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  1. With everyone grabbing CBs, I wonder how long the bred wall will last
  2. Pumpkins were tough to get too. I gave two of mine away that year to help people out, so I only have 2.
  3. Heads up for those that may want to use their vamps. The ratio was very bad a couple weeks ago. Lots of death, very few turns. And don't forget, the dead eggs from vamp fails both take up an egg and kill slot. So you lose both your ability to catch eggs or make a zombie. It's unfortunate that the ratios are bad for Halloween, but that's how it is atm. You can check the Vamp Stats thread in the general forum area.
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH! For the Halloween Biome! I am full of bred eggs but now I know I can finally get trades for the CB pumpkin lineages I always wanted. I had given up before this year!
  5. The ratio for deaths is still very poor. Looks like there's not going to be a lot of vamps in the AP for Halloween 3 Repulse, 1 keep, 6 dead
  6. /shakes fist Just tried to add some vamps to the AP to help kickstart Halloween but it was a bloodbath on my scroll. I got 1 keeper, three tossed and 6 dead.
  7. /store support Or add a Veteran Reward system (which I think got posted some time ago, I can't recall) Basically everyone gets a present on Christmas and gets to pick a dragon from a list. Prizes, Metals, Hybrids (those allowed). A nice reward for playing all year and people get their favorite too. Something more in line with the Magic of Christmas. Cause Santa knows what you want!
  8. Ouch. I've also been using them for years and subscribed a couple times when they had bandwith limits. I thought those were fair restrictions to keep free use in check. But they changed their subs so that you had to email a request in order to stop the auto-renewal. Very uncool. I guess I may switch to DA since I am already there.
  9. It's hard to get G2 trades either way. You should do what you like the best Most people have a list a mile long and it can take awhile to get an egg. Especially if it's a common. Oh the pain of common breedings... My personal suggestion is breed vrs a rare or holiday for the first two eggs and trade for CB gold or silver if you don't already have them. Barring that, neglected. Basically, get the big trade value items out of the way and on your scroll, then go have fun with it!
  10. I have an offer! Forum name: Vhale Gift(s): New Hybrids Giftee(s): If anyone participating in the mass breed found themselves short of dragons to make hybrid eggies, I'd be happy to offer them a pair while supplies last. I do need to go through my newer sunsongs etc for naming but I promise I'll get to it! Feel free to PM me and request a pair of eggs from my scroll if you have bred tickets for this raffle. I currently have 3 each of the dragons and 1 set of pygmies. (Woot Amazon!)
  11. I love more of the male poses so I totally went with female for mine when I got her. It is a shame they are so hard to breed with commons though.
  12. Congrats winners! Nice to see fresh faces and hopefully they don't reject to many partners.
  13. Amen. Hopefully it starts to relieve the nastiness and stress they can bring too. And yes, I will still enter too. Someday, a silver tin may be mine =p
  14. I very carefully rotated my 2nd set of eggs through hatcheries to try to get teh UVs higher. I have a crack at 3d23 with a ration of 2,181 / 455 / 14, which is by far my highest clicked egg. These are just hard to hatch. I probably won't collect too many of them past my set of couples and hatchies.
  15. With prizes returning to monthly raffles, I will be closing this one. Thank you all for participating! I have been, and will be gifting some eggs around to raffles on the site. So keep an eye on the other raffles if you are still looking for a Metal egg Mods, please close this thread. If someone else wants to make a similar raffle, by all means. I claim no rights to the idea. And you're welcome to use the images. Good luck all on the new prizes!
  16. None of mine got sick. But they did not hatch until 3day15ish either. They were all about 5000, 650ish
  17. What makes the wait painful for me is not the wait itself, but the 5 hour. Usually my time is in neater 3 hour chunks. So 5 really means 12. I don't know if that's a common issue for others but I'll throw it out there. I don't think the wait should be removed. but I wouldn't mind seeing it tweaked.
  18. The vamp rework is stunning <3 If I wasn't stuffed with new eggs I'd be going on a bite spree.
  19. This is amazing. Thank you so much for taking some of the pressure off and releasing prizes again. <3
  20. How disappointing Something in the site is broken for me. I checked twice last week and never saw an update on the page that breeding had started. And I keep getting errors saying that the site is unsecure on Firefox and Chrome. Not one V day dragon bred. Meh, so long as that keeps happening, no Dcave for me.
  21. Some new, some old groups are forming up to help offset what we're going to lose in the next few years and fight the ongoing problem of corruption. https://represent.us/# This is the group that successfully got an anti-corruption bill passed in SC to stop corporate money flowing in as campaign donations. The lawmakers pulled an emergency session to strike it down. They need help pushing back. http://www.314action.org/mission-1/ This is a group of scientists alarmed at the complete lack of science on most committees in the White House and the implications therein. Basically, while scientists in the past considered themselves above meddling with politics, politics had no trouble meddling with scientists. So it's time to get involved. https://justicedemocrats.com/platform/ This is an attempt to push the Democratic party out of the Third Way platform adopted by the Clintons. And get rid of corporate backing in congress. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Way Go to the pages. Learn about them. Look at joining them. Share the links. Consider donating time or money. Change is not effected by standing still. And remember what happened with the Occupy Wallstreet protests. Nothing. Because they had no plan. We need to do better than that this time.
  22. Breeding goes through ratio waves. Prizes are intensely overbred. And some commons are overly common. So trying to get a prize out of a specific common in some cases is probably harder than winning one in the first place. What's also happened is people stocked up on pairs that could breed 3 and 4g prizes. And used those as "printing presses" back when they could demand metals. Now, they are common enough they aren't trading for as much. So there is more resentment as one of the rarity tiers has been removed by giving people the very 2gs they were asking for. What DC needs, is to facilitate trading IE Eggs around the world. People use prizes partly because it's easy to use a single breed as a measure. Trading NEEDs a currency and prizes filled the vaccuum for as long as it was somewhat reasonable. The store is step 1 to providing that currency, now that they can't cut it anymore. Imo step 2 is improvements to the trading system a la an interface. But that's another suggestion.
  23. Amen. That and seeing people trying to force a petty nickname on them is pretty sad.
  24. 4 would be nice. It would help avoid refusals and give more mate options, while keeping it from being as hectic as Halloween. As far as gifting to the AP. A lot of that is code mining where people are trying to find a z code, or word code etc.
  25. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! and ALL THE THINGZ!