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  1. That male horse is NOICE. And the holly is perfect - just a few tweaks to update, the character of the original is still clearly visible. As for the Nilia...it's a bit odd. I guess it will take some getting used to.
  2. Skyrim. Always Skyrim. Though I have a few others I will pick up again from time to time. Banished The Sims Cities: Skylines Awesomenauts Hearthstone
  3. I have a collection of 100+ hi-def pictures of space objects and equipment that my desktop cycles through. I'm really into the aesthetic of space exploration - not so much the celestial bodies themselves (beautiful though they are) but the vehicles and tools we use to get there. Included are pics of several moons, most Apollo landings, the ISS, Mars panoramas, some nebulas, and a couple of observatories.
  4. To this day, the red dorsal is the only dorsal I own. This will not change unless both sprites get some major changes. The red looks better with the black tone used for the body, whereas I think the purple doesn't exactly match. I have to be honest, when I first joined I thought dorsals were pretty much the ugliest dragons in the cave. Thankfully I got over it, but they still aren't one of my faves.
  5. There are a lot of older sprites that could use minor retouching just to update/improve their look: whites, vines, balloons, guardians, reds, royal blues, seasonals, stones, and whiptails, to name the most obvious examples. The only one I think really needs a complete overhaul is the cheese. It's kind of cute and wonky, but is starting to look really out of place against the others.
  6. I understand the point you are making, and thank you for writing it out so fluently. Older players will inevitably be attached to the sprites as they are, and that is understandable. However, the website not only depends on old players to continue operation (I've been here since '09, I think I count), but also on new players coming in and growing as attached to the game as we are. Many of the website's tweaks over the years have been to improve the new player experience, including an expanded Help section, the encyclopedia, the tutorial - yes, a new player encounters a kind of pseudo-tutorial now. One of the things that will snare new players is not only these ease-of-use changes, but the dragons themselves. Their variety, their rarity levels, and possibly most importantly, their appearance. Older players might not care so much about the looks of individuals, but new players do. How then can we expect a new player to look at the current silver model and think "Wow, that's something I really need to have!" When I first started, it was one of my favorites, but as time has gone on, the quality of the sprite has clearly been surpassed by other, more common dragons. It can be argued that a majority of dragon sprites in the game are technically better than that of the silver. Again, to old players this might not matter, and I will miss the old sprite, but it's simply not very colorful or shiny. It's not something most newer players would want. That's where the problem lies - in the clear difference in quality between the silver sprites (and some of the other older sprites as well) and sprites from the last few years. It's a rare dragon, it's supposed to be desirable, it should have one of the best sprites. It needs to look cool. That's the bottom line. As long as the new sprites aren't in a drastically different direction from the originals, I think we'll all be fine with them.
  7. Bagel, cream cheese, sugary iced mocha thing. My stomach is a knot. X_X
  8. Nabbed it. Really nice lineage, I'll take good care of it!
  9. I've got no problem with it, though I have not tried for any neglected experiments in a long time. Having dead eggs on your scroll makes you look like a bad owner, which is something I would like to avoid. Especially because I am still perpetually stuck trying to complete my collection of all the normal dragons.
  10. Fluent English speaker, reader, and writer. Competent Spanish reader and writer, basic speaker. Basic French reader and writer, very hard for me to formulate and pronounce sentences out loud though. Still learning.
  11. Pansexual, slight preference for masculine folks.
  12. Updated silvers, huh? Nice. Originally they were my favorite sprite when I first joined the site, but I do agree they could use a facelift now, surrounded as they are by so many other, shinier sprites. I will miss the old ones a bit though.
  13. Thalassa, no contest. To me the art on the others is just not on the same level, especially on the Pyro, unfortunately. But, I'll be quite happy to collect them all.
  14. Let Briedom Ring Yes, it's on a cheese dragon.
  15. Batman: Arkham Asylum again. Such a good game.
  16. Sunny, mild, a bit of a breeze. Highs near 70 F (28C roughly)
  17. I used to not care much about going to the dentist, but as I got older, I gradually became more and more anxious about going. It's not like I even have bad teeth or anything. I guess I just turn into a more nervous wreck the older I get.
  18. This is always my go-to site, it's so simple and convenient. Shame about the random downtimes, but it looks okay on my end.
  19. I was considering trying it yesterday, but thankfully chickened out. I had too many shiny new Lunar Heralds that could have been decimated. The success rate doesn't seem very high so I'll probably just stick to incubating.
  20. Just reflex-clicked a pillow egg in the AP because I thought it was a cheese...I already HAVE two cheeses. Why did I do that.
  21. I care more about the contents of the lineage than the names of the dragons in it. I will take messy lineages if it's a breed I don't have yet or only have one or two of. I get picker as I collect more of a breed.
  22. I, Finduilas, solemnly swear that I will never viewbomb any eggs or hatchies. I don't get why folks do that anyway, why not focus on your own dragons?
  23. I just returned to DC, so I haven't been able to snag anything except for a few silvers. However, my favorite I think is indigo for sure. The others are nice too except for the gold ones??? They just look kind of yellow to me...but hey, I'll be grabbing all of them to complete the set, they are very good-looking dragons.
  24. 3rd gen or higher even-gen purebred Mysfit Pygmy. (And I'm working on it too.)
  25. Amnesia: The Dark Descent Why? The water level. Also the monsters that emit the low foghorn sound from out of the darkness. Eugh. Minecraft I'm not afraid of zombies, but the zombie noises in Minecraft still scare the living daylights out of me, especially when I can't see where they are. Also, much of Minecraft may involve fumbling around in the dark, which makes it twice as terrifying when a spider drops from nowhere and bites you in the face. Batman: Arkham Asylum To this day this is my favorite story-driven game, but the Scarecrow sequences literally had me shaking. It remains the only game in which I have completed absolutely everything.