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  1. I am happy that I was lucky enough to check while the drop is still starting out. Now off to the hunt.
  2. I just saw a Gold in the cave. I was so shocked that I took me a couple of seconds to try to get it and of course it was gone.
  3. Has anyone figured out, or have theories on what the new Xenos will breed when they are bred with anything?
  4. Thank you to the kind gentle who traded a Flow to me.
  5. I somehow managed to catch 3 eggs from the coast, so now I will need to wait for the 5 hour wait before I am able to try to trade them for other eggs. I am unsure whether or not I will want to keep 2 of them
  6. Darn it!! I was so sure the release wouldn't be until tonight so I didn't bother checking here until a few minutes ago. But at least I can try to get some eggs now. Although with the tablet I am on, I will be lucky to get any.
  7. Yep waiting did the trick. Got my entry sent. Again, thanks for the help.
  8. Oh, ok. I should only have to wait 4 hours for my other Jester dragon and the Amalthea dragon to finish growing up. I knew it had to be something I was stupid enough to overlook. Thanks
  9. I know the raffle says raise three dragons to adulthood. I also know that the wyverns and the pygmies do not count towards the raffle count as actual dragons. I have raised four dragons that I believe are actual dragons. The Cloudplume dragon, the Jester dragon, the Labradorite dragon and the Sapo dragon. But the raffle tells me that I only have raised two out of three of the dragons required for entry into the raffle. Please let me know which ones I have been wrong about? Thanks
  10. Ok, I just have to laugh. I was trying to breed another 1 of the Jester dragons, and I successfully did. However I stupidly did not check to make sure I had an open slot for another egg, which I did not. So it got dumped to the AP. I hope whoever finds it takes good care of it.
  11. Awesome community!! Thank you TJ and the spiters/artists for your wonderful Care package! Right now my favorite is the Jesters because of all the purple (my favorite color). 😄
  12. I vaguely remember the last time that 7 eggs were released on DC's birthday, I only had six eggslots and so could not get 1 of each on initial release. I chose not to get the Copper eggs then, so later when they were rare, they were a #$%&! to pick up. Ah, memories.....
  13. Happy Birthday DC!! I am a little late to the party, but happy to celebrate now. Thanks TJ!
  14. I am so annoyed with myself. I kept checking the cave every day to see if there would be a dragon release. . . . until yesterday. Totally forgot yesterday, and now I am playing catch-up. Oh well. Got 2 of the Volcano eggs so far.....
  15. I managed to get to 40 of them. I keep getting distracted and forgetting to check.
  16. I am wondering if TJ would be able to do any of this at all without some major programming. To allow people to get previous years Easter eggs. he would need to program a filter so that people could get eggs they missed in previous years, but not get duplicates. That is tricky programming. TJ and spriters, thanks!
  17. Drat! I'm late this year. I forgot to check the cave yesterday Drat! Now I'm just going to have to bustle. (love this word from Salkind's Three Musketeers) (Had to edit because of auto correct changing things )
  18. I managed to grab my eggs, but when I checked on them after a couple of hours, I found they had been getting views, even though I had not put them on any hatching site. So I fogged them all, and am waiting until a full day passes.
  19. Drat!! I forgot to check here yesterday because we are having problems with our furnace not working, and it is very cold out. i will just have to do a regular try for grabbing them. Wish me luck because I have not seen any of them yet.
  20. Evthing about this Dragon is gorgeous! I really love the egg, but the hatching and the adult are very pretty too.
  21. Happy Halloween to everyone! Cave is a little laggy though....
  22. No, they really aren’t that easy. But the eggs are really beautiful. Can’t wait until I get some.
  23. I also wish we could freeze some of the eggs, because some of them are literally works of art.
  24. The dragons are very beautiful! Yay for the new eggs/dragons! Some of my eggs hatched, so that I was able to get new eggs for matching pairs.