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  1. You're welcome yeah i saw that it was a nice code, was hoping to see it in this thread thank you
  2. This thread isn't really about pretty lineages. This is breed whatever with whatever to get commons and points
  3. Simple laws of supply and demand. Sooner rather than later, people will just start ignoring the commons in the AP and the AP itself It's not about whether someone is breeding rares to the AP or not. I'm dropping my 2nd gen golds and silvers to the AP for the sake of making the AP interesting. I've dropped about 15 2nd gen golds and about double that of 2nd gen silvers in the past month as well as low gen prizes. Math part Let's say there's about a 1000 eggs in the AP. Most of them are commons, a huge majority to be exact. Also, let's say 85% are commons, 13% are unco
  4. Well you just said it, they already happen. Why are we making a thread where they will happen even more. If the user that just bred his flamingos and clogged the wall, breeds them every week. We'll have a flamingo wall every week. Now imagine if a 100 users breeds every single ''blocker'' every week just for this project. That's insane. We'll never see anything in the AP anymore.
  5. I don't really think that this is going to help take care of the cave blocking ''problem'' It's going to come to a point where the AP will be so clogged up with common eggs there will be no reason to hunt there anything there. The only reason why people are participating is because of the cb gold egg you've put up as a prize
  6. My first kiss was... 9 years ago It was a girl I was introduced to by a friend. We went to the same highschool. I was 2nd grade and both of them were 1st. I knew him from my own elementary school. So one day he approached me, said that she was actually looking for a dance partner. I was training a martial art at that time and was, to be honest, not really into dancing Well, I've decided to at least meet her and decline in person. Well, we met. She was gorgeous. Long dark hair, pale, really dark eyes. I invited her over to the side so we could talk as the other students were m
  7. I'm not sure this is the way to approach cave blockers. You're basically asking people to breed more commons. Breeding commons is not going to help. Most AP eggs are messy and that's the problem. I'd rather take a CB egg than a XY lineaged random messy egg from the AP (aside from the freezing) There are people who collect messy stuff, but most people value CB and nicely lineaged. So, for an example, I'd rather count nicely lineaged blockers for this thread, or 2nd gen common blockers from rare parents.
  8. Considering the musky eggs are already showing up fairly rarely... and that they show in all of the biomes are they maybe a rare type of dragon?
  9. Well if the community has decided that it isn't allowed I will not use it. I have uninstalled it. Hopefully I do not get banned xD It is against my common sense but I guess it is not up to me to decide However it would be useful to edit out the info about auto refreshes from older topics where people made "guides" how to catch rares. They encourage the use of those addons
  10. I don't see a reason why it should be bannable. If you look at it, it doesn't modify any part of the dc page. Absolutely nothing changes on the page itself to give you an advantage over other users. It doesnt make rare eggs glow or sound an alarm or whatever. You can do it by yourself, by continuously clicking F5 Nor do I see how the site would detect such behavior. If you install a safety procedure that detects a users that refresh a lot, you will just end up banning users that actually press f5 pretty fast but then again, it doesn't modify your dragcave in any way it
  11. I've just had some people tell me auto refresh addons are not allowed. However I've been using them for quite a while. Even in 2009-2012 period when I was playing I spammed the out of auto refresh addons for firefox. So, I've just had a person become a bit hostile because I was using it, so I need a definite answer, yay or nay?
  12. Well I have been away for quite a while. I am really heartbroken to see the community broken apart like this... I do not know exactly what happened nor will I ever know. All that I do know is that I don't wish this game to slowly die out. I will try to make things happen. See what I can do. I am coming home later today. As I said. I do not know what exactly happened
  13. Well. Well that is what they have said; that they were met wirh unfriendly attitudes and after a while gave up on the forums. And it is not just one person that said the same thing. It is about a dozen of them. All of them with their own story. Most of them only use the forums for PMs and trading now. Nothing more
  14. Well i just posted the same topic on a facebook group and it seems to me that there are a lot of active users there Most of them complain about people being stuck up and if you werent acquainted with the spriters, tj or someone important to the website, you werent worth talking to If it really was that way, it isnt a wonder why people left. Heck i would leave too.
  15. I joined dragcave in 2009. I spent 4 years on and off playing it then. It was a lively community and i spent a lot of time browsing the forums then I came back about 3 weeks ago and i have been watching the forums and to me they seem a bit stale and uneventful. There used to be a lot of active users and a lot of forum posts were extremel active, especially the requests for new dragona Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me. Also what can we do to liven things up
  16. I mostly stalk reddit for news about games and the world of medicine I am really saddened that the dragcave reddit isnt really working
  17. I train ninjutsu. A japanese martial art revolving around ninjas. It includes hand to hand combat, use of weapons and some elements of parkour. I also love dancing. I used to train latinamerican and traditional dances professionaly Kind of an unusual combination. I also love gaming. I spend a lot of time on gaming. This is my beast
  18. Damn. That is a shame. Very expensive for somethibg that should be a basic human need. In croatia. You have social insurance that covers most regular stuff and extended insurance that you have to pay a small amount to keep and it provides extra stugf. An example. You go for a check up and your regular insurance pays for a part of it it but you have to pay for the medicine. Extended insurance covers full costs of your check up and most common medicines. The usual costs are about 30 euro for the check up. And if I havent had my insurance. I would have paid 70 euro to fix
  19. I am curreently waiting for my next appointment. My tooth doesnt hurt but i am not allowed to chew with the sside its on. She filled it with an antibiotic and will be cleaning my canals on 6th of july. So i will only then know if its going completely dead or she managed to save the nerve Well that is very expensive. Insurance doesnt cover it?
  20. Yeah. Sorry. Didnt see there was one already
  21. Whoops, didn't know there was a rant topic. Sorry Well, yeah, so it's not just me? I mean, here in Croatia, I have a dentist appointed to me by the government. Basically he's in my neighborhood and I pay nothing there to have my teeth checked and fixed. She's done a terrific job. She gets amazing reviews by every single one of her patients and is always busy. To get a check up you need to wait at least a month. But if it's an emergency you can go there immediately and she will fix it free of charge. And I haven't had any problems whatsoever, like ever, first time I do smth out
  22. So, I just came back from the dentistry. Highly disappointed and in disbelief Well, a year ago, I was in Germany on a student exchange, clinical stuff and it lasted for 6 months. I usually have really decent teeth. I've only had 1 cavity prior to that in my life. It wasn't big, I was a kid, didn't really like to brush my teeth at the point and well, happened. Fast forward almost 20 years later, I had the mother of all toothaches in Germany. Well, I luckily had arranged my healthcare for outside of my own country (Croatia). And I went to a dentist there. It was a small dentistry and