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  1. Is there a problem if my husband wants play dragcave at the same time as me on the same ISP on a different device? He's got his own scroll and is getting back into playing after several years. Thanks!
  2. I can now see the trade page (Thank you!) for the egg but no offers. However, the notifications page says I have two offers waiting. Not sure which to believe.
  3. I cannot access the trade page for my egg since I declined a trade. All I get is a message that the site cannot be reached for teleport. ETA: I can see the notifications page but only in desktop mode, not in mobile. I still cannot see trades at all.
  4. I love them all but most especially the purple! Love, love, love all purples but this is my new favorite. Very glad I grabbed four of them while I had the chance!
  5. Yay, I got my eggs already! Boo, I can't play the game on my Ipad. 😢
  6. I only had my CB yulebuck on VS and it got sick in an hour and is still sick 8 hr later. The uv's are pretty high, did someone vb me? I've never seen this before.
  7. I know this is an old thread but has it been fully determined whether alts are random? I got 5 in a row the other day from PB pairs. Could the alts be influenced by the moons like the Lunar Heralds?
  8. It's not helping me but thank you. I'm on an iPad mini 4 using the latest safari.
  9. OMG! That cockatoo egg is so cute I'm ded! Thank you to the spriters and TJ for a wonderful event.
  10. Thank you for the greens! I have been trying to catch two more in order to have two pairs.
  11. Thank you, this advice helped me so much! I was getting beyond frustrated but kept starting over and finally lucked out. There was no skill involved, it was pure luck.
  12. HAVE: 2G Aeon Wyvern egg from Red-finned Tidal father. WANT: Blood swap Make an offer on my egg! Thanks!
  13. Breeding Silver Lunar Heralds the other day and I thought the list said I needed a bunch of female 2G Indigo Lunar Heralds but I actually needed a bunch of males instead I was looking at the wrong list..again!
  14. So they are the dragon forms of The Guardian of Forever, then.
  15. But where are they? I sense a competition to catch them!
  16. I love that the Frills and Pinks are back, so many thanks, TJ! Now, if I only had spaces for them all!
  17. THANK YOU! I was despairing of ever getting out of the first day loop I was stuck in. Nevermind! Catching up in my reading I did miss whatever is first on the second row. Just for curiositys sake, what was it? Thanks again!
  18. I just wanted to thank you (again) TJ for letting us collect multiple dragons from previous holiday years. It makes the holidays even more enjoyable and I adore seeing all the festive eggs and dragons on my scroll and in the AP. To this year's spriters, thank you. What I've seen thus far of a the new Christmas dragons is just beautiful!
  19. Thanks, TJ and the spriter(s)! silvers have always been my favorites but now they look less stylized and more real.
  20. I did as well and it shocked the heck out of me. On another note, If the silvers do drop tonight I'm screwed. So many pretty blue eggs that I just can't resist!
  21. I got my first eggs in mid-May 2009 and my Leetle Tree in Mar 2012. Saw a few before I snagged one and have seen dozens since.
  22. HAVE: Awesome 3rd Gen black Hatchie with Alt Sweetling grandfathers and TJ in the code! Want: Shiny spectacular offers! I really need things like a CB Gold female or egg, a CB Green Copper female, Neglecteds, etc. Also, OFFERS! Make an offer on my Cool Hatchie!