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  1. Happy 13th Birthday to everyone!! I am annoyed with myself, I had been trying to check the Cave every day just in case. Checked it too early on Monday, and forgot to check yesterday. But at least I have gotten one of each new egg. Yay!
  2. Got the colorful ones, now just need to get the tiny ones. Those seem to be a little harder to get.
  3. I am a bit miffed, I am up to 59 eggs and I still don’t have the Stargate egg! I really want that one. 🙂
  4. Yay!! I figured out the time. It started from Saturday night into Sunday night, the first day. Then from Sunday night into Monday night, the second day. And now it will be from Monday night into Tuesday night will be the third day. So now I have until tomorrow night to catch my remaining 16 eggs. Yay I have more time than I thought!
  5. I am wishing that the time to catch the eggs could either be extended, or the gap between picking up eggs is shrunk a lot. Right now it seems to be more than 15 minutes between eggs appearing, which means only four per hour . At that rate, I will never finish picking up the eggs.
  6. I love the aquarium egg, watching the little fishy swimming around.
  7. Wow!!! Those are great dragons, I cannot decide which one I like the best. But then I do not have to, since I got a bunch of each.
  8. Wow, people keep an eye on your eggs. Even though I have not posted my eggs anywhere yet, all of a sudden I started getting views on some of my eggs. I quickly hid all of them, and the views stopped growing. So watch your eggs carefully.
  9. Crap! Just locked myself with eggs I don’t want right now. Oh well, 5 hours to go... And thanks for the new eggs!
  10. Yay! Now I need to check what I have missing, what I need to chase.
  11. Oh well. Despite repeated attempts, I am unable to get back into the game because of “repeated errors in loading “ . At at least I did get the igloo.
  12. I love the look of the new dragons!! Such pretty colors!
  13. Happy Halloween!! Love the colors!
  14. Thank you, TJ09, for letting us rerun the adventure. And thanks to the person upthread who mentioned that one of the ToT items was a Weeping Angel from Dr Who. I would not have realized it otherwise.
  15. Yay!! I’ve been waiting for this.
  16. Love the new dragons. Thanks to TJ and all the spriters.
  17. Yay!!! I am so happy to be here at the beginning of the release instead of two days in, as has happened the last couple of releases. Thanks TJ for the new eggs.
  18. OK, next question. Is there any particular Xenowyrm that we have to use, or can it be any of the six of them?
  19. So, y’all are saying that the Seawyrm Pigmy, the Blusang Lindwyrm, and the Two-headed Lyndwyrm don’t count as Wyrms??
  20. Well, I have just a few hours to go until the eggs I would not get rid of will hatch, and then I can grab more of the New Release eggs.
  21. I was getting an error in the Alpine and forest biome’s. Then I did a refresh of the site a couple of times, and now the regular cave shows up
  22. Yay!!! I remembered to check on the right day and the right time, so hopefully I will be getting eggs soon.
  23. I was totally not expecting this, I had thought it might wait until this coming weekend, so I had not been on the lookout for them. Thankfully other sites that I visit posted about the new eggs and so I am over here getting some. I got five of the small ones, and 2 mis-clicks, and a copper dragon that I couldn’t help myself clicking on. I checked and I don’t need it so I will put it up for trade after the cool down. Then on to hunting for the large eggs.