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  1. I was trying to grab some eggs from the AP, and it came across an egg that was a beautiful purple. It turns out it was a purple Floret from a purple Floret and a Rosebud valentine. So I tried breeding one and it worked. https://dragcave.net/lineage/9UErI Edit : Drat that's a regular Floret, not the variants
  2. Yay! New dragons. I am happy that I have all of my slots open so I can start breeding things.
  3. Thank you so very much for posting this. I had not caught the LOTR reference until you pointed it out. I only saw it as just a gold egg. And now it is also one of my favorites
  4. I have to admit that this is also one of my most favorites on here. Big fan of Stargate SG one. Thank you so very much to TJ for allowing me to collect all of my past FoE eggs that I was missing. I just finished my counting of everything, and I believe I am finally finished. Now I am going back over all of the eggs, and admiring all of the work that went into them. Some are scary, but all of them are beautiful.
  5. I am happily collecting eggs that I missed in previous years. The eggs that I missed are absolutely gorgeous and I am happy to have them now. (ETA damn autocorrect)
  6. Yay, having fun with the festival of eggs. Thank you to TJ and spriters. And also thank you to Sherizaya for the listing of the number of eggs to catch each year. It made me realize that I am short some eggs from a number of years. I thought I had gotten all of them but boy was I wrong. So back to getting more eggs…
  7. Since Sunday is Easter, we are probably going to be getting an Easter egg hunt soon. Maybe the special thing will have to do with Easter egg hunting.
  8. Miraculously I actually got two of each and so I am back to sleep. Thanks TJ and spriters
  9. Wheee!! New eggs, and I am totally open for eggies.
  10. I finally remember to check the Cave today and easily picked up my two eggs. Yay purple!
  11. I knew I should have checked the cave last night I just went to bed instead. Got to go hunting.
  12. Thank you. After about a dozen tries, I finally figured out to remember to take the second right on the long upward pathway
  13. I have been trying to figure this out for two days, and the guards keep finding me with an "uh oh.." When I start the maze, which path should I take? In other words, HELP!!!
  14. Question: if I have collected all 50 for this year, and some I assume are from past years, if no more are appearing, does that mean that I have collected all of the ones I missed in previous years??
  15. When I saw the name of the Mistra dragons, it suddenly reminded me of the Mistral winds in France.
  16. Finally got around to dumping my extra green, and picking up another purple.
  17. Wow, I didn't realize that I was so good at getting the eggs at the hourly drop. I wound up getting 5 eggs from the Forest. Going to abandon some in 5 hours.
  18. Woot!! I got here in the first hours Thanks TJ!
  19. I wound up dumping the extra blue floaty because I had clicked on that instead of the starry one. Finally evened them out. Now to wait a day before posting them to a hatchery....
  20. Happy happy! I am now egglocked Happy hunting to everybody else. Yay New eggs!!
  21. Yayy!! New eggs and I am actually awake to try to get some! Thanks TJ and spriters
  22. I am happy that I was lucky enough to check while the drop is still starting out. Now off to the hunt.
  23. I just saw a Gold in the cave. I was so shocked that I took me a couple of seconds to try to get it and of course it was gone.
  24. Has anyone figured out, or have theories on what the new Xenos will breed when they are bred with anything?