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  1. Thank you for the new Christmas eggs!!
  2. Drat those #@%$& viewbombers anyway. I want to linger lovingly over my eggs I have been lucky to catch, but after having lost 2 eggs, and 3 hatchlings getting sick, everything (both eggs and hatchlings) are fogged. So staring at my scroll right now I see a lot of little clouds. Sigh! But better safe than sorry
  3. Found out about the viewbombing after it killed 2 zyumorph eggs I had bred for frozen hatchlings, and I may lose a Fog hatchling. Curses on the #$&@% who is doing that!
  4. Thanks for for that link. I hope that the next time I am lucky enough to click on a Yulebuck or SnowAngel, I will get the egg.
  5. No, I only have one Caveborn of each. All of the other dragons and hatchlings all have a link to their lineages, so I assume that means they are not Caveborn.
  6. I am also having the same problem when trying to get a 2nd Yulebuck or 2nd SnowAngel. I have gone through the dragons and hatchlings on my scroll, and I only have 1 (one) Caveborn of either of those. I don’t know what to do.
  7. I’m happy that i am not the only one wanting an egg from each biome. (and the correct spelling of Cthulhu has an extra “h”, I misspelled it when creating Forum account)
  8. Makes me curious that one of the eggs is almost my namesake (I misspelt it when creating the account)
  9. I've been studying the hatchlings, and the green ones are exactly like the red ones except for color, so I think that those who believe the greens are alts of the reds are correct. But I've also been wrong before.......
  10. Drat, I knew I should have checked last night, but at least I am early enough to get 7 eggs. Hope we find out where the green ones come from.
  11. Love these new dragons!,
  12. Summoned my fourth Sino, and it is another male, and I am wishing to eventually to get at least one female.
  13. All of my female Zyus just grew up . . . . and gave me a male Sino. Drat, I was hoping for a female.
  14. I am somewhat worried about my scroll a bit, one of my eggs suddenly went from around 1000 views to over 4000 in less than a day. Luckily I always keep my eggs away from hatching sites for the first day entirely, so no sick eggs. I am hoping someone is not trying to kill my eggs.
  15. Yay for the Platinum badge and we can now get 8 eggs!! Thank you very much TJ!! Now to get the new eggs . . . . .
  16. I only have 26 eggs so far, so I guess I still have 30 to go
  17. I'm finally starting things on the first day. Yay!!
  18. Finally got one of each color of the crystals! Now to go to bed finally
  19. They are disappearing very fast, so I think this will be an extended hunt....
  20. Yayyyyy!!! Love purple eggs!!!
  21. Of course I check every day except yesterday, being too busy watching "The Avengers" on cable. At least I have one of each, despite my mis-clicks.
  22. Woot!! New eggs!!! Yayyyy!