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    The Wishlist

    I'm Granting A Wish Dragon and Requirements: 2nd gen White Stripe with SnowAngel Link to lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/gMUTT Gifter: Cthulu (aka ShadowLady) Recipient: Darth Krande My Total Wish Points: 5 (i think)
  2. Cthulhu

    The Wishlist

    I figured it might be nice for some to get some of my hatchlings I have been posting on some trade threads. 3rd gen Gold x Horse stairstep egg lineage 2nd gen PB Gold Wyvern egg lineage 7th gen Gold Tinsel x White Stripe egg lineage 7th gen Gold Shimmer x Spitfire stairstep egg lineage 6th gen SilverShimmer x Royal Blue stairstep egg lineage Anyone wants one, let me know.
  3. Cthulhu

    The Wishlist

    I would like to join Scroll name: ShadowLady Magi link: magi 1 of 12 magi PM link: Cthulu I Am Wishing Dragon and Requirements: CB Silver egg Recipient: myself My Total Wish Points: Total Cost of This Wish: 40 (I think)
  4. Hi, I came across this project a time back, and was interested enough to be able to breed this one lineage but only have the one. Reading the guidelines, I also have a couple of Spring eggs I just bred Spring1 and Spring2. I will be willing to trade them. And eventually breed more. And need to get around to collecting more CB Springs. Cthulu
  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. I already have my two eggs. Heh.
  6. I am happy that I managed to catch 7 in the time I had left. I had forgotten about the drop today. Silly me.
  7. If anyone needs a 2nd gen from past Halloween dragons, let me know and I will try to breed with your requested mate.
  8. I am happy to have gotten 2 of each color.
  9. Pretty picture. And nifty about the clock.
  10. And this would be why I do not post the eggs until 20 or so hours have gone by, if not more. The eggs have a better chance of surviving some stupid crap like this.
  11. Yay! New eggs! I had almost forgotten they could be released today. I've got 3 of the blue and 3 of the pink. Going to teleport 1 of each to clear room for the brown/orange/bronze eggs. Assuming I will be able to get them 5 hrs from now.
  12. I only have one GoN, and was unsuccessful at getting anything from breeding with a Gold. Oh, well, try again in a week. And I have to wait until tomorrow to try to summon again. I hope it works.
  13. Finally! I wasn't sure I could get it done, but I managed to get all 55.
  14. It is a good thing for me that it will last 3 days. I most likely will need all of it to grab most of the eggs.
  15. Darn! I stayed up late to try to catch them early. Oh well, I will have to remember to come back in a few hours. For the record, I like the midnight releases.
  16. Yay! New levels. And new stuff!
  17. It is much easier to catch only the release egg in the first couple of hours, without getting other eggs mixed in. I am so happy I stayed up late last night.
  18. Got a couple of each. I'm happy. Thank you, TJ.