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  1. Actually it brings up a point about limits. If everyone is at the limit, the biome's can't move. Which I think is why limits were removed in the first place. I recall the AP sitting idle because no one could pick up the eggs. Which can happen if you have a lot of code hunters using those 3 days are Christmas to cycle new eggs into the AP. Eggs are hard to catch at release. Everyone wants them then because it gives you time to catch an extra breeding if you have enough incubates. 3 rounds vrs 2.
  2. I threw some of this years eggs into the AP as well, just three though. Hopefully they'll help people that missed out due to teh bugs.
  3. SO laggy, all done tossing hatchies back to the AP, I am out of influences for them. Hope they found some good homes! Also bred out my remaining CB holidays. I need to go through and name a couple mates tomorrow. The 3D11 AP is why I helped hatch some eggs today before I filled up. That's a little close to dead for me.
  4. If Christmas dragons come back, I'd get 2 hollies and 2 yules for breeding purposes and then ALL THE SNOW ANGELS. ALL OF THEM! Cause. If Valentines come back I can replace the one CB I released so I could have a frozen hatchy. That would be nice. Other than that, I'd hit heartseekers hard. But for now, I'm hatching Halloweenies and tossing them back into the AP
  5. Procrastination is bad because it means no breeding of lineages next year /guilty /sometimes /sometimes not https://dragcave.net/lineage/1p5tN
  6. Glad to see the Biomes finally calmed down. I was getitng a bit worried I shouldn't have picked up old CBs to drop before getting the new ones. Now mining the AP with CBs will continue as scheduled
  7. Well, if the biomes are empty for an hour people can help hatch in the AP while waiitng
  8. Veryyyy intriguing little hatchies. Reminds me of female Hellfire Wyverns (which are awesome) I was hoping for something bright green and ectoplasmic but I'm sure these are gonna be more than fine.
  9. People can't get unlimited CBs because we have egg and scroll limits. We also have to find mates for our 2Gs no matter how many CBs we get. More CBs around (I hope) will make that easier. I know several of my 2G Holidays were raised with the promise of the parents being named. That never happened. So with more around hopefully I can afford to be pickier. As for Hollies I hope there's a release so we can stop hearing about Hollies.
  10. 4 pumpkins, 2 marrow and 1 grave waiting for departure I am sitting on what past Halloween CB adults that are unbred as well. I bred a few for the gift threads but I'll do what remains before today is over.
  11. Happy Halloween! I am still locked with bred eggs for a couple hours. But I'm going to grab some CBs for the AP before I pick up the new ones. Maybe do a little AP hatching 2/5 Zombie hatchies. Got a normal one and and Amphi.
  12. Thank you folks that dropped CBs into the ap, I've found a couple few
  13. I can't help pick up eggs but I can help hatch. /opens every hatchery Good computer /pat
  14. I think I've enough to worry about the holiday at hand without adding more to it. Thank goodness for more hatchy and egg slots! So nice to have 8
  15. white space For the 3G from alt Desipis Seeking Bloodswap or 2G from Silver Shimmer x Witchlight Make an offer on my 3g from alt Desipis! Seeking Bloodswap or 2G from Silver Shimmer x Witchlight Make an offer on my 2G Desipis from Female Bronze Shimmer (Metal)!
  16. I finally met my first other pumpkin today! Witchlights I have a few of. Also having a hard time choosing which costume. The gold knight is pretty sweet, but pirates and ghost! :< Also popped open all the hatcheries. With the AP at incuhatchable they are all at hundreds of eggies in the ERs. Time to spread the love with UVs so people can grab more eggs!
  17. Went through my prior Halloween Dragons and got them all named up. Including some mates I'd lagged on. Whew.
  18. So far, my own pumpkin is the only one I've seen. The first day I mainly saw Graves but I"m seeing more of a mix now. I've still only seen one Caligene as well.
  19. I was able to buy the other two wizard outfits the next day. (just did in fact)
  20. I wish I had some space to pitch some CBs into the AP for people late to the party. But between nabbing CBs for me and crossing off breedings, I has no room. So many eggies! Soo little time!