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  1. Good luck everyone! 5 minutes. Aw, album won't climax in harmony with it; close, although, off by a minute.
  2. Alongside the discussion of day 3s, I caught one of mine around midnight and misclicked a moonstone :n. I even got an over-burdened message when I attempted to capture another. Drat. However, I could only breed one hybrid, so it's not that much of a problem for me. Just eggs are going to have misaligned times.
  3. At times like this is when I listen to music, time goes by more hasty with it. I just realized an opportunity I missed out on....
  4. I do not allow myself to hold an absolute definite belief in anything religion wise, however if you want to define me as something know that I lean more towards being ignostic. Not agnostic, ignostic - people have confused those two before under this same subject matter. I have nothing to contribute the current conversation matter at the moment.
  5. Wild


    I'm a bit interested in that of astrology, and open-minded to it. However, I don't necessarily believe it as anything specific to follow or to define myself under. I don't necessarily do not believe in it either. With that, in Western Zodiac I am a sun Pisces, and I believe I am either a Moon Leo or Virgo. Unsure and un-updated I am. In Chinese I am an Ox and I haven't investigated into much more.
  6. Nothing, actually. I'm usually asleep around "breakfast" anyways, and I also don't really always have the time or resources.
  7. I really don't mind whatever people call me, he, she and so forth. I don't specifically identify as something and I usually tell people I am genetically female, but I have no regard of it being my identity and no regard of any other being my specific identity. So basically, I insist on people calling by any pronoun they want, be it neutral or not. I believe gender and sex is unimportant when referring to me. As is, I am not experienced with the differing words for differing gender identities and so I can not place what this makes me. I have no issues or concerns with people who are any g
  8. I don't place much value on Vday itself. really, I nearly even forgot an event was going to go on here.I'm not single, but really this event was a greater highlight as it was really just any day. I like the alt coloration. Probably for one in mourning or outcast by the community or had their mate leave them? Or just plain alternate and cool looking.
  9. On the contrary... "Dragon Cave Username The username you use to log into the main site. This will only be made visible to global moderators and administrators." And it's probably completely random anyways.
  10. So, the theories were really more or less right in the first place and almost everyone was making it more complicated than it really is! Well played, overthinking. I've been quietly observing under the idea that it would be beyond TJ sending them, but it ended up seeming like the only option and in actuality truly the obvious answer. A more or less randomized gift. If it was a hidden page or a certain clicking sequence people probably would've ended up figuring it out quicker, I presume. Anyways, I quite like the dragons! I named mine heartificial and artificial heart...I'm not re
  11. Here's mine! If you are someone who sends flowers to people who post in this thread, I enjoy blue, whites and blacks or greys. Man, that white rose vase! So many. I like the look of full vases, although, the clutteredness. Good luck to people looking for a certain theme!
  12. Already caught my two, now for bed!
  13. Sucessfully only have two eggs, I caught them before 'downtime'. I was actually concerned I caught more than two! Funny thing is, after reading "2 egg limit" on the first post, I actually wondered about it ever "glitching" so people got more than 2... Well, darn.
  14. Yup. Gingerbread house isn't working. Aww. :c
  15. Aaah! The cave is backsies. c:
  16. /twiddles thumbs Oh, these eggs remind me of something I've seen on/in the cave before...the egg. But they're definitely different.
  17. Yes, and happy whatever you happen to call it, everyone! <3 I know for a fact I got two.
  18. I tried the gingerbread mini game and it wasn't working at the time. ;c; Hopefully all these things will be cleared up soon after "maintenance".
  19. I managed to grab 2 before downtime. I really love the pattern on the eggs! <3
  20. My CB silver bred with my CB marrow and I received an egg. Yay! Good timing for breeding. Also, it seems as if who got my second-gen Christmas babies are treating them well, which is lovely. c:
  21. I've managed to catch two. Now locked, I'm not dropping anything I have.