Germany: "It's their own fault and we should not let them into our country anymore" Let me guess. Given that his initial response to one of the attacks was how much money he'd get from business directed to his golf course, he'd use his office to sever travel to any country where he doesn't have investments in. Clever if utterly immoral.
  17. Interesting. I just have Yet Another Nebula fail from my Silver x Blue Neb lineage (5th!). The curious thing is it ungendered after I tossed it to the AP. So I hope someone doesn't get too excited thinking it might color right for them =x http://dragcave.net/lineage/TffCM
  18. I've also got a test hatchie up, it's at 2D20 and I am allowed to stun it, but I'm waiting for it to go under 2 days. Hatchie stunned at 1d21
  19. David Duke (KKK grand dragon) is now running for Senate because he thinks recent events show the country had pushed itself back in his favor. Trump's new running mate, Pence, thinks condoms are "too modern" and thinks people should not be taught they are useful for preventing disease. Trump himself, has been blackballed by American banks after his many bankruptcies (SIX, not four) and his recent ventures have been financed by Russia. His manager is also someone that spent 10 years there. Beyond the whole, never actually gives to charities when he says he does, it's expected his unreleased taxes would show just how close those ties are. The only plank he focused attention on at the convention was forcing the Republican party to cut the plank that says we'll support the Ukraine if Russia attacks it. And now he's come out in support of Roger Ailies against the 20 women that have accused him of sexual harassement and said they should have been more grateful to Roger for the help he gave them. Well. Newt Gingrich promises that Trump will issue 300 executive orders on his first day in office. More than Obama issues in 8 years. I can guess they'll be anti-planned parenthood. Pro-russia. Anti-healthcare. Anti-EPA. Anti-regulations. Maybe they'll get down to selling the national parks again. Anti-gay marriage. Anti-healthcare. I'm sorry. I don't see where Hillary is anywhere near Trump's level of evil when you listen to what the man says he will do. There's also the fact that Republican's have aggressively gerrymandered out votes so he's already got a leg up on winning. I'm not willing to risk the country going to this nightmare.
  20. I'll knock em as I please. They did not work for me and I left it almost entirely. There are too many trade threads now and people don't fish through all of them. Hence, fewer offers.
  21. /agree I think it would be a nice boost to get it out of the way early. The resulting offspring would hit the trading market in a week and we'd see a great boost to lineage making. THe problem is it would cause a multiscroll bonanza as people would create more scrolls to get at the trade market. Because, sad to say, there's always that one or two jerks that have no moral compass and ruin it for everyone. A better option might be free store points for each anniversary a player has been around. Retroactive. That would give people a nice birthday/anniversary gift and help stimulate the store/market without causing a scroll boom.
  22. Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check that out. As far as what Dcave could use, with the amount of dragons we have and with lineages being so big it could use some kind of UI update, badly. Something to help plan out and save breeding partners would be use. As-is, people have to use offsite things like worksheets or genealogy charts and that is cumbersome. Changes get shouted down because we have to "Keep the scroll format and have it RP worthy" So the format becomes too unweildy for older users as it gets bigger and too cumbersome for newer who are used to more advanced UIs. I was really hoping prizes would get released with the 10th birthday. As they stand, they are the default trading currency. I can offer up rares and I never get common hatchy offers anymore. Not even when they are common in the AP and incuhatchable. Unless you have a stable of ready 3 and 4g prizes, your trading is stunted. And newbies won't have that. They also won't have 2g prizes. It doesn't matter who is "generous" or doing what, they can't breed that often. There was also the trading changes that happened awhile back where people limited what could be traded in what thread because they didn't like seeing repeats. So, as I said then further restrictions would cut trading. And it did. People wanted the site to move slower and they got it. Same when people lobbied to cut scheduled releases.
  23. I'm saving a little hatchy to try out the under 3 days thing. It will be a bit until it gets there though.
  24. The breeding threads used to get 1-3 pages a day. Now they might get 1 post a month. There's been a huge drop. I feel like a lot of people lost their excitement when the raffle did not happen and there was no notice. It was rude. The second was changing the lineage views and some of the dimorphism. I like the lineage view, but I respect that people who've been working for years on something to collect may not want it switched. What can they do if they don't like it but leave? And so, we've lost a chunk of people. It may also be that Dragon Cave doesn't lend itself to finding new players like it used to. It used to be people had them in forum signatures, so people saw them and tracked down what they were. With the world going mobile or many forms not allowing code in signatures, I don't see as much of that "advertising" /sadface I just enjoy what I can, when I can with it. It's a simple little game I can check into once in awhile. So I'll be around. But I am sad it's lost so many people for what seem to be avoidable errors.
  25. I don't want to see us have a "Brexit" Where enough people say their votes don't matter or try to make a statement that he wins. Early on I didn't think too badly of him. Now that more has come out, he's terrifying... And his VP pick is no better. Pence. Who wants to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape, incest and to save the mother. Trump literally has the KKK openly applauding him. Horrifying... And I agree, kudos to Kasich for standing up for himself instead of folding to the Clique. He was my pick of the whole lot if I could have had one.