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  1. What a great release just now. Lots and lots of glassyeggs being dropped. Despite my click issue, I was able to grab three of the eggs. So when they cool down finishes on my musky eggs (in about 4 hours) I am willing to trade someone for one of their glassy eggs. PM me in about four hours.
  2. I now have five musky eggs, in place of the dusty eggs. Thank you TJ for your response to this problem. It is much appreciated Now I just have to get some glassy eggs. It is very frustrating for me, because I have MS, my click skills vary in their effectiveness. Sometimes I can catch things, sometimes I can’t. It is something that I just have to live with. Again, thank you TJ for your fix.
  3. Yeah, I saw the Gryffindor egg also, and was very grateful that I was not quick enough to click on it. Heh.
  4. I was extremely lucky, I managed to grab five of the windy ones from Alpine. I will need to drop some in five hours to be able to pick up the others when/if they drop.
  5. Looking at the S2 hatchlings, i notice how close they resemble the creatures from Hogwarts their colors match.
  6. Happy birthday Dragcave!! I thought that starting late it would be harder to grab the eggs, but I am happy to have caught two of each eggs.
  7. Now I want to hoard them too.
  8. Whew,, Despite my late start at this, because I forgot about the eggs yesterday, I have managed to get all eight of my eggs for red or green . YAY,,,
  9. Wow, this is the first I’ve heard about the closing of EATW permanently. I was harboring a hope that it could be resurrected. R.I.P. to EATW
  10. My Speckles will grow up in just a few hours.Yay. The Florets will take longer because it took so much longer to catch them.
  11. Yay, the purple Florets finally grew up, and they are gorgeous! I like the gold Florets too, but purple is my favorite color.
  12. Yay, at least one egg has hatched!
  13. I finally got some of each. Whew!
  14. Yes, I am going to wait a full day after catching my eggs before putting them in a signature or one of the hatcheries.
  15. The eggs are going real fast.....
  16. Wow! Three new eggs, Yaaay!!
  17. Thank you very much for extending the days to get CB eggs! Somehow I managed forget to come get eggs yesterday. Thankfully I have my 2 for 2018. Yayyy!!,
  18. I think that is such an awesome combination that it was the colors of my wedding dress. Heh.
  19. Drat, I keep haunting the AP, but no one seems to be breeding last year’s V-day dragons and abandoning extras. I want a whole bunch but can only get two by breeding right now.
  20. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for doing past years on these, I missed one year, and have been annoyed ever since.
  21. Hunh, maybe my browser is weird, I just did it for the 2 minutes I was early.
  22. Actually, if you just hit the ‘back’ button on your browser, and then wait out the time it said you were too early by, then you can try and post it again. And if again you are 1 minute too early, hit back and wait out that minute, and then post.
  23. I am doing my best for Fire, it is just annoying that I can solve the 6x8 puzzles faster than I am allowed to post them.
  24. Boy am I really happy that a lot of the commands require a password before implementing it . . . I was trying to hide my new Christmas egg, and accidentally hit ‘Abandon ‘. Panicked, and then calmed down and CAREFULLY used the Hide command. So even though it can sometimes be a pain to keep typing the password over and over, it is times like this that makes you grateful for it.