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  1. Adding some support for a simple block feature. I've had a user that both gypped me on a trade and constantly tried to lowball me, for years. I'd be happier if they simply couldn't see my trades at all. Having played MMOs for years, there's also That Guy that constantly throws cheap trades on high value items fishing for misclicks. Being able to block that type of trader would give me some peace. Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples. I'd rather people have protections from the get-go while this is all fresh in our minds than later when it becomes a larger problem because it was allowed to fester.
  2. Very nice models! Thank you for the release and all teh new goodies!
  3. So many exciting changes! I overclicked so I'm missing the reds, but I'm sure I can get some later. Love the new red model, is scaly goodness!
  4. THIS IS AWESOME! I am so happy to see this As far as prices, I would agree Trios are overpriced. I think Lunars are underpriced (not complaining) /runs amok squeeing!
  5. Love the poses! The colors aren't my favorite but they are very well done. /teamdrake
  6. Very nice and go quite well with this years theme. This has been my favorite event so far. I really enjoyed seeing all the little messages from the dragons!
  7. I've been trying to do some Lunar x Common lineages lately and they seem to be breeding at about Trio rarity for me. I've gotten 1 prize vrs 2 lunar eggs from them. So they aren't so bad. Granted, you never know when the ratios are going to flop. But I think Lunars are popular enough they wont be too bad with prizes. But here's Metal's kiddos so you can compare to the list https://dragcave.net/progeny/Metal The one x Frill is from before Frills came back to the cave, so it's an anomaly. I have/had a tendency to vamp my common 2Gs as no one seemed to want them or offer on them. So if I could show deaths, there would be more common offspring than there is showing.
  8. I hadn't counted offspring before but now looking, Metal has exactly 40 shiny babies. The vast majority are from "safe" pairings such as Xenos, Holidays or Demi-rares? I'm lucky she's willing to toss eggs, so I also upped my chances by picking easy mates. Commons are tough. I've also gone a month or two without breeding her when I take a break now and again.
  9. I don't blame any of the new owners for going after metallics or NDs. When I first got my prize, golds were in that weird common spurt and trading 7:1 for 2gs. I gave most of mine away and hence, missed the bulk of that boon. So I stopped and bred some for trades when they were doing 4:1. Especially as there was speculation they'd start dropping in the cave. It wasn't, the raffle came to be. After that I'd see 2:1 golds and 4:1 silver. And now, I see a lot of posts saying no holiday mates and the offers I get are 1:1. Fact is, there are only so many CB gold catchers and as prizes drop in worth and increase in numbers, they can be pretty picky on trades. So if new owners want to take advantage of their fortune and get some CB metals they have to hop to to get them.
  10. Happy to see an eggy found itself to a home
  11. I bet Terraes look nice with their soft green. But Gaia is my favorite so far. Loopy and the right color.
  12. TOAST ALL THE MARSHMALLOWS! /slams down a mug of hot cocoa
  13. I want the gendered hatchies as a pygmy dragon <3
  14. I mentioned that CB limits might cause un-moveable walls in the cave in the Suggestions thread. But the person monitoring the thread and listing pro/con kinda skipped over it. Then it kept getting mass-locked by the mods. /wish the limit had been upped to 3 or 4 to help it keep moving.
  15. Computers and browsers are pretty specific beasts. If you post exactly what type of computer you have and what browser you are using in the help forum someone might be able to tell you what you can do.
  16. Looks like my hollies can't be influenced.
  17. You use the shortcut to refresh. On the mac it's command r, the PC may be Ctrl r. So one hand on the keyboard holds down command with one finger, spams r (or whatever your shortcut is) with another finger and your other hand keeps clicking with the mouse. Takes a wee bit of coordination but you get used to it fast.
  18. For those hunting. Bear in mind, you CAN'T misclick if you already own most of the CBs. Literally. There is no chance of locking yourself with the wrong egg if all you are short of is 3 older CBs or less. So the fastest way to hunt is hold down command (on a mac-might be ctrl on a pc) and click on an egg slot as fast as you can. This causes any click to open in a new tab, which means you don't have to wait and go through the dialog text if you fail.
  19. I saw the holiday biome and squealed. Then I realized I can't actually catch a pair of aegis to enrage. /sadface I'll try to snag a holly and yule with the rest and not worry about putting my breeding on hold at least.
  20. Another good option is cancel your services from AT&T, Comcast and Verizon if you have them. There are usually other options. Maybe not as nice. But, snipping off their cash flow would keep them from bribing politicians.
  21. Grats winners on the new shinies!