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  1. Sometimes I do surnames, sometimes I name based on the code, and sometimes I like to mash the parents names together in some way to create a new, unique name. None of those very often, since I'm very bad about naming my dragons. ^^;
  2. This took me more than a year but I finally got a silver baby.
  3. This happens pretty often when they grow up and he isn't around/on/etc at the time. I think he usually changes one back to a hatchling when it does.
  4. Kyanite Pygmies! and no wings
  5. I want to read this as "all they do is lift." They don't just skip leg day, they skip all... not lifting... days.
  6. I think it would be funny if these were like zombies and only visible some of the the time. And that time wouldn't include tomorrow, of course.
  7. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is that now
  8. Oh wow, I like that a lot! The colors of the purple ridgewings almost make it look like they are some sort of hybrid between the waters and the tan ridgewings. I kind of want to start breeding more like that. Also, grabbed this pretty 4G vine. I'm terrible at the lottery, but it's too tempting not to try.
  9. Just missed a CB gold in the Alpine, first one I've ever seen. (congrats to whoever got that though!)
  10. Any chance this offer could extend to others? I've got a slow moving project that I'd love to eventually take out to 11 generations that I need blue and green 2nd gens for.
  11. It's too bad this one's a pygmy, because I caught it's exact opposite inverse today in a fleshcrown that would have made an amazing pair. ggrRg I have a few nice codes, although half of them are really just cool name codes. There's 4268, Wooeb, JUdu, Taig, TAYA, Avou, esKa, JuGa, and XuGEN. Ljv3 looks like live to me aswiG wears wigs nsyNe looks like nsync GYHH is very frustrated ZIM0D is going to invade the earth LIQR just wants a drink Pffui looks like it's saying phooey f3v4r has a fever spIT8 reads like spittake hUkUS says hocus pocus And then there's just Eel
  12. ...I don't even do lineages for the most part, but making these is fun. So here's a bunch of random stuff with dude Sapphires in case anyone likes something: Striped River, Silver Lunar, Sunset, Undine, Blue Nebula, Anagallis, Royal Crimson, Fever
  13. Sometimes he doesn't get around to freezing hatchlings before they grow up in these threads.
  14. Not quite, because sapphires come in those colors naturally. They aren't treated or tinted. All other colors of sapphire are actually called "color sapphire" except for rubies and I think one other pinky-red color. That's the only way their referred to afaik. Yellow sapphire are pretty common in jewerly.
  15. Sapphire is actually used to describe all (rubies are sapphires, technically) colors of corundum, not just blue sapphires. Infinis replied to that a few pages back. They definitely come in that blue-green color.
  16. I was close! I actually knew that about sapphires and forgot, duh. You'd think I hadn't been obsessed with gemstones/minerals since I could talk if I carry on like this.
  17. I normally associate sapphire with a more pure blue color than blue green, but one potential reason its got red could be that ruby and sapphire are technically the same mineral? A shot in the dark, but its something I've always enjoyed references too so I can hope. I really love it though. Both these dragons are sort of alien-looking, and I'm digging it.
  18. And there goes the male as well! What beautiful dergs, the pair of them. I love the colors on them! Edit: And of course, one of the most important parts: I can make them kiss
  19. I'm in the same boat, luckily I logged in later Sunnday night or I don't think I'd be able to catch any at all. I've tried to be nosy since apparently the orange egg was on the completed list but my hunting was for naught, lol. I have SEEN some of the orange eggs pop up, but haven't noticed any of the blue today. Has someone seen these guys popping up anywhere? Also, thanks for the release.
  20. Hope the people who picked up the two hollies I sent enjoy them. Can't wait to catch up on the past couple years of dergs!
  21. I don't really know what can actually be done about people (who use the forums already) not knowing about the silvers being updated. We were warned twice two months ago in news updates, and how are people supposed to find out site news if not from those? They post on the main page of the site itself as well, so I don't know if I believe that people who don't read news posts are necessarily going to put forth the effort to take/read a poll.
  22. After MONTHS of trying, I finally got a correctly colored stripe egg from these two. I've never had such a hard time getting things to color right before!
  23. Oh wow, lovely new sprites! I especially love the new splits, because I've always almost really liked them, but they seemed to clunky and this update really fixed this! Good job on the new silvers, too. I'm especially a fan of the Silver Lady. Edit: I can also tell that real silver was used to help decide the colors/shading on the new sprites. It's been my favorite metals IRL since I was very little so I really appreciate it.
  24. After 6 years, I finally got a second CB silver. She grew up, I tried to breed her to her CB mate, and... they refused to go near each other.