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  1. Had a wonderful run just now. 17 turned before I got scroll locked with 6 deaths. I almost ran out of vamps. So close! Looks like they got snatched out of the AP pretty quick too.
  2. I'm hoping they do the Holiday biome mainly for Snow Angels. If I can pick up new CBs then I don't have to frantically rush around the forum for eggs from the correct parent. It also means my lineages are safe, should they ever do the BSA to swap wings.
  3. Very clean and neat and loads fine on Firefox on my Mac. Thank you for the scroll security <3 I wish more would do that. As far as the final page color, light sensitivity is one symptom of Chronic fatigue. I've had that issue. White pages like this forum wear me out pretty quick. I don't see myself staring at a hatchery but I do like to leave pages open on my second monitor. And I can tell my right eye gets tired after awhile when a white page is open. So I appreciate being able to darken any page I can.
  4. I've had low-times things get thrown into hatcheries after I post in trade threads, several times. I'd say it's competition sabotaging competing trade attempts or just meanness.
  5. This is awesome! I didn't know such a handy thing was abouts. Thank you for sharing!
  6. I missed most of it as I get together with friends on Sunday evenings and play WoW. Unfortunately it overlapped pretty perfectly. But I snagged a few low-time dragons for freezing.
  7. I kept a couple that may or may not gender right. Can't help myself :3 2 hours and the omens I nabbed Halloween eve grow up. Then I can dive in again.
  8. Official video for finding an egg that you can't return to the AP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  9. influence doesn't stick to eggs, you have to hatch them on the same scroll. As far as precogs it might be better to take requests than try to use it on eggs randomly and hope a forum user finds the thread that discusses it.
  10. I was going to drop them into hatcheries then I found those lines that I couldn't not keep. /fail I bred my dragons later in the day so I've been watching the timer on their eggs to get an idea where the AP stands. It's still at least 6 hours behind my 2Gs. I'm also itching to get after the low-time eggs behind the wall for possible neglected experiments. But it will be touchy to see if I can get any with my scroll so full. And well, they might be too hard to hatch with the hatcheries so overflowing. I do have every hatchery open for viewing though. Silvi's is down from 500+ ERs this morning to 200 now.
  11. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Have: CB Female Omen, Seeking: Cb Female Marrow Yes I will also gender-swap for lower time Omen hatchies
  12. Oy. I think for Holidays I may hold back on breeding a bit if we keep the CB Biome. Though having so many eggs outside of influence, maybe we'll see more mirrors again. /sadface at 2d23 eggs
  13. I haven't been by Yarolds or Hydra in ages, but they might be an option for people trying to hatch. But, I think no need to rush too much to hatch things. Everyone's full. And I even ran out of influences so I stopped hatching things when I couldn't influence them. My pinks are refreshing now, but no sense in hatching a nice lineage only to have it gender wrong. Also reminds me I should donate to the hatcheries. With this much traffic their costs must be through the roof, and right before Christmas!
  14. Judging by the AP lots of people are locked. SO MANY GOODIES! The last dragons I bred are at 3D17, so 10 hours past whats in the AP now. It's going to be a bit
  15. Only reason I'm leery of this is the next step is dimorphism. Which, is not always fun for lineages.
  16. I nabbed 2 omens out of the AP and gifted them to people without earlier. I haven't seen any since. We may be hitting the deluge of last minute breeders. I hadn't seen many CBs at all since this morning but I did just nab a pair of cavern lurkers. THe hatcheries are totally flooded. Silvi's had 500+ in the ER. I've got all the main ones open helping hatch stuff so people can keep the AP moving.
  17. Omens are starting to pop into the AP. I searched back several pages for giftees and it looks like everyone with a visible scroll has been taken care of. There was even a set of influenced M/F hatchies on teh gifting thread in trading that had been there for 3 hours. So if there's anyone left that missed out on eggs, make yourselves known in the relevant threads! Or go to the AP and try your luck!
  18. Have: 2 CB Graves, influenceble Want: Female CB Black Marrow or egg I can influence. Will also take any form of CB Pumpkin Or bred eggs with NAMED PARENTS 2-3G: Female Lurker x Blue Lunar Female Despis x Orange Spessartine Female Caligene x Gold/ Gold Lunar Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. If anyone's looking for Halloweenies to freeze most of the AP is long, chaotic lineages.
  20. /nabs name DOOM NOODLE :3
  21. Very cool fuzzy vortex dragons. These are going to be fun to name :3
  22. Getting several CB lurkers out of the AP, nice as I started a lineage with those Hatchies are popping in too. I clicked on a gendered Marrow hatchy to have it grow up as soon as it hit my scroll. CB Male o.O
  23. /squints at hatchies /sighs at timer Are we there yet? /poke! Are we there yet? /poke! Are we there yet? /poke! Are we there yet? /poke! What... <.< >.> /poke I enjoyed throwing CBs to the AP but I am sad it means I'll be a day late to the hunting. SO many Halloweenies in the AP. SO hatchable. I probably should have filled 2 slots early so I could hunt a little. /grabby hands